FIRST MOD For The McLaren!!! **NOT A WRAP**

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Caption: Good morning and welcome to the channel . welcome back to the blog today we are . going to start out with a little bit of . mail time not a merge blog see what we. got here right off the bat this one is . from drone guy in connecticut i sliced . the note right in half mike some stuff . to tune your rc skills keep up the good. work give me a call if you ever need any . drone work anything aerial would love to . come to pa kyle at drone guy aerial top . what in the world is this we have a . corvette c6 race car rc car we have a . microfiber cloth we have a box that says . ea ch inv on it oh my god look at that . it's a little drone it's got fold-out . arms here with the propellers on it well. that is neat i finally have a drone so . kyle thank you very much i'm gonna have . to figure out how to use this so check . out drone guy aerial if you need any . drone related things thank you for the . rc car as well this is from chris in . fayetteville north carolina you have a . book that says volkswagen spork tuning . and an even bigger book that says. volkswagen corrado official factory . repair manual font color="#cccccc"> 94 including . g 60 b r6 and slc . that is awesome not that i'm gonna work . on my corrado but i can give this to . andy and i'm sure he'll have fun reading . throat hello street speed 7 7 my name is . chris and i'm a big fan of your channel . love the zo6 thank very much funny story . my mother used to own a corrado g60 back . in the day when we lived in germany and . i was jealous of how fast it was sending . you this service manual that has been . sitting in a box for the last nine years . figured i'd pass it on to you and it . would help aid in your project i hope . you do some cool things to the car and . keep it around for a while . hope you change it to a manual and you . should look into the euro-spec seatbelt . conversion because those auto seat belts . drove me crazy when i had mom i actually . kind of liked them but i do think they . will break eventually chris thank you . very much this is his old corrado let's . do one more here this is from mad cow us . and it appears as though we have a cow . using a parachute. it says detailing products for 67 1:7 . inside so i guess it's a. telling company let's see what the note. has to say hey buddy. longtime subscriber i have some awesome . top quality great fragrance detailing . products for you to try out in the . bottle oh every logo has the flying cow . on another towel. i like those i always need those we've. got a bottle a purple bottle ultraviolet . gloss enhancing serum we have lemon . satin interior trim finish and the. banana musa wheel cleaner so the company . is called mad cow us quality car care . products there is their info these . products are from eric garcia so eric . thanks very much i will try them out i . do like your logo it's gonna do it for . mail time today mail time is always such . a messy time speaking of this awesome . volcano orange paint i think it would be . a good idea to protect it with expell so . that's what we are going to do today . look at that fuck god damn it i just . really loved it of course we are going . to do a cold start in the mclaren and . this time you'll actually be able to . hear it because the corvette is not . [music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. tracked it on a cold day not happening . this car is fast but it only goes 55 . [applause]. all right folks at insane designs for . the first time would be mclaren very . beautiful day actually it kind of ended . up being nice out got the grand sport . and the stingray still for sale by the . way shane can't offload that thing . somebody has to bite eventually i guess. and i think i can make it up the ramp . okay let's see if we can get the . five-star treatment i know beep it . happen. look at shane look at all fancy looks . like he's some type of islander i don't . know what he is. i'm a little bit nervous forgive me . all right what's up buddy hey i brought . you something. oh yeah buddy you look nice where you . gone you taking me out to dinner . shit nice thanks man . see neutral so there's no park across . neutral parking break that comes on then . you can turn off the car it is . definitely a different process than . driving a normal car even my corvette no . it's just park like anything else yeah . everybody took flat everyone loves to . pull up what are you guys doing over . there wow . all right pat damn son my boys got a . mouth on him all right let's eat some . chick fillet then we'll walk . [music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. the guy who put his dick in the shoe . that's pretty crazy demonetized . hey pat how you doing bud everyone i . want to just say congratulations the pat . for hitting 10k subscribers already past . 