How bad is the $70 subwoofer from Walmart? Install | Review

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My cheap sound system lacks bass. Can this off the shelf subwoofer and amp provide that?
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As awesome as this cheap sound system . has been it severely lacks one thing the . bump the base that feeling deep into the . song we need to fix that and here we are . at walmart behind you this is not a . sponsored video and since the last video . on the $20 speakers was so popular . though number one comment was why not do . a sub here we are doing just that and . for those you that are doing a beginner . amplifier or sub system we're gonna take . something very simple no not the . screaming kid in the background a sub . amplifier and box all built into one . let's see just how effective this really . is what comes in an all-in-one sub . woofer the box mounting brackets that's . actually pretty heavy there we go a nice. carpeted box of speaker what's slightly. different about this versus the speakers . is they were fairly plug-and-play this. is gonna require some extra wiring which . is why we have this so this thing's got . a little bit of everything wires for the . power and ground which are important and . of course a fuse because if you mess up . and short it out you don't want your car . catching on fire speaker wires for both . sides left and right and extra lengths . of wire to run it to the amp so those . cheap speakers from the last video are . kind of meant to play everything . mediocre but this one is more of a . purpose-driven speaker yes it's bigger. so you would think that bigger means . louder but it's really meant to capture . the base or the deeper notes in the . music this larger speaker requires so. much power that the wires alone from the . head unit aren't capable of powering it . so you have to run power directly to . this unit which then has a built-in . amplifier to power that speaker because . this is such a purpose-built system it's . not meant to play every single note that . comes through the music so you have . settings on the side that let you adjust . how much of the music is actually played . through this speaker oh you know this is . for right so you keep your amp strapped . keep keep your strapped case . anybody pulls up on you while . want to make this video as cheap as . possible there's one thing you will see . me not mess around with at least this . section of the wire this is the . positives is coming off the battery or. the alternator charge line there's a . fuse right here if you do not have the . fuse close to the power source you will . do very bad things to your car when you . eventually ground it out or do something . bad this step is a little interesting . they'll be different for everybody's car . but we're gonna have to find a way to . get this wire through the firewall or a . bulkhead or however you want to call it . and get it into the passenger . compartment safely first step take off . your positive lead you could in fact run . this here but now you have to worry . about this way you're splitting and what . having problems and potentially getting . shorted out start from the fuse box area . we're gonna snake it along where the. wire loom goes along the car and the . fender here and then have it run down by . the base of the kickboard over here . finally run it along the side of the . door frame up the back and then there we . go we've poked it right all the way to . where we want the subwoofer to be so. we've got the wire going through the . rubber waterproof sealant when we wrap . it up along the wiring harness zip tie . it to it so it does not move and then . snake it out under through here and then . connect it to the fuse box . this is really why you want that fuse on . this line this is in an area where it's . gonna get a lot of traffic and say this . wire shorts up and it shorts to the body . of the car . there goes your battery or here comes a . big thick fire wire and there we go we . are about 90% of the way to the . subwoofer . unfortunately grounding is one of the. easiest steps we'll just find something . that shorts out to the frame and . properly attach it to the ground wire . you have to keep in mind though that . power runs through the full circuit so. you can see that this gauge of wire is . the same thickness as the power line and . that is for good reason power goes in a . full circle this is about our closest . spot for a nice and solid ground as you . can see we're starting to collect the . wires into a spot that can become sort . of a makeshift loom so now that we've. got power and ground ready to go we need . the ignition on and the two speakers . this is something weird about the honda . insight as well as some other economy . vehicles is that beneath this there is a . plate for where a speaker should go. we're looking at all the different . options on where to mount this and this . seems to be the best space we can't fit . it behind the seats and i don't think . facing it away we're facing at any other . angle is really good option those who . that might know more please in the . comments let me know where you think . this sub should be placed the remote . turn on this is basically wired to . ignition on and i figured why not use . the one from the head unit we'll take it . off from the passenger side run it . through the head unit through here . because there's no clutch pebbles or . anything to really get in the way and . then run it of course along the whole . side of the car and back to the amp and . so a potential pitfall you might run . into depending on your head unit of the . car is running your subs and your amps . from the rear speaker wires if you want . to splice the rear speakers you can . that's considered a high level situation . instead thankfully this has rca outputs. on the back of this newer head unit it's . a twenty dollar one so i'm all the more . expensive units definitely have it and . this is more of a low power level output . we can run all the way through the rest . of the car there we go now the other . aspect of this is that we have to undo . this wiring i have all of these . individually wrapped but the important . one here is this dark blue dark blue on . here is the remote turn on we're gonna . splice in b sub-2 this line just third . one in there mix them all up make a nice . little menagerie tois with the wiring. setup . now we have the speaker wire and the. ignition on wires that we're gonna run . through the rest of the car put this . back out of the way of the seatbelt and . it looks pretty good for where we want . to come in it . we're gonna leave this like this for the. moment because we don't know exactly how . we want to cut the carpet we just know . we do just not yet this isn't quite as . nice as the head units wiring harness . but it'll still do there's a little bit. of confusion with how this is set up . though you got two ground wires which . makes sense to remote turn-ons and then . to power leads but on the diagram it'll . actually confuse you a little bit by. showing you that the battery has a plus . and minus the remote turn on has a plus . and minus and then ground has a plus and . minus that's where you can tell there's . something wrong so what we're gonna do . is take the guesswork out of it and . we're gonna just crimp these together. and do a quick power on test this is the . result of a poor wiring diagram i'm just. setting everything all together real . quickly just to see with a quick flip of . the switch does this thing burn out or . do i burn out a fuse that's a good sign . powered on which is also a good thing so . we flipped the power around real quick . because if anything we're just gonna . blow a fuse and see what's going on . before we damage anything else . thankfully i trusted my gut on this . wiring setup and this is correct we're . gonna terminate these properly and . finish this all up so it sounds fairly . decent plug-and-play but there's a . little bit of tuning you're capable of . doing with this speaker this thing is . called crossover and that's at what the . highest note this speaker will attempt . to play look at it at max it sounds . horrible but we tuned it back a little . bit and it's gonna play the notes it's . best at playing so it's very clear on . those lower notes without much . calibration at all this thing kicks ass . it's certainly for a little virgin years. like me type of guy it works . i think it passes the test that was . certainly worth $80 and hating my life . running wires i think we should test a . little bit more . jarett between shots has been bitching . about how well i don't i think it's kind . of weak okay he thinks this week so . we're gonna play it one of his songs off . of his playlist to see what he thinks . it sounds like give me the damn . [music]. .
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