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Good morning guys what is up we're gonna . start off the day with a little bit of a . warehouse update bumps are kind of . difficult okay we got this so we just . got a big shipment in of tires kind of . out for a while but check this out look . at this massive stack of tires . but in this box we have something very . cool okay we got a great package in here . i know it familiar jim's it looks like a . black box to me a lot of these black . boxes i've seen quite a few of these . black boxes see black boxes are the best . box . what's inside these black boxes we'll . see so they're do you know that these . are wheels but i got sure we have any . idea what these are i feel like i've . opened these black boxes so many times. these videos know they don't know what . color they're good for brandon look at . that this is the coolest color i have . ever seen. it's gonna look so good this is for the . black see the black trash car that's not . supposed to look pretty getting these . beautiful gold cosmos wheels this is a . new color that they just came out with . called hyper gold i'll put a link in the . description but i'm pretty sure since . they came out they're already out of . stock because i took the last four so . hopefully they come back in stock soon i . get a discount code with cosmos wheels. so if you guys are interested in picking. some up i believe to 10% off plus free . shipping if you guys are interested in . picking up a set of cosmos wheels on top . of these fresh's that i got in for the . black z it's gonna look pretty cool . i also had all my mr 7's freshly . powder-coated well these are the wheels . from the giveaway car and just mount up . some new tires for whoever wins it but . yeah check this out they used to be all . scratched up and scuffed up and gonna be . starting off with some sweet pretty . looking wheels so i'm stoked. james anything else new around the . warehouse i don't remember if i show the . hoodies or not i think i did maybe just . briefly mentioned it but yeah they're a . different base than we usually use so . it's got a different fit so make sure . you check the sizing chart we got these . new hot boy on i think i should this . hut's are oh did you yeah i think so we . also have two new designs they're . literally coming in tomorrow but when . you're watching the video they'll . already be in stock so i can put. pictures up on the screen so probably . have the product shots done as well as a . restock on a bunch of the other popular . designs. i'll put a list on the screen right now . so if you're holding out to get some . entries for a chance to win the giveaway . car now we have a bunch of cool stuff in . stock boys i'm so hyped on these so like . that private track day we did my main. goal was to get a photo like this and my . friend sergio shot a bunch of awesome . photos is really hard to choose which . one but anyway this is the next limited . edition print there'll be five hundred . numbered and signed of these and they . are on the site now if you're watching i . do want to make sure i also put it out . there too i don't want any of you guys . to be unhappy the resolution on these is . not as good as our past prints mainly . just because this was shot in much lower . light it's still very very good i mean . this is a giant print and you guys can . see like its proper quality but just . compared to our last ones that were like . insanely clear i just wanted to make . sure i let you guys know but they're . still really sick super hyped on how . these came out the guys have been super . super busy here getting all the orders . out that you guys have been placing so i . just want to say a massive thank you we . actually have a new system in place so . we've been getting orders out way faster . than before typically it sounds like . most of the orders are going out within . 24 hours or you say yeah if you place . your order let's just say after 5 . o'clock it's gonna be out the next day . before 5 o'clock they've been killing it . is it raining right now don't say hi . james we don't have rats he'll be no . rats we're closing i think i think that . what is that noise it's not the building . was exciting we don't even have there's . like no place for rats to be up there ok . ok fair enough i'm still waiting to get . my wheels back from getting new tires . after they were powder-coated so for the . meantime i'm gonna do a rough alignment . with these wheels on my car just to try . to get the toe straightened out so it'll . be faster when i get the other wheels on . the car not like faster driving just . faster to align it i actually took a . little bit of negative camber out to i'm . you're not going to really be able to . tell now but i had like negative seven . and a half which is pretty crazy and i . have quite a bit of fender room . obviously my other wheels poked out a . little bit more so i'm gonna try that . kind of hard to see but i also noticed . my wheel is rubbing in here right where . the battery tray is i could get rid of . it by extending the tension rod but the . problem with that is then i'm gonna . screw up how my car self steers i start . playing with the caster and i really . like how it