Here’s What a $180,000 Porsche Was Like In 1994

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The Porsche 928 GTS cost $88,000 in 1994 -- the equivalent of $180,000 in today's money. I'm reviewing the Porsche 928 GTS to show you what you got for your money.
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This is a 1994 porsche 928 gts you may . know a little about the 928 maybe your . uncle had one or some guy down the . street from you has one or you owned one . yourself back in the 90s but not that . many people know this . the 928 gts the ultimate final iteration . of the 928 this one sold new back in . 1994 for eighty eight thousand dollars . which is equivalent to one hundred and . eighty thousand dollars in today's money . today i'm going to take you on a . comprehensive tour of the 928 using this . one this ninety-four 928 gts i'm going . to show you all this cars weirdnesses . and corks and cool features there are . many i'm going to start by giving you a. thorough tour of all the weird corks and . features of this 928 gts which by the . way comes to me from platinum motorcars . an exotic car dealer here in the lovely . detroit area whose inventory is so wild . and vast and varied going in there is . like a cars and coffee then i'm going to . take it out on the road and see how it . drives but first an overview . the 928 was sold from 1977 to 1995 . nearly 20 years with the same basic . design it's a front engine v8 unlike . every other porsche sports car and it . was originally intended to replace the . 911 but it never did more on that at the . end of the video this 928 is an odd car . a weird hodgepodge of 70s and 80s and . 90s and this gts is the ultimate version . it was sold for only three years at the . very end of the 928 run and it had . horsepower which is still a lot today . and was really a lot back then . if the 928 ever becomes collectible this. is the one that will shoot up in value . okay time for the courts and features . starting with the front and one of the . 928 s most famous design trades its . headlights now pop-up headlights were. not uncommon on cars from this era but . most other pop up cars concealed their . headlights when they were down in this . car the headlights were always visible . but when you turn them on they did . indeed pop up it comes like a frog when . the headlights were off it was so . strange and when you put them away they . work and feel they just sort of rested . in speaking of lighting let's discuss . the key for a minute this car than a. keyless entry or any of that newfangled . stuff but it does have one little trick . there's a giant button on the key and . when you push it it becomes the world's . dumbest flashlight next up let's discuss . possibly my favorite cork on this entire . car that would be the 928 crazy rear . window you're looking at this rear of . three quarters we know back here is one . of the strangest i've ever seen on any. car this oddly shaped rhombus that . starts upright and somehow finishes flat . in various different angles throughout . this window has to be one of the . strangest things to make and i strongly . suspect it isn't cheap to buy now if you. order 928 you probably living in fear . that someone's going to break your rear . 3/4 window next let's talk about the . field door it opens up just like a . normal fuel door and inside there is a . fuel cap with a lock on it which was . common cars that came out of the 70s due . to the gas crisis what's less common is . the little flap between them on it it . says oil ok a little reminder to check . your oil oil ok and since we're around . back let's discuss the rear wiper which . is a rather large piece so large in fact . that the wiper arm connects to the. tailgate in two separate places i don't . think at all are there two separate . wiper arms no no the two separate places. they eventually . and connect into one and i kind of need . this complexity you can only get from a . porsche another interesting quirk about . this car always was the sunroof which . has had the smallest opening of any . sunroof from the entire car industry it. only opens up about 7 inches which makes . me wonder why they even bothered with . the suttons at all now a lot of cars . have storage in the door panel usually . it's just some of your throw stuff and . sometimes it has a lid and this content . always does have a lid but it has a . little latch you have to push in order . to get it open you push the latch and . only then can you access the door . storage the craziest thing about this is . when it's closed and where you haven't . unlatched it you can still put stuff in . there which kind of rendered the whole. latch system moot i bet if you ask . porsche engineers they would say yes. this is the most brilliant solution all . cars should have it the rest of us just . think it's kind of weird and needlessly . complicated the 9 20th door panel had . some other weirdnesses too like for . example the door panel mounted . air-conditioning vents and the sideways . seat memory control button but the . strangest thing by far was the door lock . circle thing that would