Here’s Why the McLaren 720S Is Worth $300,000

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The McLaren 720S is the latest exotic supercar -- and it comes with a huge price tag, of $300,000 or more. Today I'm reviewing a McLaren 720S to show you why the 720S is worth so much.
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This is a 2018 mclaren 720's it's . maclaren's new exotic sports car . replacing the 650s now in the past i've . complained that all mclaren models look . the same and they have the same engine . well here's one that looks completely . new and it has a completely new engine . with 710 horsepower . i've borrowed this 720 s from mclaren . philadelphia here in westchester . pennsylvania in the philadelphia suburbs . and this isn't even the coolest car they . have that honor goes to a p1 they . currently have for sale for over two . million dollars but this one is pretty . cool as it is the latest mclaren model . and only came out a few months ago and . yes it has 710 horsepower and 570 . pound-feet of torque. courtesy of a 4 liter twin turbocharged . v8 it also weighs just a hair over 3,100 . pounds which makes it around 280 pounds . lighter than a ferrari 488 or in terms . you can understand . approximately one giant panda lighter or. roughly 21 armadillos of course if i'm . comparing this thing to the ferrari 488 . you probably know this thing has got to . be pretty expensive and indeed it is the . mclaren 720's starts at two hundred and . eighty five thousand dollars and with . options things can go up from there this . one has a sticker price of just over . three hundred and thirty five thousand . dollars so today i'm going to show you . what you get when you spend more than . three hundred thousand dollars on a . mclaren i'm gonna show you all of its . cool features and its interesting quirks . then i'm gonna take it out on the road . and tell you how this thing drives and . then i'm gonna give it a dug score and . from one of my thoughts on the 720s . experience click the link below to go to . autotrader. com slash oversteer where . i've also compiled a list of the other . hottest most anticipated new cars coming . out this year according to me . now i'll start by addressing a question . i'm sure you have which is how do you . get in the 720 s there's no visibly . obvious exterior door handles well it . turns out you reach into the middle of . the door behind the door panel there's a . little black pad put your hand on it . pull and then the door pops right open . and then you jump inside so now i'm . inside the 720 s to go over the long . list of quirks and features in the . interior this car there are some really . cool ones starting with the coolest of . all that would be the gauge cluster now . when you get in the car you'll notice . that there isn't a gauge cluster it's. not until you turn on the car that the . gauge cluster whirs into place making a . full 90-degree turn so that it displays . itself to you but that's not the coolest . thing about the gauge cluster the . coolest thing about the gauge cluster is . that when you put the 720 s into track . mode the gauge cluster whirs down again . and goes back into the position that . it's in when the car is off and it only . displays the information you absolutely . need to know on the very top of the . gauge cluster put the car back in sport . mode or regular mode and a gauge cluster . goes back to its normal position . displaying more information now . interestingly it's not just track mode . that you can use to change the. positioning of the gauge clusters . there's also a little button to the left . of the steering wheel that you can push . and that will change the gauge cluster . from down to up and vice versa another . cool thing about the gauge cluster is . that you can customize when it wors into . its lower position the default is track. mode but in the center infotainment . system you can change that to sport mode . and track mode or you can make it so it . only happens when you manually push the . button of course there are other cool . things about the gauge cluster for . example the gauge cluster in this car . like an alma clearance is highly . configurable so on the left part of the . screen you can adjust using a little . stock that comes out to the left of the . steering wheel you can look at all sorts . of different car functions temperatures . settings menus etc meanwhile over on the . right side of the gauge cluster screen . you'll find the regular oil temperature . engine temperature and if you turn it to . sport mode you'll also find the tire. temperature but if you go into comfort. mode that disappears because i guess it . isn't necessary when you're just driving . for comfort i also love the fact that . when you change the drive mode setting . from comfort to sport it also changes . how the gauge clusters displayed and . what information it shows you in comfort . you see the regular things you'd expect . a normal gauge cluster but if you put it. in sport it becomes sport . and the gear is displayed a lot more. prominently so you know what gear you're . in and then of course switch into