Here’s Why the Mercedes Metris is the Worst Minivan Ever Made

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The Mercedes-Benz Metris is a minivan -- just like the Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna. But the Metris is a truly terrible minivan. Today I'm reviewing the Mercedes Metris Passenger to show you why the Metris is so bad.
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If you know just the littlest bit about . minivans you've undoubtedly heard of the . honda odyssey in the toyota sienna if . you know a little bit more you've . probably heard of the kia sedona and the . chrysler pacifica but those aren't the . only minivans on the market there's also . this the 2017 mercedes-benz metris the . sticker price on this vehicle is forty . three thousand three hundred dollars and . it is truly terrible now i rented this . mattress here in denver colorado using . toro which is this service that lets you . rent other people's interesting and . unusual and exciting cars instead of . normal boring airport rental cars you . can sign up for toro using the link in. the description below and get $25 off . your first rental now i chose the metris . because i wanted to know what it would . be like to have a minivan made by . mercedes-benz and the answer is awful to . be clear the metris is a minivan it . isn't a cargo van there is a cargo . version but this is the passenger model . designed to carry people and it's not . just a smaller version of the giant . mercedes-benz sprinter the metris is its . own model and it is the same size as all . the other minivans its length is right . in between the toyota sienna and the . honda odyssey it has dual sliding doors . like those vans and it can carry eight . people but that's where the similarities . end between the metris and the odyssey . and the sienna because while those are . excellent vehicles this isn't so today . i'm going to show you the quirks and . features of the metris and show you why . it is a truly terrible vehicle maybe the . worst. mercedes-benz in my lifetime i mean it . then i'm gonna get it out on the road . and see how it drives and then i'm going . to give it a dug score and for more of . my thoughts on the metra sxe perience . click the link below to visit . autotrader. com slash oversteer where . i've also compiled a list of the most . interesting and unusual minivans . currently listed for sale on auto trader . now i'm gonna start this off with a . comparison to an actually good minivan . the window sticker price of this van . like i said is forty-three thousand . three hundred dollars and here is the . window sticker just in case you don't . believe me and by the end of this i . promise that you won't but that is the . window sticker now forty three thousand . three hundred gets you just a few . hundred ollars shy of a honda odyssey . touring which is very nice version of . the odyssey and of course that van has . many many benefits over the metris i'll . start with the seat like other minivans . the second row has a bench seat but . unlike other minivans this row of seats . it doesn't fold flat in fact it doesn't . fold at all the only way to get back to . the third row is pull this latch and . then the seat folds as one full piece . and it gets worse the other two middle . row seats are connected and they also . don't fold you have to tilt them just . like the seat you just saw which is a . problem because they're connected so . they're incredibly heavy that's bad but . it still gets worse the only way to fold . the seat forward is on the passenger . side of the metris so if you have . someone entering on the driver's side . and they want to get in the third row . too bad yes that's right there's a latch . on the passenger side to tilt the third . row but there is no latch on the . driver's side so there is no access to . the third row from the driver's side i . recently reviewed the honda odyssey and . it was so easy to just move the seats . forward and backward or side to side for . easy access the metris is comically . inept by comparison that is truly . unbelievable absolutely unheard of in . the minivan world these vehicles are . designed around the ease and convenience . of getting people in and out that's the . whole point of a minivan but in the . metris you can't even access three of . the seats on one side of the van it's . like those 1980s minivans that didn't. even have a rear door on the driver's . side the metris barely has any more. functionality than one of those and oh . does it get worse now in the odyssey . like in every other good minivan the . third row seat folds flat in. the floor with a pull of one little . latch he pulled the latch he folded in . the floor and you have a bigger cargo . area in the metris well that doesn't . happen in fact the third row doesn't . fold flat now i've only six . mercedes-benz models. i love mercedes-benz and i would forgive. them of that if the backrest would . simply fold on to the bottom part of the . seat it wouldn't be a flat load floor . but i'd say that it's not so bad but it . is so bad the third row of seats doesn't . even do that instead the only way you . can fold this third