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My super mega G's!!!!!
Today we got a FEEL GOOD VLOG in our hands! Get ready to:
- See Farghini finally gets his new car!!!!
- I get a new car
- Ivan gets a new car
AND soon, you'll get a new car ;)
What is going on guys we made it to a . million subscribers into me it's not . about the number that we hit but it's a . family of a million people i've never . had the opportunity to interact with a . community like the one that we built . here over the years and it's been great . so how does it feel to hit a million . subscribers fiona it's more exciting . than whatever fiona's doing back there . and i don't even know why it's a weird . number a million has always been such a . big significant number you know to all. of our cultures right because it's a . million dollars a million bucks a . million whatever always been a big . number i'm gonna figure out what that . means inside here i'm so excited i . cannot thank you all enough that have. put up with my life for so long and with . my annoyance my wife can barely do it on . daily basis so i appreciate the out . of that especially coming from you guys . yes . i really thought we were gonna get to a . million way down the line i thought it . was gonna be like late march maybe made . somewhere around there so the fact that . we got there so fast . has made me want to do a couple things . and number one it's gonna be i got to go . to avi and see my m3 cuz i'm 100% just . buying it right now period this is my m3 . this is my favorite bmw that's ever been . made and why not give yourself a treat . so every time you accomplish something . give yourself a treatment whenever i . accomplished something in my life . whether it's a great business deal . whether it's something like this like a . digital milestone like getting a million. subscribers from youtube i don't make a . huge deal and it's the end of the world . one of those parties that you know you . go run naked down the street but i do . acknowledge it i do have a little drink . a little something with my wife with the . boys with everyone that you love just . acknowledge those wins it's very . important for you and for your own . mental sake to know whenever you have a . big good day a great thing happened to . you take it all in baby take it all in . in dust which you said i'm not gonna . bore you guys anymore let's get out of . here but i'm gonna miss you this is . beyond uh the sweetest pit bull in the . world i was looking for my wedding ring . cuz my wife's gonna kill me and on other . news guys. we sold the hell out of these gorilla. watches this one the fastback all black . is all sold out all of the pieces that . we made are freakin sold out and all of . these we have to reorder more pieces . which is insane i . never not once in my life though that i . was gonna be able to sell a watch i . never thought that i was gonna be . involved in any watch making company . it's epic. just to find the right pieces the right . elements the right partnerships and. working the right way i've explained . this on my stories but i'll explain it. again i don't do any of the business on . the watches because i'm not a watch . expert my thing is i can bring in a lot . of publicity and it was very important . to me to find the right people that . we're in the right spot in the same spot . that i was mentally and kind of like . with their company wise we needed to be . at the same level in lucas and octavio . from gorilla have been epic epic epic . partners. i love 2018 rolls-royce maybe that's . what we're taking right now why are you . saying that today serious because we're . getting in a rural yeah we haven't been . in an upscale luxury they know wow i. mean these trucks are just so much fun . but at some point you got to stop . playing . turn your cullinan and talk pickup truck . i i am actually thinking about something . like that along the lines of something . weird with the color yeah yeah i don't . know i don't know try to turn your . cullinan into a raptor we got a gal pal . we call ford like how can we turn this . into a rabid or after they're like . didn't you just make the raptor that is . like a rolls-royce don't worry about the . eggs finally your wet dream has become . my friend there we go guys okay i'm. gonna say right yeah for the output it . might be that like a like a quadrifoglio . or the alpha happen oh i love the i love . look at the - oh . oh it's accurate accurate accurate oh i . don't know the maggots like accurate dmg . sg yes mz i love these spy car things . and there's a company here in la i . should know them when i was really young . i like 17 18 i went and i applied for a . job to thrive it's my yeah just so you . know these cars . there's not like engineer literally like . a ghost of minimum wage like employee . that just drives the car yeah and then . the computer just take all the data and . stuff cuz i'd be talking to them i'd be . thinking like their their car people and . their into in there cuz i do this is the . job but if there's any company out there . that would let us write