[HOONIGAN] DTT 218: We Buy a E39 M5, 500hp Supercharged E46 M3 Dyno Tuning, R33 Skyline Burnouts

https://www.hoonigan.com/On today's episode of Daily Transmission, Teague gets a cherry M5, Vin continues his quest for 500hp in his VF Engineering Supercharged M3, and some guy named Gary does a burnout.
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[music]. well what happened just yesterday one. lap around sire i'm just some loser i . told you that he was the motherfucker i . told you guys no you that's an easy left . what did you send me record what dad . technically it's my score because i. tuned the bar the the royal we we we . said them yes cuz you got all that seat . time at new m5 man seat i'm on the 405 . 200 work so you really get to open up . second gear yeah yes they get into third . hurt you seen his new car i don't be bad . by any means can we show the people i . think we all need to see this man i was . pretty stoked done we're gonna back out . t's new m5 man i'm so proud of teague . right so proud of t so you got this like . little little st that really really grew . into yourself is that car too nice to do . burnouts with no it's definitely not it . wait maybe oh come on man i was words . did you get that a month ago . teague stepped up into his big boy pants . and got a big boy car yeah i used to own . a big boy karts before i had a child . like my ducati sti evo . now you in full dad mode you know what . bring that bring that thing into the . garage let's see what's up with . [music]. i'm not the only one that got a bmw . recently danger dan' what up what's up . with all you guys getting bmws by the . way i mean cuz now the vinny got you . yeah you we got shit car . don't forget about joey's he's 30 well . that's right joey yeah just answer i got . a kind of progressive chassis for . drifting it's just a natural progression . i've hired a bunch a strategies . everybody has bmws i wanted to see what. it was about . i've seen a lot in formula drift good . mechanical grip it just looks so fast if . you put the power line so i thought i'd . try it out and know relatively cheap . nowadays they're actually fairly cheap . 1446 what's this not not like that i'm . not - bmw guy he 39 mm i wanted this car . since 2001 when i saw bmw film star with . madonna cut to some of that . [applause]. hold on tight son . when i was in college my girlfriend's . dad had one of these and the shifter was . the sloppiest thing i have ever felt in . a vehicle . sloppier than his son is really this is . car 17 years old it was single owner. which is pretty rare for an e39 we got . company. what up dawn dawn cam diamond king oh . what up. you look super hyped on it . i am super hyped on his car though i'm . not sure why you so hyped on this . because you don't really get excited . about them it's no i like like just if i . let him speak just point at this because . this looks cool so continue now continue . continue you know what i'm most hyped . about a it's a v8 for b you did the most . shithead exhaust mod on the planet got . okay we need to get we need to get this . up on the lift so not a no exhaust just . straight cut the mufflers off yeah that . looks like but somebody would do with . this ever since my first car ever the . first thing i literally did take into . the home floor shop and chop that shit . off some sauce yeah things it sounds . loud eju fancy food and we're good on . that it doesn't it doesn't even sound . bad to like usually when you cut the . exhaust off v8 when you're just trying . to like idle or drive a 2000 rpm on the . highway all you just ball which is you . know pretty badass if you're 16 years . old. well that's redneck ba it's not . german-engineered a there's a lot of . stuff i didn't know existed in in nice. cars i've never had a nice car before. what for the little window does it have . a big window shade or just the corner i . mean it's not. tractable live discs are 17 years old . any of the miles and everything still . works on it except for the muffler hit . him with it. oh much for me john's q45 that's a pile . of shit that's the same thing i mean . yeah no joke a 5% tip does the same . thing to it looks hard what is something . like this run the market right now is . all over the place the cheapest you can . find an e39 that's totally beat is maybe . 9 grand now maybe 7 a low-mileage . version is like 35 45 now like how long . did you search for this for a year i . search for an e39 m5 . [music]. this is the classiest car that anybody . has here wow that's it they run that's . it free change in the shin hey al on the . dock though yeah so we talked about like . you you kind of know the market but the . mufflers off oh yeah i didn't know those . things bmw guys are kind of how do you . say elitist pricks so i didn't know that . that was like a real thing that like . cutting the muffler i don't even know . yeah that's all that's because i drive. any 46 m3 where it sounds like garbage . unless you buy like the most premier . exhaust system somewhere in here but i . can't seem to find their clothes jim i . like the twin snorkel three babies these . have that too damn her so what's what's . up with this engine give us a. super-clean that's 62 4. 