Falcon Heavy Makes History – Cheaper Spaceflight

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SpaceX has successfully tested the Falcon Heavy Rocket, proving that large-volume reusable rockets are indeed feasible. This is set to drastically reduce the price of space travel.
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Post-Launch Press Conference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KORTP545vAc
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You were watching coldfusion tv. hi welcome to another coldfusion video . so they've finally done it the spacex . team have just successfully launched and . landed the falcon heavy rocket this is . the largest rocket in operation and . during the launch the atmosphere was. electric. the falcon heavy consists of 27 engines . with five million pounds of thrust . that's as much as eighteen boeing 747s . in fact it's so much thrust that there's . no need to run the engines at max . capacity during the launch instead the . thrust is throttled and optimized. throughout the flight so here's the plan. for the test launch mission the falcon . heavy rocket would take off from kennedy . space center and then releases payload . out into space . two of the rocket boosters would be. programmed to return back to cape . canaveral to be recycled while a third . booster which will be traveling much too . fast to me the cape would be landing on . a floating platform 500 kilometers . offshore with the boosters measuring 16 . storeys in height it was a tall task the . falcon heavy is essentially three falcon . nines strapped together with some . modifications carried out but it wasn't . as easy to get flying as it may first . seem . according to elon at a press conference . post launch they had to be alterations . to the boosters and the main core had to . be almost completely custom built . additional idea was just i thought you . know you stick on to two first stages of . side boosters how hard can it be it's . like way hard where to redesign the . center core completely this was due to . the changes and forces and hence . stresses and dhirubhai the new setup . there was 10 million pounds of force in . some areas the challenge was so drastic . that the team considered abandoning the . project three times but it's a good . thing that they stuck with it because . now the falcon heavy is the largest and . most powerful rocket available capable . of carrying twice the payload of its . closest competitor the mission was . largely a success and the payload was. delivered without a hitch speaking of . the payload it was pretty interesting . it happened to be one of ellen musk's . original cherry red tesla roasters with . a mascot dubs star man he was looking . pretty chill wearing the spacex. spacesuit star man and his tesla now . we'll be getting thrust into deep space . on its way to an elliptical orbit around . mars for about a billion years . meanwhile the 16 story tall rocket . boosters returned down . in or inspiring fashion . [applause]. alden go exactly according to plan . though two of the three rockets required . to turn the main stage back to earth . failed causing the main stage rocket to . be lost it slammed into the ocean at . over 400 kilometres an hour . 100 meters away from the floating barge . regardless the launch was hailed as a . success and is a huge step in the road . towards regular space launches as now. the price has been cut by four and a . half times for the equivalent competing . rocket united launch alliance as delta 4 . heavy which is less powerful costs . around 400 million dollars and the . falcon heavy 90 million and this is . one-tenth the cost of nasa's planned . space launch system that's in . development to venture out to the moon . and mars the main cost savings here come . from the fact that the falcon heavy is a . reusable design one of the aims of the . mission was to collect vast amounts of . data in order to perfect launch . procedures the end goal was to make such . launches commonplace and as safe as . aircraft travel which is the safest has . ever been by the way. in the press conference elin stated that . the falcon heavy opens up a new class of . payload and can send cargo all the way . to pluto if we wanted no gravity sling . needed he states that this could. encourage other countries and companies . to do bigger and better he wants a new . space race but i think it's gonna open . up a sense of possibility i think it's . gonna encourage other companies and . countries to say hey if spacex which is . a commercial company can do this they . could go to some things can encourage . other countries and companies to raise . their sights and say hey could you're . bigger and better which is great we want . any space race elon also did mention . that the bfr method is the way forward . but this falcon heavy launch gave him . more confidence in that project and as a . side note is kind of strange on videos . like this i often get people commenting . that scientific discovery is somehow a . zero-sum game they say why waste money . on something like this when you could be . spending their money eradicating cancer . it's a strange world view position but i . believe that engineers and scientists . are free to follow their passions and . can work on different things at once and . it's not to mention that progress in . space exploration. can have spin-off effects for example we . wouldn't have aircraft anti-icing . technology or the digital image sensor . in your smartphone or solar panels in . their current form if it weren't for . nasa's space program but in closing off . this video as i thought about the falcon . heavy launch it's just really insane . that this company was the result of a . private startup not some government . initiative and it was a very hard road . you know there are american heroes who . don't like this idea the alarm strong . gene cernan have both testified against. commercial spaceflight in the way that . you're developing it and i wonder what. you think of that i was very sad to see . that you know those guys are heroes of . mine so it's really tough no i wish they . would come and visit and see the . hardware that we're doing here . and i think that would change their life . they inspired you to do this didn't they . yes . and to see them casting stones in your . direction. [music]. spacex was so close to failing when they . attempted to launch their first rocket . the falcon 1 . they failed three times and they had . just barely enough money for one more . try it turned out that the third failure . was caused by a two-second glitch in the . timing if that poor force hadn't worked . that would have been it we would have . not had the resources to the larger . faith and on september 28th 2008 on the . 4th and final attempt spacex became the . first private company to launch a . liquid-fueled rocket that could reach . orbit. fast forward a decade later and they're . making history again and the future . looks at the very least exciting with. bigger plans on the horizon for the bfr . this whole story makes me smile and i . wish the spacex team more success in the . future . it's great innovation and i think it's . good for this generation to see things . like this anyway thanks for watching . this has been - go go you've been . watching cold fusion if you've just. stumbled across this channel feel free . to subscribe and of course i'll catch . you again soon for the next video which . hopefully it will be how big is honda so . stay tuned cheers guys have a good one . [music]. .
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