Getting an extra 140HP to my BRZ

You'd be surprised what a different fuel source can do for your car. Today, we take Miley to an e85 station and fill her up with nearly a fiull tank. This jumps my horsepower up by another 140...insane.
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Evans video:
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[music]. [music]. there's nothing more difficult than . flogging and trying to drive this brz . and i'm running like a motherfucker . [music]. but i want 91 to make about 207 you . wheel i know i'm reading a dead horse . when i say this sense well you guys . there's so many times but if you are new . to this channel or you haven't heard me . talk about this car in a while i'm 91 i . make about 270 and on e85 i make about . 420 i know that's a dramatic gap that's . this way this motor likes to work so the . way i sit right now i'm making like . almost a hundred more wheel so 50 . percent power than stock now i want a . car that only weighs about 2,700 pounds . that's a lot let's go in second gear . here i'll do my best to film as i drive. [music]. so the fastest thing but or a prc on . pump gas it's pretty quick i get a . million comments every single day about . this motorcycle we're not gonna talk . about today but tomorrow or the next day . or the next day we're gonna talk about . it the bikes coming back i promise . community this week we're gonna start . working on this and disassemble . everything and redo it i'm not gonna . speak too much on it right now but get a . good look boys because this car is not . gonna look the same later this week all . right i've been working on due to that i . need to figure out which one of the . dailies is faster they're like same . power weight ratio i flip i look like an . idiot. same power-to-weight ratio i just need . to know which one of my cars is faster . so teach you're sitting in the you're . gonna drive the jeep you're gonna eat me . alive from a dig i'm hoping do you . really think that that's gonna win in a . roll figured out if you guys want to see . the results of this video i'll link it. down below you can go watch evans video . of it i'm gonna be driving the srt we're . gonna do it dig and we're gonna do a . roll we're gonna beat him in both what a . dig in a poll yeah okay okay it's . sitting in the competitors i've never . satin in this i guess i have once or. twice but a lot of you who watch evans . channel always trying to hose me and say . that this car would beat the x5m i'll . give the most unbiased opinion i can . where do you turn this thing on is it . just push to start let's just push to. start this will be my unbiased review of . the srt8 versus the x5 m1 the visibility . is less but with the exhaust that he has. on here which is a pretty much just . straight pipe from the heads back i . think his sounds way cooler than my car . 100% i don't have any exhaust noise on . the outside them and i kind of wanted to . keep it that way . little touchy throttle it does sound . really good i'll give them that . suspension is so american and flaafy . wow a lot more pick up and go that's . just their throttle response but you . know what i mean. it sounds sound really good like it does . sound really good . [music]. well that was extremely interesting damn. boy i was pretty good that was pretty . good that second role we had kind of . like got yeah i was in the wrong gear in . from before and then i figured it out in . the second time i still think on the . highway i know i talk about it often but . i don't think we get really the point . across enough of how much cleaning an . organization it takes to keep this place . not looking like a hellhole although i'm . sure to most you it looks like that all . the time but for us to see it every day . to keep everything i mean this really . isn't organized at all it's it's an . organized mess is what it is . i got it i need help moving the big . things because i'm small and i don't . lift weights that being is very fucking . heavy i need it over there . so i actually need to get going because . earlier it was raining and it's a little . bit overcast which normally isn't an . issue in san diego but sometimes it is . but driving with our triple eight's and. any sort of damp weather or even wet . roads is not good and i really want to . get this car on e85 so we're gonna go . drive and do that feel some of the . differences because i miss it by frankly . and it's time okay so we are at like . almost a quarter tank that should be . enough to get us close 420 we're gonna . fill it up now and see how it does 85 is . only two dollars 98 e5 is better in . every way shape or form . the music is gonna get me copyrighted. can you please stop alright alright if . i've done let's get it going boys so . because we are on it flex fuel that . means that the e85 will mix with the 91 . so i can run 485 where i can run like . 1/4 tank 91 and then the rest 85 any . make sure doesn't matter . the tune that we have on it is designed . around learning the mixture and . essentially you know if we're running . 3/4 cat5 with so many one or probably . put like 390 horsepower out but if we're . mate for like full tank 8500 i meant . like 420 so we're not gonna make all of . it but we'll make a decent amount of . more power you are you okay there buddy . [music]. good dude oh that wasn't you know that . was that was hey . hey was that you. it was a time . presenter why is there a tesla behind us . waiting for me tj - oh oh okay okay it's . hazy in line right in the make it people . to not get gas what's up man how's it . going . i like you're too slow that moment when. evan shanks is it fucking making a meme . and it comes true so slim how's the nice . meme that was a good name . that's fast dude that's fast it just . pull like 6,000 rpms . it just goes yeah it puts you right in. the back here seat . it's scary driving with one hand doing . it. and transfer at first trying to trying . to go up first ii will do like . [music]. [music]. i had to early ship them first i said . that i like sakes i use your braking . traction dude yeah i broken that broken . first for sure it's been a while since. i've been on this fight and i know have . forgotten about it i know honey think . i've forgotten about it i gave up on it . but i have it but this bike needs a . really good maintenance and a good wash . through and run down to make sure . everything is still good honest it's . been sitting for a while . i think tomorrow we're gonna work on it . all right i have a family dinner to . catch tonight somebody gotta head out a . little bit early for those who pay . really close attention to the videos you . are probably asking tj now that you're . only 85 how was the car reacting with. the crankshaft positioning sensor . because at the end of the day that was . kind of like the real test right when i . had a lot of issues with you know the . tach flipping out and driving weird and . every time the crankshaft was hitting it . was only when i was running full d85 so . far so good and i'm feeling weird the . car runs fine it's rubbing out perfectly . i'll probably need to drive to a whole . entire tank to like be a hundred percent . certain but now that we found that right . broken holder and replaced it we should . be good to go it should be ready it was . really good to be back in this car . [music]. [music]. are you tired. whoa you're pleased with the place . [music]. .
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