Gutted Tesla TROLLS the Streets!

We ran into the Tesla Racing Channel guy piloting this Tesla P100D on the street...and it was glorious! Are the electric cars finally taking over our bald eagles?! Hopefully not..but this Tesla P100D might have you thinking otherwise. With nothing more than a gutted interior, and some lightweight seats, this economy-electric car shocked EVERYBODY when it wen’t undefeated against some badass drag cars! It’s AWD, and insta-torque make for a KILLER street combo, especially when the roads aren’t too great..can’t wait to see what the future holds for this Tesla!
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Caption: Who in the right mind street race is a . pepper only the guys that want to gut it . and go fast with nothing we know how to . work on what model is it it's a few 100 . d2 cur keys in the front no back seats . no trunk no crow how much does it weigh . stock about forty nine sixty forty nine . diet will help me in it that's heavy . yeah it's up to you how much of the way . now gutted. we haven't weighed it it probably weighs . about 44 or 45 underwrite now how much . power do they actually make i want to . say right at like if you were to like be. able to test it up say 760 horsepower so . if you were to be able to dine away yeah . it's good from a dig and it's p180 so . it's all-wheel drive . yeah stock motor stock battery no . murders no extreme cooling system or . nothing on it well is there anything . else you can do doesn't like do like . ludicrous or some we know god turned off . the amps we just haven't gone that route . yet this thing gets down the street . pretty good it does pretty good bad . roads in my favor you know sadly enough . but it's quick it's got a front motor . wow the battery is a lot smaller than i . thought. yeah good everybody thinks like that's . the better you talk about way in 2005 . are you sure you want to push the limits . this will cause acceleration where the . motor good well you want your mommy or . not oh no i want my mommy . ha ha ha ha why don't we test we put . something like this but you know i got a . breakdown and then it's a donkey let . builders do this nice this is the . charger here . yeah battery is the battery under the . drafter speech okay . just looking weird. fuck you gotta be ready for that bitch . and then there's that. [music]. jesus christ. wow how this is laughing that's just . retarded yeah let up a little early . enough leave the battery at home i like . the instant launched isn't to creates . really quite a light pole you're just it . has a pretty good 3:30 clock . that's sweet . [music]. [music]. oh they're 91% yeah we don't need the . charge we just need those on the front . we had 100 when you pulled down here no . i was about 90 for a ruler we just blew . it last quarter one yeah it's only blows . about 2% of eighth mile but i just i . don't need more batteries i just want to . make sure it's kind of a big deal the . realism yeah first pass good second pass . in fact i'll be back here to live . [music]. [music]. [music]. no good way damn put me in this line . right here i'll bet whatever you are . that we're definite anti 20000 whatever . you'll to play up cuz i'll run i shall . come up hey you my new door was goddamn . water down there that's why you poop . with all right there i'm right i flipped . that way into the sun i got them always . right fucking deal and i got there . tonight baby you got nerve i guess she's . got the modified bad roasted i'm stock . motor stock battery what do you got i . got a botox you're complaining what a . damn stock a scar yeah . oh damn stark a scarlet you knew this . road was wet oh no no i'm a goddamn clue . i would have run out to a mother-in-law . from this wash my hair of my head . you think you knew that she that's wise . you on your calorie a take money and . don't run it back drop well i drive a . hard on the office so you could good . away thirty two hundred more dollars all . right i never miss come on building with . three thousand dollars to do she 3200 oh . i'm feeling good y'all good . oh . you. [applause]. yeah he said he'd rather go home getting . drugged on both lanes and after one race . oh well he got his butter flames on oh . fucking crazy . i'm glad the tussle is out in front for . that holy shit . in van anthro it's a bad road for tesla . [music]. [music]. good save damn. who didn't have enough jesus . [music]. home of the truth can the all-wheel . drive take down their undefeated tesla . [music]. [applause]. sounds good. that's the one guys gonna hook all the . way oh i get this hawk shit if you lose . i'm okay with your stuff yeah it's a . godzilla mating call . oh yeah definitely gotta buy two or . three missing if the gtr hadn't left you . would have been good doesn't like that . even do you think i'll spin man maybe is . slant i think if you were to launch . together i've been a good ass cuz you're . pulling on i think right i mean daedrea . mark i think i'll just sit there and let . it looks like for a quarter out the. window. who's ready to get a nut off before he . let me watch it listen ha ha i'm gonna . pop my tesla cherry and kerr keys here . we go drink man man got cup holder those . shit oh my yes it's very tight we got . two mounted oh i was told that just . those are comfortable stock yes so weird . rolling around it's like your cars just . coasting yeah and then this thing you . know it's like it breaks it stuff like . i'm just letting off the ball rear and . no bright charging the car a little bit . just the same some breaks it does for . you. all you hear is a little electrical line. and rocks fly around all that to do get . a lot of rocks i mean dude if you hold . your hand out coming back from this road . though there's a lot of junk on the trip . yeah what are you watching from oh boy. i'm gonna hold it the camera is gonna . move there goes a helmet on right on . good where's it's on the back there goes . the helmet i forgot the hold on soon . look that's just up like usually here . brah many of and i'll give you a little . sound good to get off oh my god . this one that shit putting a man a daily . driver thought is not this one but yeah . oh yeah i don't know how to describe . that it's just weird . yeah that's your dad did you have an . older one before was that someone else . ahead of the track no that's us okay got . a few of them this is just the one we . decided to pull all the laid out bond . into the base model what may need to get . into tesla reason oh you know dad's had . cars back in the 80s that were like in . the fours and whatnot and he kind of got . out of that because he was younger and . then they came out with a p85d and he . was like i want something i don't have . to work out you know part of working on . stuff and yeah now it's evolved into . this crazy yesterday yes and so what can . you do to the power batteries whatever . to make them quicker you understand that . you can there's a guy named jason that . uh if you want to go that route turn the . amps up which i don't know how much the . battery can hold because it had reached . a limiting factor but you can put a. couple hundred and ramps to it to the . 8-mile probably without hurting anything . man we haven't gone that route yet it's . it's still stock . [music]. .

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