Here’s Everything Damaged on the Salvage “Pizza Car”

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Well guys, I had to modify this video a bit. Here we'll take a look at everything wrong with the "Pizza Car."
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The video you're about to watch now was . supposed to be uploaded the day before i . got slowed down a little bit by a . request to remove my original video now . the request cited that i improperly . obtained the pizza car that i am also . showing a trademark i believe being a . logo in my previous video now that must . mean that every other video on youtube . showing a pizza box or a logo especially . all the food reviews criticizing a . product are also violating the same . thing i don't think that's the case i . think everything we're talking about . here is covered under fair use however . this is where i need your help please . make sure you like this video you . comment down below you subscribe to the . channel if you haven't already and also . if you can share the video with a friend . make sure you go back if you didn't like . the previous video or comment you go . back and do that i'll put a link to it . right above the more you interact with . these videos the more they get noticed . and i just want this to be a positive . project i think a lot of you guys wanted . to see this car being rebuilt i was . really excited about it and the plans . for that might be getting put on hold if . they're gonna decide to take these. videos down so right now that's all i'm . asking you guys is to help promote this . video the best you can by interacting . with it as you're watching the video . definitely drop a comment tell me what . you guys think about this rebuild . project i appreciate it and i hope you . enjoy this video the customers have been . really excited to get their pizzas in it . the car was built and designed to . deliver pizzas the customers have seemed . to really love it this one this one gets . a special driver we want to make sure . he's driving safe and representing the . company well so there's a specific . driver the driver. i really hope that that special delivery . driver is doing well after the accident . that occurred here that delivery driver . wasn't wearing their seatbelt and i'm . gonna tell you how i know in a few . minutes guys i'm sam crack this is the . car and today we're gonna take an. in-depth look at what's actually broken . here what needs to be replaced i'm gonna . talk about why i bought the chevy spark . and why i still intend to tear it down. even though this flooded spark as you've . seen in a previous video pretty much . works like 95% first let's hop on the . computer i want to show you the same . images that i saw before i decided to . bid on this car point out a few very . important things and then we're gonna go . right in here i'm gonna show you how bad . this really is and there's quite a bit . of stuff in here that needs repairing so . here's our listing for the 2015 chevy. spark aka the car and the first thing i. want to tell you i always look at this . first i know that that picture you want . to look at the pictures first . you always gotta look at the document . type and i've been getting a lot of . emails especially after buying the . flooded chevy spark everybody wants to. buy a flood car and big thing that . they're missing is just checking out the . document type here so this is an indiana . certificate of title and it's a salvage . title and that sounds bad right but it's . actually a good thing you see with a lot . of the flood cars and we're gonna talk. more about this in a moment they're . being branded as parts only or a non . repairable title something called maybe . a certificate of destruction there's a . lot of different document types so it's . imperative you know because if this is . rp car said junk or scrap only or . something like this as much as it's fun . and it's cool to me it's just not really . worth the headache and a big thing . you'll notice is you'll see a lot of. ford fiestas a lot of chevy sparks a lot. of small economy cars being totaled out. that's because these cars are so . inexpensive and the resale value on them . is even less that just a little bit of . damage will total them out now on this . first picture here i want you to take . note of this bar that's completely bent . up we're gonna go and look at it in . person in a few moments but see how bent . that is and that was a little concerning . when i first saw it then we see from . this angle. obviously the bent bar we see the . radiator and condenser here is also bent . in any time you see front end damage . it's my opinion that you want to get a . quote on radiator condenser if it's a . turbocharged car also get a quote on . inner cooler or inner coolers because . chances are those are gonna have damage . and they're gonna need to be completely . replaced we do see that the headlight . here is intact but that's not always the . case when you get the car these . headlights are made of plastic as you're . gonna see in the engine bay this car . anything that's plastic tends to either . shatter crack break bend and needs to be . replaced i've seen headlights that are . still mounted on cars when you receive . them and the backside of the headlight . is completely in pieces so when we . continue looking we see the side is . pretty excellent especially the side . with the warming oven the other side . here is pretty good obviously a little . bit of damage on the fender now here's . another big thing to notice two airbags . have been deployed and this is another . reason they total especially smaller . cars these airbags are very expensive to . replace not only are the airbags . expensive to replace when you have an . accident involving airbags your seat . belts also will lock up and i'm gonna . physically show you on the car here in a. moment what i'm talking about as far as . the seat belt locking up but that . renders a seat belt useless and you . usually need to repair or replace those . it's another expense of the item this is . the picture that really determines is . this car worthy of being rebuilt or not . if we look here we see what is the frame . rail right here is the motor mount . that's mounting this engine to the frame . of the car so it obviously isn't moving . around while you're driving and then . mounted to this frame rail is the front . support it's called several different . names crash bar but that runs from here . over behind the bumper and then it . mounts in the same fashion over here on . this frame rail and in my opinion if . those are bent and especially if they're . kinked you can write this car off for . rebuilding it just isn't worth it and . you could even make the case especially . if it weren't this you know special car. for not rebuilding it just because the . parts value the car is likely gonna be . worth a little bit more than this car . rebuilt but anyway see this shot here . this frame rail is. straight it's not kinked over it's not . bent we don't really care about what's . in front of it because even if this . front support gets bent that is a part . that bolts off and it's a part that you . buy separately and it's not going to . affect the rebuild when you're going to . be obviously replacing it when i saw . that it gave me the green light to go . ahead and bid on the car so let's take a . look at this last photo before we go . outside and dig deeper into the car to . see all the different things that are . damaged this photo gave me an idea of . how much it would cost if i bought this . car and just bought all the parts it . would need to rebuild it and that's . buying parts not buying another car if . you just look real quickly we got a hood . we got fenders on both sides a front . bumper front grills front fog grilles . we've got this core support or front . support that i was telling you about the . radiator we have the condenser and then . we also have the headlights when you. replace a radiator and condenser you . need to add coolant you need to add a. vacuum and a new a/c recharge if you do . your own work on cars you know exactly . what i'm saying if not it's okay because . you'll understand once we're done with . this rebuild how much money these parts . can add up to and why in certain cases . like this chevy spark it's just way more . advantageous to go ahead and buy another . car like i did rough calculation for. just the parts that i listed was right . around $2,000 that's right 2,000 bucks . and that's just this visual stuff that . you can see right here a hood fender . bumper grilles all the stuff that we . just talked about and that's why i . bought this another 2015 chevy spark . same trim level as the r except it's of . course just a chevy spark so there's . nothing too interesting about it except . for the fact that it was a flood car i . didn't anticipate most of the. electronics and the drivetrain to work . but they do so it drives and it works. and it does both of those things very . well i'd say about 95% of the stuff in . this car still works now if you've seen . any of my past videos you know i'm not a . big fan of flood cars and a lot of . people have said well hey sam you hit . the jackpot that car had a low waterline . why didn't you clean it up why . you sell just go get another cheap spark . see i only paid $1500 all-in that's with . all the auction fees me going to pick it . up locally renting a trailer and . everything right around $59 to buy this . car but there's one major issue i . haven't disclosed and that's the fact. that it has one of these problem titles . we mentioned earlier the first thing you. need to look at now i knew this when i . bought it and i like to buy these . problem title cars only when you need a . parts car so even though i lucked out . and this car works really well it just . gives me the opportunity to resell all . the parts i won't be using now let me . get you guys a close up underneath the . hood of the dxp car so you can see . exactly what we're working with and why . that $2,000 rough parts estimate is . actually way more than that so here we . are we're looking at where
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