Here’s Why the Tesla Model 3 Is the Coolest Car of 2017

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The Tesla Model 3 is the coolest car of 2017. Today, I'm reviewing this Tesla Model 3 and I'm showing you all of the Model 3's quirks and features -- and I'm going to explain why the Tesla Model 3 is the coolest car of the year.
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This is the new tesla model 3 and it is . the coolest car that's coming out this . year. today i've borrowed this model 3 from a . viewer here in california and i'm gonna . show you what i mean . now before i get started i should . mention that i'm not one of those . irrationally crazy tesla fans with an. obnoxious vanity plate like kick gas in. fact i've only driven a few tesla's and . i don't hold the brand in higher or . lower regard than really anything else . but folks this is the coolest car that's . come out this year for a little proof . consider this tens of thousands of . people waited in line outside tesla . dealerships to reserve this car sleeping . outside dealerships like it was a harry . potter movie . where's last time you saw someone . sleeping outside a car dealership to get . a car let me give you a hint . there's nobody sleeping outside toyota . of indianapolis when the new highlander . goes on sale and it's more than that . these people were lined up outside these . dealerships to give tesla a $1,000 . deposit not so they could bring home a . model 3 today but on the chance that . they could bring home a model 3 sometime . in the next two years regardless of . whether you like tesla or hate tesla . this car is a phenomenon and that's why . it is the coolest car of 2017 or 2018 as . it's turning out for most people but . that's not the only thing that makes the . model 3 so cool today i'm gonna take you . on a tour of this car and i'm gonna show . you all of the cool courts and features . that make this car so exciting and then . i'm gonna drive it and give it a dug . score and for more of my thoughts on the . model 3 click the link below to go to . autotrader. com slash oversteer where . i've written a column about my model 3 . experience. now before i get started with the quarks . i want to give one little disclaimer i'm . not some crazy obsessed tesla fan who's . gone on the forums and read all the . threads about this car i know a little . bit about it but probably not as much as . some of the people watching so please . don't email me and say oh the windshield . break is actually four degrees more than . you said i'm gonna get something's wrong . i'm sure this is not intended to be a . perfect technical briefing it's just . sort of a general overview and with that . on to the quirks i'm gonna start with . maybe the most interesting thing about . the model 3 and that's simply unlocking . the door and getting inside now in every . other car you walk up with a key and you . start pushing the button in and unlocks . the doors or you leave the key in your . pocket this car you don't do any of that . because there is no key instead the key . is contained in an app on your phone so . i've got the owners phone in my pocket . i'm gonna walk up to the car and it's . going to automatically unlock as i . approach watch the mirror on the . driver's side of the car it's set to . fold out as the doors unlock and if you . watch the mirror you'll see when they. unlock as i walk up to it take a look . well i can up owners phone in my pocket . mirror unfolds and now the doors are . unlocked and i can get right in there's . no key that you use at any point when . you're getting into this car and when . you want to get started and go just . basically put your foot on the brake put . it in drive and you're gone now if you . want to lock your doors it's pretty . simple it's basically the exact reverse . procedure just walk away with your phone . in your pocket and when you get far . enough away the doors lock in the . mirrors fold right back which is the . state they're in right now and you might . be wondering what happens if you lose . your phone or if you let someone else. drive your car how are they gonna get in . do they have to bring your phone with. them not quite this car has a secondary . key situation and it's this it's. basically a hotel room key size little . key card that you can stick in your . wallet and if you lose your phone or . your giving you a car to someone else . tomorrow simply give them the room key . and in order to unlock the car they walk . up to the side of it you'll notice it's . locked right now because the mirrors . fold it in you put the room key here. mirror folds out and now the car is . unlocked i get inside i place the room . key right next to the cupholders and . then it's on and i can start driving it . now it's working on that key card . doesn't have a little slot where you can . put it on your key ring but you wouldn't . want to do that anyway it's a card that . fits in your wallet . most owners will simply just use their . phone keep it in their pocket unlock . lock the doors get in and drive away and . the phone app does a lot more than just . lock and unlock the doors for example . the owner can