Here’s Why the 2018 Kia Stinger GT Is Worth $50,000

The 2018 Kia Stinger GT is a high-performance luxury sedan from ... Kia? Today I've reviewed the Kia Stinger GT to find out if the Stinger GT is worth $50,000. My review also shows you all around the Kia Stinger GT.
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This is a 2018 kia stinger gt it's a 365 . horsepower rear-wheel drive or all-wheel . drive luxury performance sedan from kia . it costs over fifty thousand dollars for . a kia today i'm gonna find out if it's . worth it but first a little background . kia first came to the us market in 1995 . with a crappy little suv called the. sportage and a crappy little compact car . called the sofia at the time they were a . laughing stock but over the years . they've gotten better and better making . excellent stylish cars that people . actually want to buy to the point where . they now feel confident enough to put . out a rear-wheel drive sport sedan like. a bmw except it's a kia and yet on paper . it looks pretty good there's a base . model with a turbocharged 4-cylinder . that makes 255 horsepower it was pretty . strong but this is the one that. everybody's talking about the stinger gt . with a 365 horsepower twin turbo v6 and . rear or all-wheel drive and it doesn't. just look good on paper take a look at . this thing this is an attractive car . with handsome gorgeous lines and. excellent proportions this is a kia that . you don't buy because it's the best . value three row suv with a 10 year . 100,000 mile warranty this is a car you . buy because you want to and it's a kia . i've borrowed this stinger gt from kia . of cerritos here in the los angeles area . they have a few stingers and stinger gts . in their inventory you can check them . out if you click the link in the . description below now i'm truly excited . to check this thing out today and find . out if kia has now become a credible . player in the luxury sport sedan world. today i'm going to take you on a tour of . the stinger gt and i'm going to show you . all of its quirks and features and then . i'm gonna get it out on the road and see . how it drives and then i'm gonna give it . a dug score for now on to the quirks . i'm gonna start up front with the . headlights and specifically the running. lights like all cars that's what has led . running lights but take a look at them . they look aggressive and mean and . luxurious and definitely not like any of . the other kia's that you usually see. also in the headlights take a look at . the turn signals those look especially . cool it's like a fighter squadron of . blinking lights every time you put on . the turn signal that's one of the. coolest turn signal looks i've seen in a . car business and speaking of the turn . signals moving on to the mirror turn . signals it's not like in every other car . where it's just a little light on the . side that lights up instead there's a . little style to it it's sort of kinks on . the bottom and at the end there's a . little dot of light which is kind of . unusual maybe more unusual is the trim . on the outside of the mirror itself . it's like mirrored on the mirror it . actually ends up looking pretty good but . it isn't just body colored or standard . black like virtually every other car now. that mirror trim is also included on the. grille if you walk up to the front of . the car you can see it isn't just black . trim around the grille like every other . luxury car instead it's that same mirror. material from the mirror and personally. i think it looks pretty good also . interesting on the grille is the little . pad for the radar cruise control sensor . a lot of automakers have gotten pretty . good at integrating this pad into their . grilles and kia is apparently no . exception take a look at this it . actually keeps the same pattern from the . rest of the grille on to the pad itself . so you wouldn't necessarily know what . you were looking at unless you knew what . you were looking at next up while we're . still up front moving under the hood . you'll find there isn't anything . particularly unusual or surprising under. here except for one surprise that would . be the plastic engine cover it doesn't. say kia on it or its stinger gt instead . it says turbo in giant red print like. it's some sort of 80s car with turbo . down the side i guess they really want . to emphasize that this is a turbo next . up while i'm still on the exterior of . this car i gotta talk vince . now i recently reviewed the chevy ss and . i told you that all of the exterior . vents in the ss are fake well this car . has a lot of similarities with the ss . but fully fake vents is not one of them . there are some functional vents in this . car for example the vent in the front . bumper allows air to come through and . the vent directly behind the front . wheels also allows air to pass through . to improve the cars aerodynamics . so with that said there are a couple of . events on the outside of this car that . are there just for style for example . these hood vents are just plastic they . don't allow any air in or out they don't . do anything and same for the