Fred Risks his Life in a 1000hp MUSTANG!

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Fred has been in a lot of crazy cars in his time at 1320Video, but nothing like THIS! While in Australia, Fred had the opportunity to ride in a MONSTER of a skid car at Summernats 31- S1CKO driven by Jake Myers, a blown alcohol Ford Mustang! Not only that, but this car has won 7 times! It is the most winning-set car in Summernats history. It has been around for a long time, there is even a shot of the car at Summernats 2 on the trunk lid! As you can tell by Fred’s reaction in the video, this was the CRAZIEST experience he has ever had in a car, and he is PUMPED to come back next year!
Big thanks to Jake & Gary Myers for the amazing opportunity!
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Caption: All right morning day 3 this is a . saturday at summer nats . and it's a today's parently the crazy . day so that's a day everyone's gonna be . there all the crazy kids and everything . like that but we have some to do today . before we get there this is a sticker . these are the australian guys from drove . 3,600 kilometers to be at someone at and . they love our and i have a sticker here . i'm going to tag their limo then we're . gonna go to summer nad summer have a . good time so i got to get this numbers . there we go alright the limo is tagged . and we can go to summer nats now . laurie acka backa matt guys that's . mcdonald's for americans this is . basically where we eat every morning the . only way to start off summer nets . hopefully you're gonna pop your skin . cherry today which sounds really weird . but bryan hoping to get you're right . yeah i really want to riding and i got . legit skincar today so that's the game . plan for today . we're also going to see the burnout . masters - the first time today and that . is the biggest baddest burning our cars . in the world so really important that i . think the big blower car hopefully . around on one of those there's only 30 . of my things . what did you get our bar of bacon rubber . thing bacon laughlin a shaker back . one of our summer nets that . [music]. what is the red ball . door to do . back to disneyland. a good part of the show for people that . attended is camping and hanging out on . the cruise around like literally people . have couches their tents around the . cruise outfits a mobile car so you just . sit in one spot it comes fast you now . it's time for fred to go for a ride in . the skid car excited nervous least . according the picture is a blown like 65 . ish mustang . it looks pretty pretty serious so it. should be a good time we should really . go find that car and see what's all . about get a fire chute on fred because . he's running methanol we don't want fred . to burn to the ground maybe that may be . the beard there's so many weird things . here. we got a was that 70s many like that . chop pop big-ass tire in the back ls1 so . just a little pep talk from last year . for what i remember important things are . make sure you don't open the door make . sure it's unlocked. okay the windows gonna be down already . yeah stay in the car until he gets out . because you never know if he's gonna . stop and then do something crazy ah yeah . it's gonna go by a lot faster than you . think but it's gonna be a lot of fun . once you get out just go crazy just it's . all about the style points and getting . the crowd going and okay i think i got . this pretty easy i just got to make sure . if the car catches on fire you know to . get up seat belt door run . we got a fire crew here there's like. eight guys that are ready to jump on me . i didn't i didn't think it was gonna . catch on fire but now you're like if it . catches on fire it's like i'm excited. for this just stop telling me . to fire. what's the setup on the car at the fray . i to windsor so chemically injected push . about thousand volts power it's just a . giant laura yes except one's lost . 6666 month and hints . three nick are doing a burnout but . american bharat's you just sit there not . very fat pull adrienne was sitting the . cars a little bit of history all the . notes are fainter and look at some . enhance - so that's where that's - it's . one seven championship talking to you at. some annette's inner art and yeah this . is the winningest summer nats car that's . it adrienne definitely went out of his . way to find me a badass car driver . [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. holy guys holy sh that was that was the . most intense thing i think i've ever. done in a car that was that was crazy. dude thank you i can see why you're a . champion and aspersions of jesus the . first tip in was easy event when he came . back into the second that's what it was . a little bit more as will we has been a . toy yeah yeah little faster is a little . more crazy that was awesome thank you . buddy. [music]. [music]. so the spot i was standing in is the . money shot for the tip and it looks . amazing but that's right where all the . rubber gets blasted the first time they . tip it in last year we're heading to our . second autograph session for the event. they'll meet some more fans we're coming . in behind the farmtruck nation and they . had a two-hour wait for autographs . that's not gonna happen with us . we got a nice line today. it's gonna be