Live and ya learn! Today I move on from my past decisions and give away my old RB kit to someone else!
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Why am i looking good today good morning . tj is tired he just came back last night . from a intense hockey game that he . carried on his back allegedly we are are . we gonna say it right now should i say . right now we're giving away the kid . we're taking the van baby oh we should . take it apart because it's been they . come to pick it up there's nowhere . they're gonna fit all this in the car we . should take it apart tj's just a good . guy today we're gonna drive up to julian . sit there and wait for one of you guys . to show up and take this kid offer him . tj was like i'm doing the real memes now . and i want someone to have my memes take . my memes someone's gonna be stuffing. it's got a fucking kit for free why try . to keep everything in a pit. [music]. the plan for today is to give this . rocket bunny kid away to any of you guys . the method that i thought of the past . day and a half is we're gonna drive. forty six point three miles east . that's inland for us and we're gonna go . to a location providing a longitude and . latitude of where we are and literally . say the first person that shows up to . our location with a b or c or frs gets . the kit we're gonna be very specific . when we announce this that you cannot . come in any other car you can't come in . their truck you can't come in a minivan . you can't come with your dad and be like . oh i have a b or c i have an m for us . here's a picture here's my instagram . that does not count the only way we are . giving this kid away is if t person . shows up with an 86 what does that mean . someone shows up with their car and then . waits for their dad always her friend of . come bring a truck to pick up the kid . or if they think they can fit that in . the whole entire car which i thought . that could the rules are you have to . have a beer z with you we're gonna post . this on instagram snapchat twitter . pretty much all social medias record the . video id our location and provide the . longitude latitude and the games begin . i'm thinking it's gonna take no more . than two hours for somebody to show up . probably we're gonna end up eating like . eight pies before someone shows up . it's good jillian is so far i planned it . yeah it's apple so the reason why it's . so far away not like like a hot normal . location or somewhere in the city we . kind of wanted to give everyone a fair. chance to go to the location i mean if . we went to the heart of downtown san . diego i'm like yo the first person that . finds us gets it there could be someone . down the street and like but you don't i . mean like i want to give everyone a . chance to find it look at it look up the . location like fuck honey and drive . minutes fuck honey and drive an hour and . a half fuck i need two hours i don't . know what that way it kind of adds a . little a little risque to it imagine if . you were in like la you were the first . person to see it know it fuck it's two . hours i need to have right now and then . like someone you know half hour way . season now and a half later and then . it's like a battle it would just be cool. also it's a really really nice drive yes . so bring your 86 to this spot it's a . great drive my biggest concern is what . if like someone who's not a subscriber . my assumption is everyone's gonna be . tagging all their friends in this post . and what if someone who doesn't watch . the videos like is there first . i'm thinking about maybe like asking . like a couple questions if i if i think . they don't watch the videos what's my . dog's name and what how many colored has . my beard ebates i don't know something . like that just make sure i want to make . sure it goes to a subscriber and not . just something like i don't i don't want . like the video to get reposted on like . the forums or like a facebook page and . then someone who doesn't even know of us . grabs it because it's free i'm saying . i've been wanting to do this ideal for a . long time . [music]. alright so we just got to our . destination we aren't the julian pi . company locally this is a really good. place to go to to get pi's kind of up in . the mountains and it's a beautiful drive . to get here so we're gonna park it here . on this side of the road i'm gonna film . the instagram video snapchat video and . send out a tweet and provide the . longitude and latitude and it's game on . i really hope someone comes out like . what if nobody shows then we're screwed . then we just like just drove an hour in . the mountains and try again later on the . beach. alright there it is come 33. 1 1:07 and . longitude is negative 116 point six . seven four nine. i'm giving away my rocket bunny kit to . one of you guys that watches this video . i'm from i want no fuck-ups . i'm giving women try come on it's pointy . you guys that watches this video i'm . gonna provide a longitude and latitude. latitude whoever finds me first is gonna . get this free rocket money get for a brz . i'm gonna provide my latitude and . longitude in the bottom of this video. you can only get the kit for free if you . show up with the brz or frs you can't . show up with like a truck or anything of . that sort even if you show me a picture . of the beaters you own it doesn't count . you get this rocket bunny kit for free . my old kit if you show up with an frs or . b or z the first person that gets here . takes it no questions asked mean calvin . are waiting out here we're in california . try and find us good luck i hope you end . up winning it so i just posted on my . instagram my snapchat and twitter and . cobblers doing the same . we provided the coordinates i'm really . excited i hope whoever it gets it . actually uses it and doesn't just keep . it i really like to see this kid get . passed on and actually used i think . that'd be pretty cool so i think while . we wait i seriously need to pee and i . think we might go get some pie and pass . some time are you shitting your pants . with you do the kid to that i should . have trusted that far yeah you weren't . in the white pants. [music]. i'll show you this ready it out of . julienne original plain you're naughty . you're nasty the hair look your nest . looks tough i wanted to try the original . haven't tried the original the post has. now been up for 26 minutes there's about . 