First Time Towing Mistakes Cross Country Drifting!

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Despite the absurd amount of sketchiness I have to say I'm insanely proud that some how I was able to line everything up to leave Florida and make it to New Hampshire in time for an event at the best track I've ever driven in the United States. Having a truck and trailer opens up so many opportunities for me and I couldn't be any more excited.
We had a bit of a rough start this . morning so i think i explained that . originally our intention was to leave. and stop at a ford dealership to swap . out the bed cover because we got the . wrong one. i wound up having a nightmare at this . dealership it's not the dealership but i . got the truck from but essentially they. wouldn't take the one that i got from . them back because didn't have a box even . though they didn't give me the box and . on top of that they said that they . didn't have it when i knew it was there . and they just kind of like looked around . like nah but this really nice man i wish . i got his name and could have given him . some sort of like shout out gave me a . hand let me like throw it in the back of . his truck and we like got to go around . the building and swap them out so i'm . good now but what we wanted to be . leaving that dealership around 10:30 and . we ended up leaving more like one so we . have a late start it's been really. stressful sewing i didn't put the load . distribution bars on yet and i think . there's a little bit too much tongue . weight even though that wouldn't explain . why it's weighing the trailer swaying a . bit it's windy it's raining it's. storming and now we just hit traffic so . i've had an opportunity to pull out the . camera there's about 90 minutes of dead . stop traffic the gps said to get off but . we didn't listen because we're silly . truck kills it with so in the way it's . just not the most stable thing in the . world nicola has been learning as a . spotter to help me back up in parking . lot so let's just say that the ford . parking lot was a bit of a nightmare. good music and thankfully because this . thing is going to be a pain in the butt . to go anywhere and park so thankfully i . got us a cooler and we filled it with . ice and drinks and we got tons of food . tons of snack pb and j's fruit and . everything so that'll make a lot easier . and we all have to stop for gas and to . pee i thought i was really just trying . my dad's house when i'm in connecticut . but there's absolutely no way that i'm . going to be able to turn on the narrow . road so i have no idea where i'm gonna . put it so comment below if you can let . me leave my trailer at your mom's house . i feel so cool going to truck stops and . hanging out with all my new truck . friends respectful little my truck . friends this trekker guy had a know . where he is all my truck girlfriends how . do you feel being a truck inacol huh . you need a trucker hat oh we're so . trucky we probably look like such gotta . use rolling up into new f250 you like a . race car trailer think okay alright . we're gonna have this checked off . replace sometimes i'm stalled the load . distribution bars on the truck that . hopefully help it complain a little bit . i also move to 240 a little bit more . forward so i'm hoping that will kind of . get rid of the pendulum effect because i . guess any other weight too far back from . the rear axles it'll start to sway and . keep going these load distribution bars . just kind of pop in here that's a really . cool hits that actually got that came . with the kit and then there's little . brackets that bolt here . and the chain kind of holds weight so . the best way to kind of explain what it . does is imagine like a little man just . like pulling this up to kind of bring . the back end of the truck up and just . spread the load actually have something . specifically for like sway control but i . couldn't find all the parts for it . that's gonna have to wait i also add a . 10 psi and all the trailer tires cuz . they're a little low i'm open that will . be good we're like super behind schedule . we are only in georgia still and we're . supposed to be like the border already . so what do the best we can already . nicole just stop carolina north carolina . border and south carolina is a big state . oh yeah before it literally looked like . before it actually looked like i was one . of those drivers from the middle of a . movie where my hands going back and . forth on the wheel because i was just . trying to correct the trailer from . swaying so much and the car is perfectly . straight now so i can let go the wheel . which the mob's is not going to do but . and oh my god is it so much better . before i was like on my toes i was . driving and i didn't really know better . because it's my first time ever telling . anything so i didn't know if i was new . it was just supposed to be like that and . i just sucked but apparently . it's good the biggest negative that i . thought of having a black trailer would . be the heat inside the trailer but i . just found out that it isn't the heat . but the fact that it shows scratches i . just noticed on my brand-new fancy . trailer there are scratches all the way . down the side and the worst thing is i'm . 