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Hit that "Like" and subscribe if you enjoy. Today, I met up with the guys and practiced some whillies. We stunt the street, pick up some POWERBALL lottery tickets, and then get yelled at by an "off-duty cop" that seemed a bit tipsy... Below, I've linked a study from a while back that shows the percentage of police officers that carry a concealed weapon while they are not on duty (not saying this is a credited source...). The percentage is insanely high.. so this guy (if he was a cop) would probably be armed. And angry. And possibly drunk. I figured the best way to diffuse the situation was to leave. SO I DIPPED.
Songs mentioned: "So Dope" by Tech N9ne
Article: https://www.policeone.com/police-products/firearms/articles/1676453-Off-Duty-Guns-and-Carry-Why-What-and-How/
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Caption: Whats up youtube am today we're getting. a ride in i'm freaking excited. picnic grounds are warmed up let's go. it started. i've got my goggles alright so got my. huggles. i think we're finally ready. to go. i almost wanted to go left and turn on. like the interstate and i remember when. i was driving. we've got plenty of time look it's still. some of my clutch 244 miles is not. exactly a good break in period. in fact i've been driving like a dick. since i bought it. ok so like i just did a burnout like minutes. oh i just impressive. ok. the warm of that tire. what. mike's got a pit bike thing is. yeah. yeah. it's gonna go. ok. i guess i was water on my engine. there we go home. yeah. nice backfire yeah. get. i swear did it. show up. yeah. calm down. like the right. i don't know all right we're gonna race. last wall inside. i don't know how will i city way i who's. counting. gonna do. ok. take it easy yeah you too all right. let's go to g station. yeah. shot baby. yeah. i always feel so weird. no she is dude yeah that's it so much. money on this exhausting all i gotta say. is this worth every penny. kind of looks like that's what i think. they wanted it to look suck. they even added the little mounts for. the heat shield yes yeah that was nice. of them. powerball we go. you get the powerball oh yeah you get. the powerful. i got the winning powerball right here. chip be coming in to get red ball form i. kidding. was it a red ball it's like black friday. but for gas stations. okay 33 no but 2227 . yeah 11 if that was you money you owe me. like at least fifty percent. the height of my goggles. that's it. hey ya let's go up to that gas station. oh someone's angry. yeah. the is doing. yeah. you doing. but. everything ok don't four tops for your. own call the cops are around people. don't get worn out for your call the. cops. your mouth vehicle. want to google it. no one thing i give us what you got to. say to anybody. i'm legal. so why don't you go and test it out of. the parking lot i wonder. yeah two wheels no one you don't have to. come you don't have to come over at me. like that. so overrated forward. i asked you if there is an issue i'm. sorry. you pull the time i stopped trying to. get started. see. yeah. .

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