track . and you know what happens next the other . cool thing about the gauge cluster when . you're driving down the street and your . rpms are going up it's not just a little . needle that displays where your rpms are . the bottom part below the needle lights . up to give you a better idea of where . your revs are and that is really really. cool and finally another cool thing . about the gauge cluster that i really . like when you turn this car off before . the gauge cluster retreats back into its . sleeping position it tells you how many . days of battery life you have left . that's because mclaren knows that its . owners are gonna park these cars for a . long time they get 1012 cars in their . collection and it's really nice to know . exactly how long you can let it sit . before the battery would go flat while . you're driving your other exotic cars . but while the gauge cluster it might be . this cars coolest party trick it isn't . the only cool feature inside this . interior instead there are a lot of them . i'm gonna move on right now to the air. vent so we start the air vents in the . middle now in the middle there are two . air vents in this car one is a circle. there's sort of a triangle shape the . triangle one can't really be adjusted . you can't move it up or down or side to . side but you can do one cool thing with . it if you push the big silver button in . the middle of it turns it off no more . air comes out push it again turns it . back on its are a little hidden feature . of that air but the other air vents are . also unusual there are circles on the . left right in middle of the dashboard . and you can move them all around just . like normal air vents and regular cars . but the cool part is if you turn the . little silver tab in the middle it turns . the air vent on and off and on and off . which is a cool little quirk of the air . vents next time two more of my favorite . features in this car the middle of the . interior that would be the drive mode . selector and the transmission selector. i'll get to the transmission selector in. a second but the drive mode selector is. especially cool it allows drivers to . change between comfort sport and track . mode but unlike other cars you can do . this twice one switch for the powertrain . and one switch for the suspension that . means you can have the powertrain in . track mode for crazy fast throttle . response but just in case you're driving . around on the street you can put the . suspension in comfort mode so the ride . doesn't beat you up it's a really cool . idea now the other cool thing about the . drive mode selector is you can't just. turn them in order to change the drive . mode first you have to activate them so . you're really sure you want to change . the drive modes before you do it it . feels like you're confirming something . on a fighter . jet moving onto the transmission . selector this has to be the coolest . transmission selector in any car there's. no gear lever there aren't even regular . buttons instead there are these little . levers you push to get the car from . reversed and neutral to drive it's one . of the coolest things i've seen and it . looks really cool too also i love how . nice and sturdy eunos levers are gives . you a nice feel when you put the car in . gear now if you're wondering why there's . no park lever it's because in order to . park this car you put it in neutral and . then you pull the parking brake which is . a little switch to the left of the . steering column and then the car is in . park you don't have to put it in a park . gear it's like a stick shift in that. regard another interesting item back to . the steering column that would be the . stalks for the turn signals and the . wipers they are really cool they're . really sturdy but they also just look . really cool and for some reason they . have a hole in them i don't know why i . like these things so much but i really . do and i'm glad that nough clarin uses . them also interesting in this car now . because the gauge cluster can fold away . when you're in track mode or if you just . manually fold it you wouldn't be able to . see all of the lights you might need to . see like the check engine light and . other warning lights whether your turn . signals are on that sort of thing so . this car has two fixed driver . information centers that contain all the . little warning lights to the right and. to the left of the steering wheel those . are always there regardless whether or . not you're in gauge cluster is upright . or sleeping now like in a lot of exotic . sports cars there was no glovebox in the . seven 20s but like in a lot of cars with . no glovebox there are a lot of other . interesting storage areas throughout the . cabin like for example the doors have a . couple of little storage pockets one on . each door the center console has a nice . little storage pocket with a rather . sturdy center console lid and there's a . net between the seats where you can . store stuff but my personal favorite . storage item in this car is behind the . seats there's a little shelf and while . mos
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