being a . prototype car yeah without talking about . what it is just inside you can cover the . whole thing i think we would love to . give that a roll please please please . let us know okay i just got a message . from ivan okay tell me when you can't . have great news ivan why wait before you . insult me okay so actually we gotta be . there at 3:30 today okay ivan . thank you brother i know how much time . you put into this i really appreciate it. brother okay but also we you always know. right a deal not done until you're the . wet is the ink is the ink is dry i don't . know what with the wet look at this line . oh there it is 2x that's where that's um . ivy's personal maserati only i believe i . am so pumped to see that eve you 46 . and i'm also one of those . damn how about 48 48 . [music]. no white women love the bronc of these . bronze no idea ladies three four ladies . there's there's a really really really . good-looking lady that drives a red one. around we've seen her yeah look at this. that little seat i like it that's . perfect for me thank you . come back here hey we're gonna go get at . carl icahn no no no we gotta get a . harley kid you know we put them said i . can't wait i can't wait down right now . ivan's gonna cut to what a harlequin . answer . yes that's another one of those cars . that i've always wanted to have i don't . know why and he's just a paint job guys . it's really stupid but a page that makes . a big difference sometimes oh here we . are. why are you talking to ivy's wife on . instagram we talked about you i know but . as you know oh olli my wife me . [applause]. [music]. you get the tray . yeah dude oh so you got to work on the . paint. yeah there's old gone god it sucks you . don't want to paint it. you know it's original of course but i . lettuce it and it's me this is all my . screw-up . that's your fault yeah because i had a . car cover cover fund the money yeah yeah . yeah yeah no good here was leaking on a . hose was just tripping on it for like . two years because i had no engine i had . to rebuild of course so here is stayed . wet for years and i'd even realized when . i took off the cover i washed it i'm . like what the happen you know most . of time you want it to be wet but not in . this but not in this situation but it's . gotta paint something even if nothing . happened it's never been in anything it . just feels bad to paint yeah you have . the newer this is one of 167 1967-68 in . 2015 ever built wow so i've had 91 and . you two had 94 but when i got this in . 2012 you know i said you don't want no . more intersects this will be the . ultimate one and i kept alejandro can if . you like people pray my car service i am . terrified oh you know what i never got . to clean up the car like tomato how i . detail this yeah. i never detail the car but you will . though i will you know i just i wanted . everything to be perfect for sin your . vtec kickin hard hard . look at how this comes up oh you got an . epic car right here i don't care kids . come my way houses what were you saying . about this car i gave it the full of a . special who la vie special whoever gets . this whoever wins this car . well that dudes a lucky but . i get to enjoy your first ie i am here . to enjoy this monavie i am obsessed with . these cars back in the day i had one of . these it's one of the cars i've loved . the most to me and my wife last drive . mmm final test drive and we hit i mean i . mean turbo speed it was said by the way. was the smoothest i told my wife closest . thing to an nsx this is so tight is . no rattling no no i i sealed it cause . everything i put back up like better . what here is the car it's all three oh . yeah. so we did all the brake caliper. yeah everything delicious everywhere all . around glass no seals you fix t's yeah . [music]. you telling me you're putting a vom ton . of requests from the hobby to gonna stir . this is true this is like this is . actually really true i don't want it was . just shockingly i thought he would go. for it okay tell me what he wants so . let's try to get it what would you like . okay so bobby they want the number one . kenobi i'm carl where's guy he's a star . working all that you're gonna get this . oh no no i do this far . wow guys he's gonna go great with fergie . me setting it up for avi . [music]. barr's it just came up with the worst . idea in the world. are we just open an instagram account . what he's gonna be your bet okay when . this airs on youtube. a week later how many followers will avi . have and the loser will have to ride . with avi and nsx the nobbies all poked . about this i'm terrified one of you you . throw a number first of you how many . people you think will follow you five . cops 5,000 what about you i'm gonna go . 65,000 what about you ten ten thousand . ten thousand sixty five thousand five. thousand i'm gonna say twenty-one . thousand but i don't count i've been in . the head i'm gonna say twenty-one that's . nice but if you win that's great all . right it's official . oh oh this is so clean they'll cl

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