Here’s Why the Chevy SS Was a Total Failure

The Chevrolet SS looked great on paper -- but it was a total flop. Today I'm reviewing the Chevy SS to see why the Chevy SS was a failure, and whether the SS is worth a look.
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This is a brand-new 2017 chevy ss . this car is rear-wheel drive it has a . six-speed manual transmission and it has . a 415 horsepower v8 this car is . basically everything enthusiasts say . they want and yet it was a flop chevy . canceled it after just four years and . only around 12,000 sales today i'm gonna . take a look at this ss and i'm gonna . show you why you should have bought one . even though you didn't and i'm gonna try. to understand why this car was such a . failure even though it looked so . promising on paper i'll start with the . basics the chevy ss is built in. australia where it's sold as the holden . commodore the ss came out for the 2014 . model year and back then it was only . offered with an automatic a 6-speed . manual became available the next year . prices have always started in the 45 to . 50 thousand dollar range and sales were . lackluster chevy sold only about 3,000 . of these per year for four years and . they only just pulled the plug in fact . as i film this there are still a few new . ss stragglers left for sale on auto . trader today i'm gonna show you around . this ss which i've borrowed from a . viewer in new jersey and i'm going to . show you all of the quirks and the . features and basically what you missed . out by not buying one of these then i'm . gonna take it on the road and find out . how it drives and then i'm gonna give . you my theory on why the ss never really . took off and then of course i'm going to . give it a dug score and four more of my . thoughts on the ss experience click the . link below to visit autotrader. com slash . oversteer. i'm gonna start on the outside of the ss . now the ss has notoriously restrained . subtle styling for a v8 rear-wheel drive . performance sedan but with just a quick . glance you can tell that this isn't just . your regular chevy sedan in a few ways. for example it has these big 19-inch . wheels that look aggressive and bold and . it has these brembo brakes underneath . the wheels with big red calipers and it . also has a lot of vents like a sports . car . one thing about the vents worth noting . though they're all fake . the vents on the hood are fake the vents . on the fenders are fake they don't lead . anywhere they don't go to anything but . they do make the car look pretty cool . and then we move on to the windshield . wipers you'll notice there are no . windshield washer jets on the hood and . they aren't integrated into the wipers . either instead they're hidden down here . presumably so they don't screw up the . style of the ss s hood next up before i . move inside it's worth emphasizing that . the ss is built in australia it's very . weird to have a vehicle built in . australia and imported to the united . states in fact i can only think of a few . cars in my lifetime or that's true the . pontiac gto and ga the mitsubishi . diamante the mercury capri it basically . doesn't happen that's 30 years of cars i . can only think of four that leads to one . interesting quirk with the vin number . now a lot of people don't know this but . the vin is coded to where the car is . built japanese cars start with j . american cars start with one germans . start with w australian built cars start . with six and so the vin number in this . car starts with six very few cars can. lay claim to a six vin and because this . car is manufactured in australia and . because it's manufactured there by gm's . australian subsidiary holden there are a . couple of interesting quirks in this car . you wouldn't find in a standard . chevrolet for example under the hood the . in the plastic engine cover it doesn't. say chevrolet. it just says v8 that's because the . plastic engine cover probably normally . says holden so they just decided not to . stamp that in on the chevy's and they . just stuck this here instead i really . got a wonder about this decision how . much did they really save by not making . a different part with the chevy logo . something like 30 cents a car but that's . the decision they made and those sorts . of things are notable in several other . places throughout the car for example . take a look at the door sill at the . bottom of your screen now in every other . car the door sill gives the name of the . automaker chevrolet or at least the. model ss but in this car . well it's blank that's probably because . the dorsal in this car originally said . holden and they just decided to replace . it with a blank one again they probably . saved like 90 cents a car by not just . putting a chevy logo there but that's . the decision they made and then we move . on to the passenger side of the . dashboard now when i first got in this . car one of the first things i noticed is . that ss is embroidered on the passenger . side of the dashboard it's very . luxurious and i've never seen it . embroidered in any other car before like . that but as i thought about it i . realized if you take off that embroidery . i bet there's a holden logo under there . of course i don't know that for sure but . my guess is that they didn't print the . ss logo directly on the dashboard. instead they covered it with a piece of . embroidery in order to cover up the hole . in logo that is most likely underneath . just a guess but beyond the holden's . stuff in this car there a couple of . other interesting quirks one of which is . in the gauge cluster information screen . now you can move this screen around . pressing the menu button and a little . up-down dial on the turn signal stalk . which has an odd placement to control . this screen and when you do this you. will find that chevy apparently felt . they had to put some little picture on . every single menu screen and so they . went with some rather interesting pieces . of clipart and makes it look like a . microsoft word document from the 90s . for example average speed is a tire with. some speed lines behind it like a child . would draw navigation is a compass thing. the trip odometer is a road but my. favorite is units which uses a set. square to show that it measures stuff . the next interesting item is in the . middle here in the center console you. will find a little dial that says on it . mode select you can choose between three . different modes tour sport and . performance by twisting the dial and. when you do that you can audibly hear . the exhaust changing as you go from tour . which is the luxury mode into sport and. performance. it's worth noting that the mode select. dial also changes the suspension . character this car has gm's magnetic . ride control suspension system and it is . the best suspension in the car business . i love it it can be a luxury car any . want and a sports car when you want . better than any other suspension system . now i mentioned that that little dial . can take you from tour to sport to. performance mode and those are the three. modes of the ss but that isn't the end . of the story there's also a secret mode . if you press the little traction control . off button twice it brings you into a . little secret mode it appears in the . gauge cluster information screen it's. called competitive mode it turns off . traction control and stability control i . find it interesting that all you have to . do is tap that button twice to get into . the secret mode in an amg car you have . to like hold down the brake pedal and . press the turn signal twice and then. hold down the traction control and then . say them secret password and this thing. just tap it twice and you're in . competitive mode next we move on to the . infotainment system now this is chevy's . mylink system and it's fairly normal . similar to the mylink system and all the . other gm vehicles there are a couple of . interesting items worth noting one is in . the navigation system settings menu . there's a little feature called. breadcrumbs now what this does you put . it on and it basically puts little dots . on the last mile or two of roads that . you've driven on so if you're in an . unfamiliar area and you want to get back . you can see where you've been that's a . useful feature and i like the fact that . they call it breadcrumbs as if you were . dropping breadcrumbs in a forest and he . wanted to retrace your steps later . another interesting item in the . infotainment system settings if you go . to vehicle settings and go to climate . and air quality you're wondering well . what air quality items do i get to. change well the answer is none of them . you can just change the auto fan speed i . don't know why they call it climate and . air quality but nonetheless if you were . thinking you might be able to improve . the quality of your air you were wrong . next up we move on to the center console . in this car which is very normal boring . looking rather small not particularly. interesting although it actually is a . surprisingly versatile center console. for example on the center console lid . there's a little spot where you can . stick a pen there's also a little spot . where you can stick business cards now . move on to the area right below . the center console lid and you'll find . more versatility for example there are . two little slots where you can stick . poins presumably it's size for . australian coins it's also worth noting . the center console has two little . channels that you can use to run your . cords from the usb port inside the . center console to the outside to the . cabin while the center console lid is . down to make things a little bit tidier. in case you want to have access to your . phone or your music player while you're . driving or sitting in the passenger seat . maybe the most interesting thing in that . center console is there's a little spot . where you can put your key it's got a . cryptic little diagram on it you're. supposed to stick the key right in there . if you're driving along you can put the . key in there to get it out of your . pocket since this is a push-button. starter car no
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