Geneva Motor show 2018 walk around part2 Ferrari, McLaren, Rolls, AMG, Mansory

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My take on the Geneva Motorshow 2018, finishing off with Hall 2 (Hall 1 highlights are in Geneva 2018 part1 vid). Includes the good, bad and the downright ugly from this year's show. This video was created with the support of:
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Well i quickly nipped on to the toyotas . stand because over here we have a . concept car race car it is the g r supra . racing concept this they're telling us . is the next well later this year we . should see official supra reentering . production a little sports car what it's . quite a big sports car really going. racing it's there is elements in there . of previous version of super that that . raised kick tail the spoiler on so how . close this is to the production car i . have no idea but i want to celebrate it . because super was a real mainstay sports . car in this period it's been gone for . decades now and they're just seeing it . this name returned fills me of . excitement i just wish it was a bit . better looking but let's see what the . real concept car sorry customer car. looks like lexus continuous their . outlandish design they like it which is . a good job can't say i'm a fan it's but . he's i like the way they've actually . gone overboard of the starter there's no . mistake in lex's it doesn't blend in. anymore there is a very distinctive . design at alexis these days. when i get in there act again together . again is the room again rs versions of . that it's great to see them getting a . bit of mojo back really and with . electric cars to zoe . etc and was there alpine alpena should i . say brand sub brand just just around the. corner here there's two versions being . launched here now with just a more . dynamic that pure and the legend a . little racecar as well and i yes well . know now that gordon murray has ordered . one of these because he just loved the . idea of this mid-engine easy-to-use . little sports cup i just love the fact . that l pele is back in business and it's . a name that we can celebrate again and i . look forward to having a drive in one . though all the first drives were very . very positive we just hope there's . enough enthusiasts who really wants an . alpina walks lap down 50,000 pound on . regan or whatever offering there is from . companies like porsche . it's terrific i like dakar bikes i have . to quickly look at the honda there . there's the 450 verse and under that car . by this is their rally crs rabi quite . fancy one of those sheds but i'm very . pleased when i get back home i'm gonna . pick up my new africa twin which is that . one the sport adventure sport well . though noise gone out proper nobody tarz . on it and i'll be off well i've got some . big trips planned with it i can't wait. to that arrives a little school kit and . it's just great deceit at the motor show. as well. race gt3 version of the nsx all carbon . bodied on it there's the production. version but he's a really surprising car . hats off them for delivery and also the . big surprise is just how much what a . performance of the punch it's got way. more than the figures might suggest but . what i really wanted to come and show . you understand are these to die for . concept cars they were sold in japan . tokyo shows but here they are . - neither so what a brilliant little . design isn't simple pure fonder i just . hope we see these reach position and. actually come out this one is nuts this . little city car look at that for a - lay . out eat your heart out . i don't even bigger than the tesla . screen inside and then i sort of like a . i don't know like a fiat panda sort of . seating in the back but of early fiat . panda version a lovely little city urban . evie concepts a pure electric car great . little details on if you see the round. that detail around the screen ends in . that sort of plug i think they look . thoroughly modern was so honda we all i . think we all secretly loved the honda . born brand we just want to produce in . edgy cars like this again listen is a . fascinating mix of a companies and it . they are the listen gtr there and then . the former ii up in the background and a . imax kuro this is a another concept car . electric concept car you imagined to see . here what a what a balmy mix of cars you . get from the nissan these days and a . said i thought it was outta production . but there it is . strange black void when he walked onto . the mazda stand it's sort of blackness . and it's hard to pick out the details . but i have to stop by this is a their . concept their big saloon car it just . goes to show there's someone at master . who knows how to design a very good . looking car really nice looking car . they've doing some very clever stuff . with tech they've created an engine. almost compression-ignition petrol . engine so these enough diesel principle . and they predict if it was to take off. then the uptake of electric car is going . to be delay it by about 10 years because . the ic engine hasn't a further life to . give and hybrid versions of it'll be . more efficient going to pure