drives right now and i can't. hammer it in any more because it's . literally up against the battery so it . seems like my only option is to relocate . the battery to the trunk to avoid that . so i'll probably end up doing that in . the future having . wanted to but gotta do it i don't know . as cool as nicole's wheels look on my. car i'm gonna put mine back on looks so . good with the fresh white powder coat . job got my works for the front and i got . my cosmas for the rear believe it or not . i'd actually have to run a much narrower . tire to be able to rocks 18s in the . front sounds like she's idling a little . high right now but i'm about to take her . for a test drive and see how my little . alignment does looks so good with the . fresh new wheels all right now we got a . very rare moment about to go down i'm . gonna go and ride my bike it's only cuz . most of the people that complain that i . don't ride anymore don't ever get . through the videos far enough to realize. that i still have clips with myself . riding in random videos it's okay though . they just skim through titles and they . don't see any bikes we could just laugh . at them together maybe i'll film tonight . maybe i won't by the way i think . nicole's compression on our engine is. lower than it should be i want to do a . warm compression test just to . double-check there's like 125 cold i . want to put a proper like jump pack on. it and make sure it's warmed up and . hopefully it'll be closer to 150 . [music]. [music]. since i'm super washed up and i can't do . anything worth filming brian fox is . gonna take some of the spotlight hi hi . i'm gonna do stuff on a bike all right . cool. coincidentally his bike is the exact . same color as the new wheels that i . showed you guys this morning i'm trying . to convince him to let me put him on his . car. [music]. dude or it's not around anymore i know . what you really do tours gone for good . been gone for like four years shows how . out of it i am yeah seriously man you're . so out of it how no dude back back when . i was riding bikes we had these things . called brakes you like squeeze the lever . and then stop the button when did you . use them i when i was a beginner okay . yeah haha odyssey for shh yeah oh yeah . oh yeah where is he going . we went out and had a nice pizza dinner . and hung out with everybody and stupid . adam forgot his camera at the skate park . so i had to come back and out the fence . i got my camera we're good i tend to . lose things a lot it's a problem but i'm . working on it look at the 240 being all . stealth like it's my getaway vehicle i . sound like i be corny in my video . sometimes but honestly that's just me . i'm just a corny person i'm not acting . that's me almost as corny as my car get . it cuz it's the color corn and it runs . on e85 dad jokes know me saying the word . dad jokes doesn't mean nicole's pregnant. no when a married woman is sick that . doesn't mean she's pregnant when i don't . upload a video that doesn't mean . nicole's pregnant back home now i forget . to mention this but i lucked out i was a . little bit off with the steering wheel . just kind of like aligning and trying to . get the stainless straight as i could . and luckily what i was able to do rather . than just playing with the tie rods more . i was able to pull the wheel off the hub . and turn it like one much and now it's . dead straight so very happy the car . feels great i don't know if they're made . of wood hopefully if you guys are . wondering why you haven't seen that much . of the giveaway car i basically saw some . people expressing concern of us driving . the car worrying that that's going to . shorten the life of it again i want to . reiterate that the whole reason we . tested the car and brought it to the . track and i've been driving it is to . find any potential weak points before. it's given to the new owner and . obviously because we took it to that . event and realized the stock handbrake . stopped working perfect example now we . know that the car needs a hydraulic . handbrake which we'll probably be doing . early next week we'll probably do some . light testing to make sure that the . hydro works in everything but after that . it'll just be kind of constantly going . over the car and making sure . everything's perfect for the new owner . as a quick reminder every ten dollars . that you spend on my webstore lzm fg . comm gets you an entry for a chance to . win the creme 350z to cosmas drift . spares with tires $1500 cash and a . flight in a hotel to come down to. florida and either learn how to drift it . on a private track day or come shred if . you already know how to drive and if you . don't win the car there's also a chance. to win a set of bc racing coil overs and . a set of cosmas racing wheels your size . your spec unfortunately the whole thing . is usa only i'll have a link to the . official rules in the description but . then i will see you guys tomorrow i . think i don't know we have a super busy . day i'll be filming some really cool . video stuff i'll do my best . we'll just leave it at that thank you . guys so much later . [music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. .
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