400 comments to increse a lot of people . are saying they're on their way we can . see the roads coming in and out of this . place oh shit i don't even notice that . well see him coming over there . that road right there is from like the . city so if they're hauling ass we're. gonna see an 86 just ripping it down . this road and then it's up to him to . make sure he doesn't overshoot our . location because there's one entrance. and it's dirt lot which is over there . good luck everybody . good luck have fun don't get speeding . tickets that's name of the game. [music]. it's now been one hour calvin has been . live streaming on instagram for the past . 20 minutes no one showed up yet our . hopes are high my shins are sunburned my . ankles are sunburned it's getting hot . and sweaty please someone get here quick. oh that is not an 86 damn why does . everything we just had a false alarm no . well had an exhaust it was like a silver. mitsubishi eclipse but from way out . there we're like dude that's an 86 and i . could still hear it does he even know no. oh dude that guy just got fucked rip . population you bro that was an 86 . porsche i told you it wasn't a 6 . all right well that was our first 86 . that went by us and by the odds he . wasn't here for us damn all right well . 20 minutes have passed since the last . time i talked to you guys let you know . what anything happens that's a v8 that's . a blue brz ladies and gentlemen i think . we may have a winner oh he's driving . with urgency oh shit what's up man how . are you good are you this really i did . get this turn really do we we literally . just heard someone like drive i would . like a catback exhaust and they're like. it was an 86 for sure yeah it was yeah . and that was like going 97 i come from. escondido san marcos kinda like . hi you ready wide-body i got it like . this but then i don't know i really like . that kids okay man i can't deny man you . are the winner congratulations dude are . you gonna get it out of here i'll find . somebody but yeah oh fuck yeah i said . somebody that's awesome dude we wanted . to edit into the block we've been . sitting here for a long time . good i'm waiting to meet you'd have . anything to say to anybody get fucked . yeah i want no . so this is the guy that missed the turn. no so this guy was following the blue . brz but he got here seconds he said he . was following you and then you went . straight we saw you go why when i was . filming it and i was like nah what's . your name alejandro these nice to meet . you where'd you come from . oh no damn three killers pretty car it's . too late okay i didn't think i was gonna . make you out just like they don't see . you guys this is a nice life oh that is . awesome . nice to meet you hey oh another one . another one everyone was like so close . within each other yeah i didn't think . i'd make i was just saying i only come . on like yeah what the site try and make . it out here anyway yeah that's likely . that's like two and a half hours not. like an hour an hour ten haul ass what's . up man i see you well if a shirt like . right the fourth person really yeah yeah . just gonna drive is nice that good dude . i fucking drove past my friend sent me . the wrong oh the fucking you're on . google maps i drove all the way up there . we don't even got 120 wait that was you . that was you you turned left oh no . where's that guy colored will see you . friend sent me the wrong i was like does . even know. [music]. [music]. we were waving you away like my that was . you a silver sorry dude that is so . brutal mr. luke lydia a lot of you seem . to like especially on social media . definitely gonna have to do this again . whether it's other car parts or you guys . will have no it won't be sick is if we . did like if we like did a car build and. then gave it away but did like whoever . finds us first sick with happy maybe . won't like this idea won't even see . anyone else do it so i think we're gonna . have to patent this and keep on doing it . pam i think will won't be hanging here . by 10 more minutes because i'm sure . bunch of 86 are on their way i will say . what's up and we'll say hello everyone . and then we got to get back go on . sabrina's been on my ass out there we . can't miss dinner tonight coughs oh yeah. i can't miss that my favorite thing is . just seeing a whole bunch of 86's . together how much that mine yeah too bad . yours is broke it's getting redone that . barely fits we were struggling in the . crosstrack and this thing's like taking . it like a there's beers that you can fit . so much more than what people think i . don't know there's no way maybe if you . give you turn around and you put the . corner in first and you wrap it but it's . too tall i don't well that was awesome . that was yeah that was so awesome do . that different location next time yeah . i'm like it was exactly how we thought . there'd be like an hour of no one . showing up and then at like the same . like 20 minute frame everyone's just . gonna pile in that's exactly what. happened well ford explorer came mustang . there was a kid you did you pointed out . yeah then the gray car yeah first guy . did you blue in it though yeah okay . can't believe it didn't . so you gotta love that this is way to . love dude that sounds good right that's . that tune. we've passed so many a v6 is going the . opposite way odds are they're going to . the location we were two stout we've . passed three of them going that way if . you're watching this blog we saw you . i'm sorry we missed you okay so this is . definitely better first for me i just . woke up to blue looking in my face i . fell asleep editing this video last . night and it's not the next morning and . i start the end of the video so ending . the video now i don't need to start . catching up on my sleep bloo stop it i . hope you guys enjoyed that yeah because . we loved it alright this video and then . starting today's vlog thank y'all so . much for watching as always peace out . and keep moving forward . [music]. .
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