11 k now jesus essentially growing . faster than me at this point so i'm . gonna need you to give me a shout out at . some point pat william all right there . you go . challenge if pat gets good to pay by the . end of the week we'll talk about doing a . c5 giveaway curtis berger now yeah you . can do a burnout you can do a burnout i . know you won't . that car was built for burnouts i'm . dropping off my mclaren 570s it's about . goddamn time we get some ex bail on this . baby girl because i do not want my . beautiful paint which we've talked about . many times to be damaged and i have been . driving it got like 240 250 miles in the . car so far it has been a little bit . nerve-racking not having that protection . you know we always want that protection . double layered protection sometimes . [music]. he is in rare form today we are gonna go . with the single layer on this car . my buddy troy is gonna help me clean her . up because i drove her in the rain today . i won't touch you no i was gonna start . white beginning i was like troy will be . really mad if i fuck something up there . was some person up . remember that orange we saw last year . yeah high score what the hell is he . shane mine like a fucking cabana look at . this. that's reread pitch that's your color . that's the same color oh and some guy . was like it's mike actually gonna take . care of this although it is it tell me . you will try convincing mike to take . better care of his mclaren even just if . he is so against doing it himself going . through a car when i was like crap . rather him not washer all that good i'm . gonna let you listen right here okay i'm . saying it right now troy's gonna be in . charge of the mclaren when it comes to . cleaning servicing i'm just gonna drive . it and do stupid shit with it . troy's in charge mm-hmm that's right yep . finally get in the ex bail and very . excited yeah it's a nice little just a . little guy here yeah . walt's locked but i texted now what do . you do i'm here because i like that oh . the raptor i know think it's hot i've . been convincing my time out even though . i love my car i've been convincing troy . for months now to get a truck as his . second vehicle and i think it's finally . working what do you want buddy are you . at the four doors right yes you want the . quad cab but this would be the color i . get or the new lead . which is like i'll get the desert tan oh . my god look at that 50 cal round you . don't like that thing across the back . option i kind of like it i don't know i . like the graphic to the side . raptor graphics but i like that wheel. option i was considering their fake bead . logs ps3 finally decided . it's not gonna mean just look at it from . a youtube perspective what would you . guys rather see on a youtube channel and . audi s3 which is just like it's . basically that and it's i'm sorry but . it's boring or a ford raptor anyway so . could you imagine the off-road . shenanigans with it viewers have seen . you videos in your axe but i don't . believe you . i don't oh my god i love this car how . good of a car is it's such a good car to . drive and you know one of the things . i've always thought about maclaren's and . things like this is that because i drove . a gtr honestly didn't like it thought it . was really boring gotten this and i was . like well you know it's not gonna have . the flair of a corvette it's not gonna . be as crazy but it really is like it's . fucking fun to drive in every capacity . and it's nimble we're all super nimble . it changes directions the the crazy . thing these tires are only a 225 this is . a tiny little 225 tire but it doesn't . need a big tire it grips like it's . fucking on rails i love it . not really i've only driven in normal . normal and then normal sport in normal. suspension normal suspension and sport . power image in the right time ya do . sport i never really do track although . that's the way to turn everything off . right because i want to do a burnout i . want to do a burnout we have to know can . i mclaren actually do a burnout and i . will figure it out yeah i don't think . the mp4 really i've never seen a mclaren . doing a burnout get troy to 200k and he . buys a raptor do it don't know if i . bought a mclaren for your challenge then . i'm making my own challenge again with . your channel 200k you have to buy a . raptor alright they have to stay there . you're already past a hundred you're . past 100 if troy gets 200k. yes he has to buy a raptor in what a . week there you go oh wait by next monday . no you gotta buy next week yeah i bought . it the fucking before you haven't hit on . your cat how much is this they're like . 50 grand can be a good deal that's what . i said . i thought we were going out to dinner . what the fuck half go look at that look . yeah i really like the amber cat from . applebee's who's taking me to applebee's . deschain what are we doing at five . seventy buddy . [music]. walk us through. [music]. to wrap it in something down there yeah . for a long time i think i'm gonna enjoy . my right now we are going to expel . literally the entire car . our first so everything so headlights. even mirrors which this is gonna be . tough but they will be done you like . them they're easy . wow pain i think i talk about it too . much. troy's gonna clean it prep it shane's . gonna wrap it done deal . yeah yeah we got to get andy in here to . 10-15 percent okay that's two that's . wednesday two days now wednesday . today's the sixth yep i'm gonna lock her . up i should have brought my cover that . would have been smart okay troy all . right let's lock her up like . all right take care of her thank you sir . god damn it alright folks we are back at . home and just the zo6 in the garage know . mcclaren very sad but she'll be back i . think tomorrow night so that you enjoyed . this upload if you did give it a big . thumbs up if you are stopping in for the . first time please subscribe take care . have a great day what are you wearing . it's it's like it's soft you don't look . like you're fucking betty crocker over . here you just jealous . see yeah like like a light system shut . up troy you you are adorable buddy . .

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