vents . behind the rear wheels and back . and speaking of interesting style in the . stinger gt one of the most unusual . design details is around back and that . would be this thing it's a reflector now . all cars are mandated by the federal . government to have a red reflector in . the rear somewhere in the side but. they're certainly not mandated to have . one that's like a foot long this thing . doesn't light up it doesn't turn on when . the turn signals on it's just there now . in a red car it's hidden pretty well and . it is sort of incorporated into the . color of the car but here's how it looks. on a non red stinger now this reflector . has caused some controversy the stinger . gt is generally agreed we've a pretty . attractive car but this reflector is the. one piece where no one's really sure why . they did it why they put a reflector . down the side that goes halfway into the . rear fender but it's there and speaking . of unusual red items in the design of . this car how about the brakes take a . close look those are brembo brakes just . like a sports car would have it but you . haven't seen that before on a kia also . interesting in terms of design in that . vicinity take a look at the wheels . specifically the middle it looks like a . center lock wheel like a 911 turbo or a . career of gt well obviously that's fake . it is kind of a cool look but the . interesting thing is under that little . fake center lock cap that isn't even . where the lug nuts are that fixed center . lap cap is part of a larger part that . has five spokes coming off of it you . pull that off and that will reveal the . lug nut so it's a fake center lock and . it's like a fake center cap but i will . say if you look at that wheel design as . a whole i think it looks really nice and . it looks really nice in context for this . entire car but let's go back a second i . just put up a picture of the center cap . with that e logo in the middle what's . that all about well in the korean market . the stinger has e badges all over . instead of kia badges to signify that . it's engineered for excellence i'm dead . serious. next i'm moving on to the back of the . stinger gt now in spite of that strange . reflector down the side the taillights . and brake lights in this car are pretty . normal. there's a light bar going across the . entire rear of the car but it isn't . functional when you turn on the . headlights and the taillights light up . or when you put on the brakes it doesn't . light up instead the brake lights and. tail lights light up over here just like . normal brake lights and tail lights . maybe the only interesting thing in the . lighting assembly back here is the turn . signals put on the turn signals in the. back you can see that they light up with . this little hexagon pattern in the . middle of them that is the same pattern . you will find on the front grille of the . car carried over into the back another. interesting thing in the back of the . stinger gt this car has quad exhausts . and yes they are functional quad . exhausts you can see that the tailpipes . actually come out through the little . holes on the bumper of the car which is . getting increasingly unusual in the. world of over styling and aggressive car . designs for those of you interested in . knowing how the stinger gt sounds when . it revs up well take a listen . [music]. also everything this particular model . has a little film applied over the . bumper so that when you're loading. something in and you accidentally hit . the bumper you won't ship or scratch . your paint on that film is printed the . word stinger and it's one of the only . times the word stinger actually appears . on this car it's also on the rear deck . lid itself and then not anywhere else in . fact it doesn't appear anywhere in the . interior which is surprising there are a . lot of kia badges on this car but not . many stinger badges now two other. interesting things about the stinger gt . on the outside before i move inside of . it one of those things is the key you . know what do you want to go and lock the . stinger gt you don't just push on the. button on a key fob instead the key is . arranged so that the lock looks like . you're detonating a bomb or an explosive . charge it is so cool. i really like it the other thing you can . do from the key is one of the stinger gt . is most interesting party tricks. that would be raise the tailgate that's . right even though this thing looks like . yesterday and even though this thing . will compete primarily with sedans like . bmw audi a4 it's actually a hatchback . like a panamera or an audi a7 and if you . take a look back here you'll be . surprised to find there's a decent . amount of room in this thing so it isn't . just a sport sedan it's sort of a sport . practical hatchback next up moving on. from the trunk area when you get inside . the stinger gt will notice a couple of . interesting quirks and features one of . which is as soon as you open the door . you'll notice that the door sill plates . they don't say anything on the ones in . the kia sorento say soren
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