use the phone to flash the. headlights in case you've lost the car. in a parking lot in case you've really . lost the car you can use the phone to . honk the horn you can also use the phone . to open the rear trunk or you can use . the phone to open the front trunk you . can even use the phone to start up the . climate control so if you're getting. ready to go to work in the morning you . can turn on the climate control and have . it the perfect temperature when you get . inside the car obviously the phone can . also be used to control various charging . functions and even open the charge port . and close it again i'll show you more on . that in a minute and another amazing . capability of the phone app is it can. give remote access to the car no matter. where you are so if you let someone . borrow the car and they lost a little . key card well that's no problem you can . unlock the doors from anywhere you don't . have to be standing 25 feet away you . could be in europe and you could unlock . the doors or charge it or open the . charge port if you want to it's all. possible from the phone app this is the . future this is how it should be and it . means that maybe someday soon we won't . have to carry around a giant keyring . like this won't that be nice about back . to the charge port you saw it open just . a second ago and i was showing you all . the things you can do with the phone but . there are about a million ways to open . the charge port all of which are . interesting now if you want you can just . tap it and it pops right open and you . can also tap it and it closes that's . probably the easiest way but there are . several others my favorite is that you . can simply walk up to the charge port . with the charger itself push a button . and then it pops right open . now when you insert the charger into the . charge port the little status light is a. tesla logo and it pulses in green to let . you know that it's charging unplug it . and it's blue it's kind of cool to see . it change colors the other cool thing . about the charge port when you simply. walk away after having charged the car . it will close automatically so all those . ways to close it and open it you don't . even have to worry about that it'll do . it for you now speaking of that charge . port one of the things i like best about . it is that it's integrated into the . taillights so you never really know it . was there unless you're actually . charging the car unless you know it's . there now on to the back of this car and . the trunk this is not a hatchback even . though it sort of looks like one it has . a regular trunk although there are a . couple of things about the trunk that . are far from regular one of which is. just how far up it goes it goes halfway . up the c-pillar it's it's almost like it . wanted to be a hatchback but it just . couldn't and so now the trunk is open . and there are a couple of interesting . things worth noting inside of it in fact . there are three especially noteworthy . things inside the trunk the most unusual. of which to me is the fact that if you . get inside the trunk and you look up at . the ceiling of the trunk you'll see sort . of a little see-through grate there it's . very uh it's almost like they put that . in there so people could look into the . trunk and see what you're carrying case . they want to rob you instead it's . probably there to dissipate air when you . close the trunk because it has to go . somewhere . the other two interesting things in the . trunk number one is there's a little. area where you can store small items . below the floor of the trunk and i . really like the fact that they cover . over this area sort of flips right up so . you can rest it against the ceiling of . the trunk that means that it's easy to . just close again and speaking of items . you load into that area take a look at . the charger bag and you'll notice . something about the charger bag it's . sort of this material that would slide . around in the trunk if you're going . around corners so tesla has smartly . fitted it with some velcro stick it on . the trunk and then it won't slide around . you'll always have your charger stuff . now since we're talking about the rear . trunk we might as well move on to the . front trunk or the front as some people . call it now because there's car doesn't . have a huge combustion engine up front . they can put an extra storage up here a . trunk and in fact they have it's not . that big but it is relatively large you . can stick some stuff in here and there . is a little escape light all trunks by . law must have a little way to get out of . them if you're stuck inside so you can't . be kidnapped and stuffed in a trunk in . this car it's actually really cool in . the front they've integrated it into the . regular trunk light so the trunk light . lights up so you can see what's in there . or you can push the trunk light and it's. a latch to get out i'm not really sure . exactly who can fit inside this trunk . but i suppose they just have to do it no . matter how big the trunk is for . regulations couple of other interesting . things inside
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