good wasn't him i like . homie hazy hazy nice to meetcha he's . wrapped in the summer net shape i love . us gotta love that okay a streetcar . takeover shirt or did you pick that . about. you from colorado yeah so you came here . for summer nats we may have been on the . same flex they came from decadence . remember . that's hilarious quit hogging the whole . camera . news the blog in yourself . nice little setup what's the name of . your channel . and lj. see. oopah with an a you won't be able to . read i remember take you suggested it . alright . all right this is how you get a . screenshot it magitek better with no oh . my god i may get a good one . this is a first thank you brother elia . first. yeah how's it going what's your name . nice to meet you . what is this what's it called . this is a handshake . [music]. this is really weak . a very important thing after autograph . sang session this is the fun part we're . pretty much the craziest moment in . summer nets when it comes to like the . culture we're going to tough street and . all the cars it's it's kids some of the . masters are out now there's only a top . ten like you might know it so these some . of these cars guys are ready to leave . we're gonna do some massive skits the . crowds crazy all just with the tough . street lc look at security here live . streaming good buddies . as securities are around some people . very chewy for thicker . [music]. [applause]. thomas knew it dear boy too . [applause]. that's simply the word orange flawlessly . a couple of stickers is all you need to . get people to drink out of their shoes . around here i know what they calls when . they do it on say no but i was surprised . it was like a luge like down his hand . alright guys gonna do it for today we . are done at the track we did autograph . signing we saw a bunch of skids . i got to ride in the most winningest car . in summer nights history that was badass . we gotta see the burnout masters yeah . you can see burnout masters have that . name for a reason we figured out why. those were the most ridiculous person . seem so far and we have the finals . tomorrow yep so 10 come back yeah so . tune in subscribe and see you later. sad day it's last day of summer nets . we're kicking off by citing a polo. we're signing a pillow. where's this going i am paid what do you . know is working feels good in the . australian federal police office it is. barbaric engage the lines a little bit . bigger than ours was this is the best . shirt i've seen all trip australian my . first time here i'm coming . yeah so it's a lot to take in you get . the full experience it's it's wild right. like we have a great culture over there . let's reread the theme that ended . in the strip scene this is like a like . another dimension of the same thing . right like people are into it and it's . and if you saw them yesterday do the . masters go those guys it's go show car . stop. what's a pedal bike that is totally you . with that hat especially be nice . right out of the first day . you got a clone that you know why exist . you could. that's sick. more . they looked at tape . old school muscle between the pyramids . by the way it's jus degrees i think . fahrenheit back home it's gonna be a . hundred and one today forty three today . wearing celsius forty three thousand . here's a car we did a feature on last . year one of my favorites because of the . motor place smell oh yeah . good. [music]. [music]. i love these little buses that look so . cool what kind of busses us for van so . you carry this is dukey okay what motor . do you have in here illustrate all right . i like your radiator said i probably ups . a lot for keeping things cool got a big . water tank in that - never tip it over . once never again . yeah of course i'm sure it's not . possibly lost you oh okay yep i remember . yeah it was not on a good show last year . definitely good luck ma'am is the motor . right underneath you right here. [applause]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. [music]. [applause]. [applause]. [music]. vehicle here we're gonna go. [music]. driver doesn't work i just sit there and . hold on yeah i hope you don't catch on . fire i'm like a moderate builder . anything here no he's gonna say it makes . about 900 so we can find her a tire and . it weighs 11 so yeah i've been in nine . times forest fire cars i feel like this . could be very different yeah it's gonna . be like the tip-in is where it's like . okay i'm going fast . yeah like i've been in drift cars and i . don't think this is gonna be like that . no it's like gonna be some wild mix . between drift drag high horsepower rides . normally. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. it was like there was nothing like i've . ever felt before . like the cheese that it pulls when i . [music]. look at your face . give me that give me that no it's not . that bad it's not that bad . it's it's it's worse it's i'm atlas year . you are madness year because is that you . said fred wasn't pulling his weight oh . yeah where is he . i didn't even hear it that was wasted . [music]. [laughter]. summer nap 31 is a wrap how was it fred . come back i don't take it ok good enough . how we greet a shower a nice dinner . we'll see you guys next time . [music]. .

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