row you pull this . latch just like the middle row and then . you push it all the way forward as one . single bench and of course it doesn't . stay there it just falls down what even . is this yes you're really seeing this . and i'm not exaggerating the third row . doesn't fold at all the rear bench seat . can't be folded down from its upright . position. you can only tilt it up and presumably . remove it assuming you're strong enough. since it's one unit that can't be split . apart and it's monstrously heavy and a . $43,000 van has this feature which would . have been outdated in 1992 and somehow . it gets worse still now if you're . sitting in the third row of the mattress . as i am and there's someone sitting in . this seat meaning you can't just pull . the lever push the seat forward and. climb out then your only other way of . exiting the third row is by moving . forward this seat now i as an adult can . do that i can push it for it's no . problem. but it's gonna be a problem if you're . transporting smaller people back here . like for example children like you . transport in a minivan there is no way . they could possibly lift this seat . forward it's really heavy it's got to be . a hard pedal in other words if you're . sitting in the third row and there's . someone is sitting in this seat you're . basically trapped back here until they . move you have to ask very nicely in . order to get out of the jail cell that . is the metris and yet it still gets . worse because the seats don't fold down . visibility from the driver's seat back . is absolutely terrible take a look at . this i'm serious it's unbelievable you . can't see when you look in the mirror . out the back window of this van now you . can remedy that by removing . the headrests but the whole point of a . minivan is to carry people are you . really supposed to remove the headrest . just so you can see and carry them . around like little pieces of luggage . just to install them when you want to . carry someone in your minivan which . presumably is often since you bought a . minivan in the first place it's . absolutely ridiculous every other . minivan has figured this out but not the . metris and now i'm in metris jail but i . admit i am being too harsh on the rear . seats of the metris there is one major . benefit back here that i haven't. mentioned mercedes-benz pr people you . can breathe a huge sigh of relief in the . third row back here there are two. cupholders so basically all that other . stuff it evens out next up i think it's . worth noting that a honda odyssey . touring for the same price of this . mattress has power sliding doors to make . it easier to get in and out the mattress . of course does not also every minivan . has figured out how to get the windows . and back to roll down the metris doesn't . have roll down rear windows in fact it . doesn't even have those little vent rear . windows that you could open them a . couple inches like minivans in the 90s . it just has nothing the front windows . rolled down the rear windows well . they're fixed deal with it forty-three . thousand dollars now obviously a honda . odyssey touring also has power front. seats the metris manual seats this is a . $43,000 mercedes benz with manual seats . and it isn't just the forward and . backward that's manual every single. function on both the driver and . passenger seats is manual in this car . next up a honda odyssey touring for this . price obviously has a power liftgate in . fact that has one of those power . liftgate so you'll wave your foot under. and it opens automatically $43, . metris know it has a manual tailgate man . if you want to close it there's no power . function either you gotta just close it . manually next stop a honda odyssey . touring doesn't just have xenon . headlights it has led headlights which . is more of a luxury car feature $43,000 . metris has halogens and i don't mean it . as halogen daytime running lights it has . halogen headlights like a 1984 . volkswagen rabbit. next up the odyssey touring comes. standard with a rear seat entertainment. system so your rear passengers can be . entertained as you drive them down the . road the metris well it doesn't even . have a rear dome light i'm serious. there's only a dome light up here . there's one in the cargo area there's . not one for the rear passenger so they . can't even be entertained by turning on . and off the dome light the odyssey . touring comes standard with a giant. touchscreen navigation system which is. of course excellent this thing has an . infotainment screen about the size of a . cell phone and it isn't even a . touchscreen look at this you have to . control it using this little dial over . to the right to me that's one of the . craziest parts not only is this screen . incredibly small but you can get a big . easy to use touch screen in a $24,000 . chevy sonic and yet this is a . car and a mercedes benz and a 2017 model . and it uses this old-school screen that . you have to change everything using this . dial that is just unacceptable okay so . you kind of get the idea the metris is . low on equipment and convenience . compared to
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