Hemi Gasser vs. Hemi Super Bee! – Roadkill Ep. 70

On this episode of Roadkill powered by Dodge, it’s the return of two popular, Mopar Hemi-powered Roadkill project cars: Mike Finnegan’s “Blasphemi” 1955 Chevy Gasser and David Freiburger’s “Rumble Bee” 1970 Dodge Super Bee. This time the guys are headed to the annual Roadkill Nights event powered by Dodge, in Pontiac, Michigan, with legal street drag racing on Woodward Avenue. Having lost to Gas Monkey Garage in 2015 and then handing a win to Mike Musto in 2016, the Roadkill crew knew that the surefire way to win in 2017 was to race one Roadkill car against another… but of course it’s never that easy. Follow along with a slew of victories and defeats in cars that are very important to the hosts. Blasphemi is Finnegan’s favorite car ever and its supercharged, 535ci Hemi takes a real beating in the episode. Freiburger’s Super Bee has been with him for 35 years, yet in this case he’s compelled to blast it with nitrous through its 484ci Hemi for the first time. Need a history lesson? Blasphemi has been in Roadkill Episodes 8, 29, 30, and 47. The Rumble Bee was in Roadkill 19 and 25.
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720­-303G - Mr Gasket Intake Manifold Gaskets Performance Material
599­-PS­-3001 - K&N Pro Series Canister Oil Filter Height: 5.719"
249­-829­-16 - COMP Cams Endure-X Solid/Mechanical Roller Lifter Set Chrysler 383-440 & 426 Hemi Diameter: 904"
027­-11101 - Aeromotive A1000 Fuel Pump -10AN O-Ring Inlet and Outlet Ports
350­-76506 - Edelbrock Flow Test Tool Includes: 2-1/2" Fuel Pressure Gauge
672­-30551 - Mickey Thompson ET Drag Slick 28.0" x 10.5W" - 15"
739­-R5671A­-10 - NGK Spark Plugs Racing Non-Resistor Spark Plug 14mm x 3/4" Reach
720­-311G - Mr Gasket Intake Manifold Gaskets Performance Material
720-374 - Mr Gasket Valve Cover Gaskets 1964-71 426 Hemi
113­-8054 - The Blower Shop Billet 8mm Pulley Tooth Count: 54
113­-8063 - The Blower Shop Billet 8mm Pulley Tooth Count: 63
375­-1104 - Fel-Pro Steel Wire Ring Head Gasket 426 Hemi
672­-1572 - Mickey Thompson Sportsman Front Tire 26" x 7.5" - 15" LT
147­-B3121 - Braille Battery Advanced AGM Lightweight Racing Battery 21 lbs
836­-CSPGM85 - Richmond Gear Cross Pin GM 10 Bolt
555­-62902 - JEGS Performance Products Mini Spool GM 10-Bolt 8.5"
927­-96­-512212 - Weld Racing Sport Forged ProStar Wheel 5 Lug 6.5 RS
375­-1104 - Fel-Pro Steel Wire Ring Head Gasket 426 Hemi
671-­63004 - McGard Chrome Racing Style 1.365" Shank Lug Nut 1/2" -20 Thread Size
741­-13760­-36 - NOS Flare Jet .036
741­-13760­-38 - NOS Flare Jet .038
741­-13760­-34 - NOS Flare Jets .034
741­-13731 - NOS Big Shot Jet Pack 190/225/275/300HP
741­-13760­-40 - NOS Flare Jet .040
672­-3065 - Mickey Thompson ET Drag Slick 29.5" x 13.5" - 15"
522­-17710QTP - Hoosier Quick Time Pro D.O.T. Tire 29.0" x 14.50" - 15" LT
122­-TS709 - QA1 Single Adjustable Stocker Star Rear Shock for 1963-1972 Chevy C-10
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Caption: - this time on roadkill, it's. a nitrous on my super bee. - yeah, and we're rebuilding. the hemi in blasphemi. - [both] over and over and over again. - and we're both racing. to win at roadkill nights. (engine roars). (engine starts). (tires squeal). (rock music). (slamming noise). - [david] this is going to be the. freiburger vs finnegan all hemi showdown. that's because we both. own cars that are powered. by the legendary mopar 426 hemi,. but mine is a 484, and. his is 535 cubic inches. my car is a 1970 dodge super bee. that i've owned since i was 15 years old. in addition to that all iron hemi,. i've got a gearstar 727 transmission,. a gear vendor's overdrive, and 373's. in the dana 60 from strange outback. and the car weighs about 4,000 pounds. that means i probably don't stand a chance. against blasphemi, which is. finnegan's gasser '55 chevy. with that 535 supercharged efi hemi. it's got an american powertrain t56 in it,. and 430 gears out back, and that car. only weighs about 3,100 pounds. so, essentially, i stand no chance, right . well, that's what we're here to find out,. because i'm going to stuff my car. with nitrous for the first time. after we test both of. our cars at the track,. we're going to be heading. to our biggest event,. roadkill nights in pontiac,. michigan, powered by dodge. this is the deal where we. shut