electric. watch this space but what a great . looking concept car that is remaster . it's bit of a sea of nothingness it . fooled but then they spark up the stand . by bringing that mustang on the bullitt . mustang there it is in green over there . and i wonder over here i'm not making it . too dizzy . is the production version of the bullitt . mustang which is coming to the uk on top . there it is. about that. [music]. always we have we ran one at evo it was . always a bigger car than you expected or . not a huge amount of space inside but it . brought a smile to the face and that's . all that you want from a car like this . and it was great value hope start is . volvo's new performance brand i'm going . to see its pulsar wiser personal they've . done we're gonna see more from in the . future but it's yeah they're really . going places but but i think they've got . the design hang on it's true to brand . and gilli obviously managing this brand . extremely well. it reminds me of what ratan tata did. with jaguar land rover they didn't . impose a sort of indian or chinese look . on but where they nurtured it they. recognized it for the swedish brand it . was and he actually enhanced it almost . sometimes takes a country outside the . place of manufacturer to realize what . you've got and yeah really good to see . volvo going places. i feel like i'm walking across a sort of . ikea store room and where i buy my . volvo's at the moment of this ball it's . gonna have a look at something a bit . more interesting over here that's the . stratus . here we are in the strut or stand and . this is their remake a car we actually . tested an evo many years ago it's based . on a ferrari 430 and they have any . intention to finally put it in . production they've got permission to do . 25 cars if you fancy one then you have . to give them a donor car plus five . hundred and fifty thousand euros and in . return you will get one of these cars . one of 25 being built those are taken a . few orders already the first car will be . with its customer this summer so about. june time looks absolutely spectacular . inside i'm gonna quickly open the door i . can't but i get told off to see the. carbon and bodywork all that carbon and . an inside i love the way they've . retained that you carry a helmet in the . door my old one bit more space inside . just a great thing and just with yes . rory f430 power quite special . beautifully done the carbon fibre . finishing just see strata . so they had it unfortunately left this . original stratus beside it and it just . shows how fantastic this design on petit . and those crazy doors same designer as. the contest which you can sort see all . over it work what i'd love to have pain . both the contest and the throttles but . there we go a new car new remake car . here five hundred fifty thousand euros . plus taxes plus donor car and twenty . five to be built and fiftieth . anniversary the morgan plus age there we . are little arrow squeezer it's just . still keeps going in the arrow gt here . what would always take a big stand in. geneva oh we surprised how many cars . they they sell from here and of course. the electric freeway of which we're yet . to see in particular and i'm surprised . it's taking this long i thought we'd see . it by now but not quite yet i only find . self on a very crowded bmw said so i . wrote her first the city rear seats have . now gone and the replace were followed . in roof . z4 roaster concept it's not bad looking . car is it either. [music]. thoroughly modern one of how close to a . production version that is but that . space it is had for a super art . said mechanicals huh . then i've always liked it bmw roadster . here's another car just one of those and . say this is the m8 a grantham coupe a. concept now bmw announced recently going. to do this and an eighth series is gonna . be a coupe a roadster verse and they're. gonna go racing battle them all with it. as well it's like a db 11 competitor one . end and then at the other end is this . this four-door monster power car they're . not talking about power train on this . car the moment but it's an aggressive . you've looked at bmw i think it really . plays to the aces of built on the design . and i'm it's a great that i can't wait. assist sort of hit production i . especially like it with a yellow light . french soil and french lights it just . set it on the truth . [music]. marcedes . the gt-r version we saw last year they . have their f1 car what i really want to . see is the project one which i have a . suspicion is not here is the new g wagon . the g63 boy look at that i am told this . car is transformed dynamically i've been. in it but the old one was was noticeable . by its dynamics everything loved . everything about the noise etc and it . was a bit of a giggle but it really had . all four dynamics it was it was wobbly . had no torsional stiffness washer at . this thing i'm pretty different even . though it looks very similar on the . outside is there big news of this year . so is the amg gt 60s all matters this is . basically a chimera rival gearbox it's . on the back of the engi
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