be this now this . car has central locking so you could . automatically lock and unlock the doors. but if you wanted to unlock or like an . individual door you didn't just pull up. on the door lock instead you twisted. this circle which is actually rather . hard to twist no idea why this happened . but it happened once you get inside the . car you start to notice a few of the . other interesting quirks like for . example the transmission selector now in . some cars when you shift into gear the . gear you're in lights up porsche decided . they develop their own solution there's . a little triangle coming off the . transmission selector that points to. whatever year that you're in it's a. rather novel solution to an interesting. problem next up we have to discuss the . button that gets you into the trunk . which is probably my favorite piece of . switch gear inside this cause a latch or . a lever anywhere in here instead . it's this weird rubber button down the . floor and you don't push it you pull it . up and now the trunk is open another . interesting quirk of the 928 there's not . that much storage space inside the cabin . unless you count the trick. over-engineered or pocket so you get to . the center console in your thinking yes . i suddenly have somewhere to put stuff . they should be open it up and oh no . there is just not any space in there . could probably hold a credit card maybe . let's talk about the central locking . button this interior is a weird . hodgepodge of shapes and colours and . sizes as things were added throughout . this cars 20-year production run the . lock button. a great example it is bright red it's . backlit and has a picture of the key on . it everything else is black but this . particular button is a red when you push . it it's lit when the doors are locked . and unlit when the doors are unlocked. another strange switch in this car is . one that controls the windshield wipers . not the one that turns them on and off . that's just a stock coming out of . steering column like in a normal car . instead it's the one that changes the . speed of the intermittent wipers it's. actually a little dial hidden at the. base of the instrument panel behind the . steering wheel and it's rather strange . next up we have to talk about these . little buttons over here the first one . makes sense it controls the headlights. twist it and they go on the next one . controls the fog lights the third one is . completely unrelated to the headlights . in fact it's the odometer viewing button . hold it down and rows the trip odometer . this has to be the single largest . odometer zeroing button in world history. it's bigger than the button for the door . locks also unusual this car doesn't have . some fancy electronic screen in the . gauge cluster like most modern cars but . it does have a few functions for example . if you pull a little lever to the left . of the steering wheel the entire car . turns metric with the temperature. reading in celsius pull the lever again. in the entire car turns back to miles . and the temperature rating is back to. fahrenheit one little dial to change to. an entire measurement system and unit of . temperature but if you want to access . the pocket on the door you have to pull . a little switch before you're allowed to . lift the lid next up let's talk about . the back seat now porsche intended for . this car to be a grand tour a practical . car you could use to take the whole. family and see the world evidenced by . the fact that they actually put some . stuff back there for example there is a . sun visor for the rear have you ever . seen that in any car before the rear . passengers have a sun visor. the other interesting thing the back . seat says there are four climate . controls for rear seat passengers. there's only six up front and yet in . spite all that thought towards the rear . the back seats are actually really hard . to get into as i shall now demonstrate . oh well i'm glad they included for . air-conditioning vents and these sun . visors because i could really use some. extra comfort now before i move on from . the back seat i want to touch on that . sun visor one more time i've moved the . front seat all the way forward so i can . be comfortable back here i'm gonna go to . put down the sun visor and hello i now . no longer think that this is a sun visor . for the backseat passengers instead i . think it's a wall so the front seat . passengers can block out the backseat . passengers and probably also the sun but . while the rear seats aren't big enough . for any normal-sized person they do have . one benefit this car supposed to be more . practical than a 911 and indeed there's . a little bit more rear seat room but . also there's more room in the back these . seats fold down and then you have this . entire cargo area to do with what you . want which you didn't have in the 911 of . course because it was we are intimate so . now you know all about the 928 you know . all about its weird quirks and features . which are surprisingly plentiful for a . porsche since they're usually so . 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