down woodward avenue. for street racing, and finnegan. and i are going to go head's up. (laid back rock featuring bass). - so we're here at milan dragway,. ready to do our test shots. before roadkill nights. where we're go race each other,. the '55 with the hemi in it versus. the super bee with the hemi in it. both of us are really stoked on this,. and we actually prepared. we've both been working on our cars. but, we both went to. load them on the trailer,. mine developed a misfire. problem that comes and goes,. and his apparently has a. bunch of water in the oil. - it's probably puked a head gasket,. and has filled the engine full of water,. and made chocolate milk. - and so this has already gone roadkill,. and we haven't even been. out on the track yet. but, i think i'm going. to take that bullet. i'm going to go first, and find. out just how bad my car is,. so we can decide what we're. going to work on first. (laid back rock featuring bass). (engine growls). (engine revs). (tires squeal). (engine hums). - 11. 67 at 117. that's not a bad pass for that car. - my hope today is to get. into the tens on nitrous. that's never going to. happen naturally aspirated. (jazzy music). - [david] 11. 67 . - yeah, that looked pretty good. - [david] pretty much what's. expected, that's good. - i didn't hear anything. - [david] no, it ran fine. - [mike] cool. - [david] it's just slow. but the problem is, the. steering wheel is not straight,. and the tack stopped. working, so i was going. off the efi screen, and i. couldn't see the tack on it. - [mike] oh. - [david] (chuckling) so. i was just shifting blind. i think i'd like to go one more time,. just to make sure everything's good,. and then i'm okay going with my nitrous,. or helping you, or. whatever needs to happen. - nice. alright. (engine revs). (tires squeal). (dramatic music). (engine groans). - [mike] woo!. i believe that's the. quickest it's ever gone!. 11. 53 at the 118. this. isn't roadkill at all. two passes in a row, all the way. down the drag strip with no fire . wow. (upbeat rock music). - so i'm pretty stoked with that. that is the quickest this car has ever run. with this camshaft and. rear end combination. but the thing is, i shift into. third just before the lights. the car doesn't have enough gear in it,. it would like to have a 410 or something,. or maybe even a 456, and it's got a 373. but, when we put the nitrous on it,. that's going to solve that problem. and because i'm all excited to do that,. we're going to skip starting. to work on finnegan's car. we're going straight to. the nitrous right now,. because we'd be much better off. having my car broken and his. car broken at the same time. (upbeat rock music). - i had the whole car. actually set up for nitrous,. i've just never run it because the car. never really ran right. before, and i was worried. about putting nitrous on something. that had a misfiring problem. but now i've got that dialed. in with the new ignition box,. so i can finally use the stuff that's been. on the car for like four years. alright, now that we have the. nitrous actually functional,. we're ready to open the. bottle for the first time,. which i'll do with the engine running. to make sure the nitrous. solenoid doesn't leak. and then i'll be ready. to make a nitrous pass. (engine revs). (tires squeal). - [mike] alright. that will be his first nitrous hit. (engines roar). oh, that looks faster!. go baby, go!. okay, it is trucking. - [david] okay. goes a lot faster. 12:30 to one, all the way down the track. perfect!. (cheery folk music). - you just ran 10. 53 at a buck 28. - [david] quickest pass ever for the car. and i short shifted it. it was 12:30 to one the. whole way down the track. well, i achieved my goals. now the big question is, can we actually. get finnegan's car running . (electronic music). - there was a moment where i thought,. ah, we're going to be alright,. it was just a plug wire. not plugged in, but. then i drained the oil,. and we've drained out. probably eight or nine quarts. of brownish, milky-ish looking substance. so, i'm not convinced i haven't. lost a head gasket here. so. want to hear it make noise . - oh yeah. on all eight. (engine turns). (engine grumbles). - look. what we just saw was a whole. bunch of water spraying. out of the header collector,. and what that