99% sure that it's from when this . morning i stopped at the house to grab . all the stuff i think literally like . where i am on the road there's a tree . that overhangs on the road and there's. no way to go around unless i blocked the . whole road which really sucks i guess . that's a bit more attention for that but . i mean maybe some of them will buff out . i don't even know if you can buff this . whatever this material is i don't know . if it's paint or there are some like . pretty deep gouges definitely bummed but . live and you learn i guess . i don't know at least it's not the truck . but i mean it happened like nicole said . i had to happen eventually. yeah anyway we are almost out self as a . boarder and then i don't know if i'm . feeling it right now the truck feels . good i'm energized so we're just going . to keep driving the photo of the truck . with the trailer underneath that big box . like adams a 240 but uh . runner roll i just want to ride this one . tomorrow i have a baby on our way down . in the rider i want to go up it almost . 1:00 a. m. that means we are in north . carolina no that does not mean we're . north carolina nicole dada i understand . you guys that i want to have everything. like we are not no i'm using that as a . border means that we're about to cross . on a north carolina orally not apply . coffee so we are halfway through north . carolina oh my god yes the first four . hotels or five were out of room so we . are in comfort in in anyway the parking . lot is completely full except for the . back area so we were all the way down . there trying to back it in back it up . and everything guys this this trailer is . no joke so then we finally i was . spotting over there and adam was backing . up so we're just going to drop it right . here and just park the truck somewhere . else and just know that those cars can . just drive in front but adam backing it . up a little bit too fast for my hand . movement let's just say this bush used . to be nice and rounded in the front and . he completely like straight up smushed . it all the way back and it came back and . now it's all flat but you know what we . made it safely and about 3:00 a. m. none of the lights on the trailer were . working or the brake light while we were . driving and adams inside and he just . found out that we blew a fuse on we blew . a fuse on the trailer battery of the . trailer battery refused a blue trailer . battery fuse so it's a giant one and . it's 3:00 a. m. so we don't know what . we're going to do right now this wasn't . working well believe it or not this . fancy expensive very very nice trailer . did not come with any extra fuses crappy . fuse and we checked the generator and. the generator doesn't have fuse and we . checked on the head of the truck and . none of the fuses match so now we're . going to have to drive with a trailer . that doesn't have lights to walmart and . get one there and then drive back and . have to do all this freaking maneuvering . again into the parking lot so thank god . for subwoofers because literally i i had . this flash in my head and i remember . that i had the exact same sized fuse in . my car for that little subwoofer that we . wired so if it wasn't for that who knows . what would happen but we're good now . we're golden. you told me five minutes yeah i hate . thieves they make my life too difficult . whatever i say we did inside that kind . of park next to the trailer . i just went to the charkh up against the . trailer really tight so it'd be very . difficult for someone to get it out and . i got a hitch lock and i like a session . to all the things that i did in case you . want to sue my trailer but there's other . theft prevention too so day two now . we're starting in dunn north carolina we . made it about halfway into the state i . think somewhere on the halfway mark . this parking lot was full with cars last . night and this is where i had to figure. out how to back around the trailer and . somehow i got in one of these spots . along with the truck but i'm gonna hold . nicole to suitcases because were those . seven people that stays one night in . hotel and has like 5000 suitcases . but is it good explain yourself i need . to be organized so i have my clothes in . there and i totally truthing their . makeup my toiletries in here hey i thank . allah to circo's allah i understood . because my shoes my photo she's very . much looking i probably hit the bottom . those were going to say nia for a really . long time i just realized i haven't . brought this up in any videos yet but. the whole reason why we're in such a . rush in such a deadline with like . getting the truck and the trailer and . driving straight through there's an . event in new hampshire at canaan there's . supposed to be like a crazy fun track so . i kind of means that our deadline for . getting up north and we're actually . gonna end up driving straight there i . wanted to do a really chill trip make it . a bunch of stops the skate parks and . stuff but we're just going to go . straight up there and then we'll just .
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