Here’s Why the 2018 Aston Martin Vanquish S Costs $350,000

This 2018 Aston Martin Vanquish S Volante has a $350,000 sticker price, making it one of the most expensive cars I've reviewed. But what do you get when you pay $350,000 for a car? I'm reviewing this 2018 Aston Martin Vanquish S Volante to show you all its cool features -- and its driving experience.
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This is a 2018 aston martin vanquish s . volante painted in divine red it is one . of the most beautiful cars on sale today . but also one of the most expensive this . one has a sticker price of three hundred . and fifty seven thousand nine hundred . and sixty one dollars making it the most . expensive aston martin on sale today and . the most expensive new car i've ever . tested today i'm going to show you why . this thing costs as much as a house i've . borrowed this vanquish from exclusive . automotive group which is aston martin . of washington dc the aston dealer here . in northern virginia the same one that . sold me my v8 vantage with my famous . bumper-to-bumper unlimited mile warranty . today i'm going to show you all of its . cool quirks and unusual features and. then i'm going to get it out on the road . which is a thrill and then i'm going to . give it a dug score and to read more of . my thoughts on the vanquish volante. click the link below to go to . autotrader. com slash oversteer where . i've also written a story about the . other most beautiful cars on sale today . according to me that are currently . listed for sale on auto trader . i'll start with the obvious stuff the . vanquish volante uses a 580 horsepower. 5. 9 liter v12 made it to an 8-speed. automatic transmission and we will dry . now the base price of this car is three . hundred and five thousand six hundred . and fifty dollars meaning that this one . has fifty-two thousand dollars in . options that v8 vantage i mentioned . earlier the one that i got with the. bumper-to-bumper unlimited mile warranty . yeah i paid less for that aston martin . than the price of the options on this . one here are a few of my favorite . vanquish volante options first off we . have to start with i think you would . agree that ventilated front seats which . cost one thousand five hundred and . ninety five dollars for ventilated front . seats this is the same price as a . craigslist miata next up how about the . internal shadow pack also one thousand . five hundred ninety five dollars no idea . what that is but it sounds kind of cool . and then the glass key i'll get to that . in a moment that is seven hundred and . ninety five dollars . this car has carbon fiber shift panels . that's $3,200 and then there's an . umbrella that comes with the car it's in . the trunk it's two hundred and ninety . five dollars for an umbrella of course . they're also a couple of other really . expensive options for example the carbon . exterior package is ninety nine hundred . dollars the philo graff quilting . i'll get to that in a minute and the . full-length carbon trim in the front . that's $2,300 oh in these wheels these . 20-inch ten spoke gloss black wheels . seventy three hundred dollars for set of . wheels and don't scratch them now i'm . gonna start this under the hood and . first take a moment to gaze at the glory . of an aston martin six litre v12 except . wait a minute earlier i said it was a . 5. 9 liter v12 so am i wrong or are they . wrong they are. it's a 5. 9 liter of v12 i guess aston. martin is rounding up and while they're. doing that . six is basically ten so really you're . looking at a ten liter v12 now another . interesting thing you'll notice is just . how far back the engine is set under the . hood it's basically behind the front. wheels in the middle of the car almost . for weight distribution purposes another . interesting thing under the hood aston . martin places a plaque under the hood of . all its cars next to the engine that . gives the name of the person who gave . the engine its final in . spec ssin so thank you victoria bercy's . it sings another thing i love under . third of these warning labels here that . tell you that if you're working under . the hood you might get hit by a hook . only they had given these warning labels . to the kids and i know what you did last . summer next i'm moving on to the . interior and one of most distinctive . things about the vanquish that would be . its key situation now this car doesn't. have a traditional ignition switch like . some cars and it doesn't have a push . button like a lot of other cars instead . to start this car you insert the key . into the center control stack on the . aston martin logo you push the aston . martin logo down with the key and that . starts the car now if that isn't unusual . enough here's something else that's . crazy this car has a glass key it costs . seven hundred and ninety five dollars . and it has the aston martin logo on the . base so when you insert the key into the . center controls when you push the aston . martin will go down with the glass key . it shows the aston martin logo after the . car is started in glass and it almost . makes it seem like the key is hidden in . the centre