means,. is there's a bunch of water getting. into a cylinder somewhere. this is bad. - you want to pull the plugs. and see if we can spot. water on one of them . - [mike] sure. - ugh, this is agony of defeat. yeah. this day is over. so here's the question. we still have this drag strip rented for,. an hour and 20 minutes. if we start working on this,. we're going to blow all of that. should i try and make. another pass in my car,. then we start working on this thing. once the track is un-rented . - yeah, let's go be heroes in your car,. get some gear, and take. this apart tonight. (engine rumbles). - we've got race fuel in it. now, i put two more degrees. of timing in it, and on that last pass,. because we were having that. difficulty with the controller,. i had a little bit of a. progressive ramp on the nitrous,. now i've got none, so should. go a little bit quicker. (engine growls). (tires squeal). (engine rumbles). i am getting pumped up!. this thing is leaving hard on the nitrous. but unfortunately, it's. also spinning the tires. and slowing me down. i'm going to go back and mess. with the progressive nitrous. controller, and try to get. that right, because i am. on the edge of the quickest. pass this car has ever made. (engine thrums). (intense rock music). 10. 43 at 130! still going. the right direction!. 130 miles an hour, first time. i've got the super bee going 130. - mr. freiburger is having a good day. - i am stoked. awesome day for me. a lot of firsts. best et ever at 10. 43. fastest mile an hour ever at. 130, and my first wheel stand. both wheels about like this. so i am completely pumped,. except for the fact. that it is looking like, in fact,. there is a blown head gasket. or a cracked cylinder wall. on finnegan's car. and so, what we're going. to do, is come back here. first thing tomorrow. morning, and start sorting. through all that. we have three days now. to get his junk running,. and i don't think we're going. to run the super bee again. until that happens, or until we realize. that there's just no hope. (tools clanking). (electronic hum). well if there was any doubt yesterday. as to the problem with finnegan's hemi,. it was removed when we. woke up this morning,. drained the oil out of. it, and half the engine. was full of water. so we're going to tear the. whole thing apart right now,. and we're either going to. find a blown head gasket. or something far worse than that, so,. ripping it apart, starting now. (chill jazz music). - sure, this is one of my. favorite parts of the car,. even if. ray charles welded it with his. - [david] (giggles). are you good . - [mike] yeah. channeling my inner tony angelo. - [david] yeah. this is really bad, check it out. there's water and oil in the intake. not a good sign. lots of coolant in the lifter valley. (ratchet clicks). (clanking). - oh sh(censored). - what just happened,. did you drop something. down the engine . - i pulled the lifter and. the guts of it fell out. down the intake--. (david groans). it made it to the pan. - i can't believe we're. taking an oil pan off now. - 'cause the wheel is. still there, how did,. this is what happened, i lifted it up,. it got about this far,. and i heard it fall. how does it come out as i'm. lifting it up and go down . - it's a solid lifter!. why does it have moving parts . (groans). that just added four hours. i have never seen anything like that. (chill country music). (david groans). (trickling). - (laughing) i forgot about that!. - forgot to drain the valve. too late now. - you think so . - yeah. (pouring water). - [david] it's hitting the firewall. - [mike] i think if we get. the gasket to sit back down. - so, next step, we're going. to have to rotate the engine,. move the piston down,. and look in that cylinder. and see if there's a. crack in there or not. (engine sputters). - [mike] there it is. - oh no, really . - [mike] the crack. when you wipe the coolant. off, it just starts spraying. back in there. - [david] oh, man. (mike laughs). no doubt. the block has broken. (sighs). cherry picker . - yep. - i think the only chance you have. is find a machine shop that. can put a sleeve in that hole. that's extra bad. worst case scenario. has just been realized. - now we start calling people. that know machine shop

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