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The Dodge Demon, the world’s first purpose built, street-legal, factory drag car. It’s so fast, the NHRA banned it from competition. The Demon is the ultimate street-legal race car with 840 Horsepower and 770 Pounds of Torque. WHAT IS IT LIKE TO DRIVE DAILY? Can you take the Demon to the grocery store? What is it like to commute in an 840hp production drag car?

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Look at me dad i'm driving new cars and . talking about them on the internet it's . the new car show for the past 10 days i . have been driving around in the craziest . car that my sweet butt has ever been in. it has 840 horsepower . it runs nines in the quarter-mile and it . comes with a freaking crate it's the . dodge demon the most powerful factory . muscle car ever built and most . importantly the only production car that . does wheelies it's not freaking bmx bike . is a car a big car what do you do to . make a big car look mean as hell you . make it bigger every single proportion . on the demon has been swolled up the . hood scoop is huge and functional the . flares make it look like a buff lion and . they're necessary because it has bespoke . 315 s on all four corners semi slicks . they extended the hood so it covers the . top of it sighs looks like a mean robert . de niro i live lipples ooh can you . build me oh yeah you can milk anything . with nipples and the only demon badging . on the whole car is these little hits on . the front wings tasteful . i assure you though that this is the . only place that dodge showed restraint . driving around town and the demon is . weird to be honest you've got these . really comfy seats got a/c but at any . time you can do a burnout if you want it . like at any time it's got so much power. you guys you get so frustrated and. annoyed at everyone in front of you you . were literally constantly looking for an . open stretch of road so you can floor it . oh my god it's like having a bunch of . fire work and you're walking around your . house trying to find a lighter or just . like oh it's gonna be loud it's gonna be . cool. traffic is always boring but in this car . it's depressing. i just want i'm at 35 whole world's . against me. it's a mix of adrenaline and trepidation. the best analogy i can think of is that . it feels exactly like being at a gun . range the demon is not a toy it is . always loaded you never point the demon . at anybody when you get out of the car . you're literally shaking and that's not . just me that's everyone who drove it or . rode it and people giggle constantly in . it it's like an eight hundred and forty . horsepower tickle factory it does 0 to . 60 in 2. 3 seconds i promise i didn't do . any illegal stuff this is also one of . the best sounding cars i have ever heard . of my life it sounds so good. it makes noise in three stages engine . noise oh supercharger whine devil roar . it is a factory car that sets off car . alarms and it's great in tunnels. i know people say oh it's a real . head-turner a lot i think that's a very . overused phrase this car turns heads as . i said before this is a very big car . it's 16 feet long it feels 60 feet long . and you're not like sitting real low . like you're up big and when you floor it . the front end . lifts off the ground you feel like . you're in a kayak and a big wave just . hits you and you're along for the ride . except if you look way cooler than. someone in a kayak . i broke traction going the legal limit . 55 the demon also comes with a crate . full of stuff that you can add on to it . if it has skinny wheels and all the . snap-on tools you need to put them on it . costs a dollar check out our unboxing . video and i'll go into deeper depth the . coolest thing is that this car cost 85 . grand and when you're driving around you . look at any other car and you're like yo . i could beat you in a track race i see . mustangs pass me even a lamborghini past . me and i'm like oh that's cute because i . know that if we were at a stoplight next . to each other and he dropped the hammer . i would can destroy him it's american . iron the interior was made for. unamerican this car is built for guys . who love steaks and brought to first . it's like driving a lazy boy that'll rip . your face off it's big it's fast and . when it gets pissed off it pins you down . in your chair and yells at you just like . my dad it is the millennium falcon of . cars making me han solo . this thing isn't for everybody it's a . terrifying car good thing the brakes are . good the dodge demon is the craziest car . i've ever driven it's loud as hell its . fastest and it doesn't beat you up if . you wanted to you could totally daly . this thing you've spent a ton of time. looking for parking and you would buy a . lot of gas but you could totally do it . this car is absurd but that's exactly . why it's awesome . thanks for watching donut media don't . forget to like subscribe comment and . share yo you want to see us drive . another car tweet at the oems and say . hey blank give donut a car they listen . to you you're the people you have power . .
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