9 liter v8 ass . new disease okay what about a/c seats it . does not be seen oh by the way yeah . these are tight this is my is my . favorite thing about these cars man like . whatever these factory wheels are yeah . so you're not crazy loud right so wish . my car eddie . get it up there . [music]. and also for like $100 or whatever you . spend of the best money ever pulling in . here let's let's see what's up there cuz . it still has cats and resonators and . just doesn't have ma . [music]. [applause]. [music]. so i take it this is where there was a . muffler of some sort i mean we still got . some resonator action here we still got . humongous catalytic converters that's it . you know it's super hot that people . don't give any credit to fin diff cover . that's so race for optimal cooler . optimal cooling this thing is super . clean for a car that was in a snowy . environment man yep crx sevens have this . yours oh yeah it does got eleven fins . actually permanently stuck in this car . because you can't get it up it's so cool . is this a muffler. you know why muffler i'm sure this thing . cost like four hundred thousand dollars . from the dealership so the reason why . we're all actually really interested in . this car is because as much as i like to . give teach shit for not modding it you . can't really always go the route i went . and like ruin a car that could one day . be worth a lot of money he has an fte . that he's gonna ruin shortly also but uh . but well kurt and i are spending our . weekends in the garage with cars that . don't work being all bummed he's gonna . have this thing that just manages to be . worth more money every day he's going to . the pier getting ice cream having a good. old time while we've ruined our fucking . bodies so i think you should tell us . what teague needs to do to his car to . ruin it seeing all the answers are . simple slam the gas wheels some headers . because this car probably picks up like . 60 horsepower. crashing skirt . recently it took me a really long time . to work on my car you've probably seen . it in the background of like 58 shark . cart videos and that's because i get to . work on my car for like seven minutes at . a clip put the supercharger on a couple . months ago went to global time attack . super lap battle and had a bunch of . issues with fueling the cars running a . little bit lien hit up my buddies at . radium engineering put a new fuel system . in the car and then decided to up the . boost on it from six pounds to ten . pounds and really want to chase down . like five hundred wheel horsepower even . though we know it's probably a bad idea . with going to a time attack want to see . how it work out on track spent a little. bit of time going through the car gonna . go back to the dyno and see what it does . it's just a little bit of time he's okay . dan i'm gonna leave the car in the shop . for the weekend is that cool as a kid . yeah and then i would come in like dan . would work out something yeah we work on . my car and like do you like one thing . and be like all right cool gotta go back . to work and one loose though yeah real . good loose bolt it's fun you know . getting to work on your car like so . close to your desk at work sick i didn't . help at all either so yeah i'm gonna . have them help zooms i want to build . some sick like radiator ducting and i . haven't told you about this but i want . to do that some radiator ducting and . then weld some stuff and the exhaust . something that's gonna happen yeah so i . made a video of me working on my car . and then going to the diner last time i . was on the dyno was running a bit lean . it was at 1301 air fuel ratio they . recommended do an upgraded fuel pump so . i figured i would do a line and rails . luckily radium engineering makes a . really nice drop-in kit with fittings . that where's the fitting this one with . fittings that adapt to the stock fuel . filter so this goes on to like a factory . hard line adapts to a n we're on a - six . line up to this nice fuel rail and then . upgraded fuel pump that could handle 85 . and flow enough to do 500 horsepower and . then some gauges got some stack wideband . boost and water temp and putting a stock . gritty type rs diverter back on because . the tile is super annoying but . get away sometime so yeah these fittings . adapt to the stock like push on these . these are the factory fittings the push . to connect so now radio makes the type . of fitting that - to a n well look like . you're getting it right there yeah oh . shoot. did that go in the coolant oh no yeah . it's actually a pretty nice setup . [music]. hi what's good what are we doing hey . y'all come over here trying to work on a . car how do you do this and spill . kool-aid . i don't know as bmw stuff but do what. you do boo boo this is really what i . have to deal with you listen man i came . over here to help now introduce yourself . so the people let the people come . vinny's see your lover you know for . someone that looks like you what listen . why would she
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