Here’s Why the 2018 Lincoln Navigator is Worth $100,000

The 2018 Lincoln Navigator Black Label is a $100,000 Lincoln SUV. Here’s a tour of the first $100,000 Lincoln, and a review of the 2018 Navigator so you can see what you get when you spend $100,000 on a Lincoln Navigator.
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This is a 2018 lincoln navigator black . label and it costs not . an exaggeration in fact the sticker . price of this one was just over a . hundred and two thousand dollars with . shipping making this the first new . lincoln ever available for over a . hundred thousand dollars today i'm gonna . show you around this thing and find out . if it's worth it first a little history . the lincoln navigator first came out . twenty years ago this year back in 1998 . and at the time ford had no idea if it . would sell a ford expedition with . leather upholstery and some upgraded . trim being sold at a premium price which . at the time was $45,000 but it didn't . sell and the navigator was among the . first of the full-size luxury suvs ahead . of the cadillac escalade the mercedes . benz gl and the infiniti qx80 . unfortunately then lincoln kind of gave . up the last few navigator models have . been good but not great and even though . the navigator came out first in the . cadillac escalade it has sort of become . the darling of this segment until now . the navigator has been redesigned for . the 2018 model year and this is the . redesign 2018 navigator and it is a huge . step forward compared to its predecessor . today i'm gonna take you on a tour of . the new navigator i'm gonna show you all . of its quirks and cool features and you . can decide whether you think it's worth . a hundred thousand dollars for a lincoln . then i'm gonna get it out on the road . and drive it and then i'm gonna give it . a dug score and for more of my thoughts . on the new navigator click the link . below to visit autotrader. com slash . oversteer where i've also got a list of. the most unusual older lincoln models . currently listed for sale on auto trader . some in pristine condition with low. miles. now i'm going to start upfront and . specifically under the hood now this is . the navigator l which means it's the . long wheelbase version which means that . it weighs six thousand and thirty one . pounds it is massive and yet under the . hood this isn't a v8 . this thing's powered by a v6 and yet . let's do you think that this v6 isn't up . for the job of moving the navigator this . is a turbocharged v6 with 450 horsepower . and 500 pound feet of torque it's the . same engine they use in the raptor next . up we must move on to the lincoln badge . in front now the lincoln badge is . absolutely massive as it is in all of . these giant suvs but that's not the most . interesting thing about it the most . interesting thing is that it lights up . at night we turn the headlights it . lights up now mercedes-benz does this . with their star and for some reason that . looks like a gimmick but to me the . lincoln badge just looks cooler when . it's lit here is the coolest part no . when you approach the vehicle with the . key in your pocket . the badge and lights up as you walk . toward it and it gets even cooler take a . look at that again . the headlights on the outside of the . grille they also light up as you . approach the car and they don't just . light up at once instead they light up . gradually starting from the middle and . working their way out as you walk . towards the vehicle and that's just cool . next we move on to another cool party . trick of the new navigator and that . would be its power running boards when i . open the door watch down there they. retract so that i can climb on them and . get inside the vehicle easier but when i . close the door after a couple of seconds . they go back into their home so that the . ground clearance is unaffected next up . on the driver's door one of my favorite . ford and lincoln features that would be . the keypad entry system now in a normal . car you got to take your key with you . everywhere you go so that you can get . back into your car in this thing you can . lock your key in your car if for example . you're gonna go swimming or jogging you . don't want to carry your key with you. and then you can type a little code on . the side of the door and that unlocks . the doors you can open it get your keys . start your car and drive off it is . brilliant especially cool in the . navigator that keypad is hidden most of . the time but when you tap on it it . lights up in red so that you can see the . numbers and enter your code . otherwise you'd never know it was there . next up moving around to the back of the . new navigator the tailgate area has some . features i find really cool one of which . is the fact that you can open the glass . separately of the actual tailgate itself . this is a really cool feature old school . suvs used to have it but most automakers . have abandon it because it requires a . lot more work you got to put the wiper . on the glass you got to make two hinges . etc etc but people like it because you . can walk up to the car you don't have