control stack it's really . really cool now you might think a glass . key that costs seven hundred and ninety . five dollars that's the most interesting . thing about the key situation but it . isn't check this out the glass key . doesn't have a little hoop for you to . insert it on to your keyring in order to . put your glass aston martin key on your . key ring you have to buy a separate . leather pouch from aston martin that you . can hook on to your keyring but then . that presents a problem because if it's . in the leather pouch how do you insert. it into the centre control stack to . start the car well every time you get in . your vanquish'd if your glass key you . have to remove it from the leather pouch . and then you can insert it into the. centre control stack this is one of the . most bizarre things in any car but it is . kind of cool in that glass key is . gorgeous and this strange process of . taking the key out of the leather pouch . well that's just the price you pay for . beauty next up something you may have . already noticed as i talked about the . keys this car doesn't have a traditional . transmission selector here in the middle . and although it has paddle shifters you . don't use them to get it into gear . instead after you've started this car . you use buttons on the centre control . stack next to where you insert the key . in order to put it into park reverse . neutral and drive a little lights light . up when you're in each gear it's . very unusual situation but it's one that . aston martin is actually been using for . quite a while . next up discussing these center controls . themselves i really really like the . center controls in this car i really . like these circular buttons to control . the climate control the radio volume and . to change the radio station they're all . really nice they feel really good . they're nice to press but the best . buttons in the center controls by far. are the glass buttons below the climate . controls they change various functions . in the climate controls and you can also . use them to turn on the heated or . ventilated seats and there's another set. of glass buttons down below those . although the turning button is actually . wrong these aren't buttons instead. they're just glass screens with various . functions and when you push them it . gives a little vibration so that you . know that it got your command i really . like touching them it's fun to drive . down the road and press them now below . the glass panels there are four . traditional buttons it's just the hazard. lights the parking sensors turning off . traction control and then of course my . favorite one on the left with a . checkered flag that would be the launch . control button now beyond the buttons . themselves the infotainment system in . this car has a couple of weird quirks . and features as they often do in . high-end luxury cars with a lot of . features packed into the infotainment . systems for example and this particular . car the infotainment system actually . shows the movement of the radio button . as you move it so you move it down below . and it shows you move it up above which . is a little bit odd now when you go into . the vehicle settings what are the . interesting things i've discovered is . the power meter it gives you a little . disclaimer saying track use only but . once you get past that and completely . ignore it it shows you exactly how much . power and torque you're making in any. given moment it's actually kind of cool . who knew you only needed like 40 . horsepower to make a right turn you can . have it on while you're driving and see . how much power you're making at any . given moment while you drive down the . street another thing i like this car has . a digital speedometer in the gauge . cluster as a lot of sports cars do and . using the infotainment system you can . switch whether the digital speedometer. is on the right or on the left right . left right left i don't know why that's . available or why i'd really want to . change it but it's one of the . configurable things in this car and so. by the way is the background for the . infotainment system you want sand well . you can have it of course next up we . absolutely have to talk about these . stitching in this car or as aston martin . calls it the philo graph quilting which . is a three thousand seven hundred and . $ . chenna call it what you want it is . awesome i dare say it might be worth . that option price it looks like a spider . web it's so cool it's in the door panels . it's on the seats it's in the back seats. something coolest stitching i've seen in . a car forget about symmetry this is just . awesome next up let's talk about the . back seats yes this car has back seats. they're miniscule and yes i will try to . climb into the minim omen first i want . to talk about the roll bar yes there is . a roll bar back here you can't see it. just like you can't see it on most . convertibles but like in most . convertibles that's because it's hidden . and it doesn't pop up until it to need . it if all four wheels leave the ground. if the car starts to detect a roll over . the r
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