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[music]. oh . good morning and welcome to the channel . welcome back to the vlog today we are . about to get in the 2018 truck and we're . going to pick up some new boats for the . dirty max so that she can be finished up . about to get that loader vehicle cold. start can hear now would be a good . time to show you some of the quirks and . features of this fleet truck version of . the silverado so number one the dash is . totally different from a regular . civilian truck you can see it's got a . little old-school pixel screen not any . fancy lcds the center console area is or . the center screen area rather is pretty . normal you don't really have any options . so most of the buttons are blank except . for traction and the bed like where it . kind of gets interesting now the normal . silverado has a huge center bin that has . a ton of storage in it but this one is . very shallow because it of course can be . folded up into a third seat so legally . you can have three people in front and . three people in the back now for what i . think is the most fascinating part about . this truck you have your dome light here . but it doesn't look like any normal dome . light it looks like something like a . light you would find in your closet have . two versions of this light or two . settings you have normal not bad and . then you have red now matt beaver tells . me this was a truck destined for a . police department that never got it they . never actually took delivery for . whatever reason so that's why you have. the red light now for those of you who . don't know a red light gives you the . ability to have a light but it doesn't . change your eyes back from night vision . not really night vision but when your . eyes have adjusted to the dark if you . use a red light it doesn't make your . eyes really i'm sure you've seen cops . sitting in their cars at night like in a . parking lot or whatever and they have a . red light on well that's the reason i . could do these videos dr. pero isn't . that great here we are as always at pdw . performance diesel warehouse and the. dirty max is right inside holy this . is a big moment because once we get . these u-bolts she's gonna be done boys . pretty height for this i can't . wait to see it that's a big tip man i'm. not gonna lie to you about that jeez . alma's done man i'm with nuts and . washers so 12 gets home you all that . must been here down 12 inches got it all . right i'll be back and then we put the . rear tires on lower down and see how . those dances all right i'll see you soon . this truck is gonna be so insane . i can't wait until we have it finally . 100% done but now let's go get these . u-bolts it's a new one we got a. confederate flag in a corolla . yeah dude you're the greatest oh . we got the outdoor show going on look at . all the trucks look at all the trucks . cuz it's the hot and outdoor charmin . come bring my drink don't man go hunt . place by the way look at that look at. that . wow that's pretty sick this place is . somewhere here on cameron street i don't . really remember where hopefully i can . find it look at that here it is stanley . springs that's definitely it you can see . little leaf springs emblem there and we . are following a pretty cool looking . lifted high country for from the bend . down 12 inches seats are ismael shane's . doing the downpipe right now i think . he's having a good time man there's no . way yeah it's pretty tall you know my . head's about up to the hood you're 6 4 . so there you go that's a good height . comparison of the truck it's essentially . i mean that that little rise in the hood . there's gonna be almost like 6 feet . problem. [music]. life is that you can see still three . inches but it flattens out in the middle . like that and it has a really sharp . angle up top not good for flow new one . over here you can see nice and uniform . the whole way should make five more . horsepower yeah she is holy man . looking good shane looking good buddy . this is pretty much how she's gonna look . you can see we are well within the . confines of the law not illegal . whatsoever in pa and the full weight is . sitting on the ground right now lift us . off and this is where the trucks gonna . sit now i'm holding the camera roughly . at eye level gonna be about that tall so . that's crazy. i mean shane is six foot four and you . can see that it just about covers him if . the hood was down and it's incredible. like this lift kit it just i look at it . and so badass the fox shocks a full leaf . spring no blocks anymore i was on a five . inch block this is the old lift kit . nothing wrong with it worked great but . you look at that compared to the front . and it's like a whole different world . just look at all the hardware put the . block. yeah which we were both surprised by. that by the fact that just the rear leaf . has its it in that hi i went out and . bought i got little one-inch blocks just . in case but we're definitely not gonna . need them because even now it does have . a little bit of a rake to it and they . will settle though a little bit don't . you think. oh not too much maybe a little bit so . essentially it's it's perfectly level as. it is by the way a lot of people . commenting on the cv axle angles well . that was because the truck was up in the . air when it's down on the ground . you can see the angles are pretty much . flat a little bit of an angle maybe like . an inch yeah they're very yeah they're. very good they're definitely totally . fine like that and we have those . heavy-duty our cv axles on the way once . we do the measurement so i don't know if . i talked about that in vlog but the . company wants to have measurements of . the truck sitting on the ground and up . in the air so it full flex for the . suspension and then once we get those . measurements they will build the cv axle . custom to the truck that way it's . exactly perfect so we will have those . are cv axles coming when we have . everything else done i would say it's . pretty wide a little bit there . definitely just a little bit cuz there's . my mirror and my tire is almost out as . far as then we're gonna have to have a . contest in the comments how long till i . get pulled over you got no faith shane . says on the first drive i'm gonna give. it a week i say i get a week . man the duramax it's been too long i . haven't driven it in two weeks . why yeah you're right . no they do i'm gonna have to get players . well i'm probably gonna do like two . layers of expell underneath the whole . truck and then and actually along the . holes probably the whole truck . and then maybe i will get flares at some . point aw it looks perfect it does it . does sit exactly where i'd want it to . sit this should definitely help with . cold starts here for the winter nine . years old i think it was time for an . upgrade i'm surprised i did honestly. well it's funny then because then that. means the stock ones only lasted from . 2005 to 2009 and then the second set . lasted another nine years it's again as . always a big thank you to shane at . performance disa warehouse info down . below check him out if you need anything . done to your truck he sort of knows what . he's doing don't get your beard caught . now i'm not paying for you to replace . that take me five and a half years she's . alive. i think that up when i was . off-roading . i've hurt my trainer unfortunately . sounds pretty good jesus . [music]. we're in the area. who hits it right there . [music]. one spot. there . so that sides good but this side is not . [music]. so shane is gonna fix the train horn . that i up he's gonna do the . exhaust and then the truck will be fully . done tomorrow folks well there is . another update on the duramax for you . and it should be done i know i said in . the vlog it'll be done tomorrow but i . mean mechanically and everything it will. be done tomorrow but it won't be fully . done until monday because the guys . coming in a metal fabricator who's . coming in and we're doing one last . really cool touch to the bed of the . truck and it has to do with the spare . tire and a light bar it's gonna be . pretty cool so get ready for that other . than the news on the truck we got some . great quad action coming at you coming . back at you this weekend guys know i'm . having a great time with this thing i . hope you enjoyed this upload if you did . give it a big thumbs up if you are . stopping in for the first time please . subscribe take care a great day . .

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