to . open the entire tailgate if you just . want to put in a small item of course if . you do want to open the entire tailgate . the navigator gives you several options . to do that you can press a little button . on the key fob and then it opens . automatically you can push a little . button here and then it opens . automatically or if you have the key fob . in your pocket you can stick your leg . underneath the bumper and it will sense . that your leg is there and it will open . right up which is actually surprisingly . easy these systems are usually kind of . crappy but this one seems to work pretty . well with that said the tailgate isn't . perfect check out this hilarious video. the owner of this navigator sent me in . it you can see him close the back door . he's not pushing anything on the key fob . and then the tailgate closes too just . because the back door closed maybe they . haven't quite worked the kinks out of . these yet but undoubtedly the coolest . quirk of the exterior of the navigator . is the little diagrams print on the rear . that show you where you have to push to . open the rear tailgate or the window . look at those diagrams closely that . isn't just any suv that is the profile . of the navigator no one will ever see . that or notice it but it is kind of a . cool little trick next we move on to the . interior now i mentioned before that . this is the black label navigator that's . the top trim level and the black label . models they don't have interior colors . instead they have interior packages for . example there is the chalet theme . there's the destination theme and there . is the yacht club theme now this . particular navigator has the yacht club . theme which is illustrated on lincoln's . website by an image of two people . sitting on their yacht looking very rich . i like that although i personally prefer . the image used for the chalet theme . because it includes a bernese mountain . dog depicted in these people's ski . holiday further driving home the point . that they are very rich and you . are very poor now although i joke about . the themes and this car is a yacht club . theme i have to admit it is beautiful in . here this car is just covered in . gorgeous blue leather soft it feels . great and there is stitching everywhere . each seat looks like it has about 3,000 . stitches in it and there's stitching all . over the door panels and the dashboard . and basically everywhere it's a really . really gorgeous interior even if getting . it involves choosing one of the most . pretentious interior names of any car in . history take a look for example at the . door panels they're gorgeous finished in . a beautiful blue with that white . stitching but the thing i especially . like is that white trim in the middle . which is carried along to the dashboard . where it looks truly classy and to the . center console where it's really . absolutely gorgeous it's fantastic on . the door panels i also love the speakers . look at those things they look like they . have no place in a lincoln they look . like they belong in something that's . truly crazy expensive luxury but here . they are in a navigator i also want to . discuss the carpets these thick luscious . blue carpets with the lincoln logo on . the outside in this aluminum trim and . they're lined in the same white . stitching you'll find throughout the . rest of the interior they're almost too . nice to actually put your feet on but . anyway back to the door panel and . specifically the seat adjustments and a. home boy do we have to talk about the . seat adjustments this car has some . things that i have never seen before for . example the headrest is controlled by a . power seat adjustment on the door that's. not all that uncommon mercedes-benz . models have that but in rossetti's benz . models you could only raise the . headrests up or down in this thing you . can move it forward and backward with . the push of a button and check this out . the backrest of the seat is split into . two pieces you can have the lower . backrest all the way out and the upper . backrest all the way back you can . basically do whatever you want with it . and then there are the bolsters at the . bottom of the seat a lot of cars have. the option to have the bolsters come out . further if people with long legs to get . more thigh support in this car there are . two split bolsters you could have one. come out far and one stay in for example . if you're working the accelerator with . your right foot but you want your left . foot to just sort of stay closer to the . seat you can adjust . the bolsters for thigh support . individually and it gets even crazier in . addition to all that this car has so . many seat control functions you can't do . it all from just the regular seat . switches so when you press the little. switches and buttons above the little . seat diagram it takes you to the. infotainment screen or you can control a . myriad of other seat functions in fact . press one of those buttons and you're. given the option to select between five . more seat functions that you can control
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