How to Buy a Used Car for $300 (Runs and Drives)

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How to buy a used car for $300. I show you where to find inexpensive used cars that need work so you can fix them up and have a reliable car. I also show you test driving the car, negotiating with the owner, and go over what needs to be fixed! This is how to inspect a used car for purchase!
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Caption: Hey guys chrisfix here and today i'm . going to show you how to buy a $300 car . yes that is right you heard correctly . under this car cover is a car i . purchased for $300 sure it needs a . little bit of work but nothing we can't . fix and it runs and drives sorta now i'm . doing this video because i just hit 3 . million subscribers and this is the . 300th video so it's a good fit but . instead of following other youtubers and . buying a porsche or lamborghini or . ferrari or something fancy like that you . guys know what this channel is all about . it's all about affordability it's about . working in your driveway at home and . using common hand tools and soap you . order to work on your car also i get . comments all the time when you guys . watch the videos saying oh the videos . are great and after watching them you . feel like you could replace the wheel . bearing or replace the brakes but you're . still kind of nervous to try it out on . your own car because it's your daily . driver and if you break it you won't be . able to get to school or to work so this . $300 car is a perfect opportunity to . learn to experiment to try stuff out . because worst case scenario if this. breaks completely you do something and . totally mess it up you can call a . junkyard right now and get this towed . off your property and they'll pay you . around 250 bucks or you can follow the . jaguar video and do a complete part out . and make some money and for all the . younger viewers who are always . commenting who watches his videos but . doesn't have a car well here's your . opportunity save up $300 you could get . yourself a car to work on and to get . ready for when you finally can drive so . with that being said any last minute. guesses on what this car is i asked you . guys what you thought on instagram and i . got thousands of guesses in the comments . but only two people got it well the time . has come to finally show you what i get . and it is such a fun car alright the . first step to buying a super cheap car . is to find it and it's as easy as going . online and searching all the major used . car websites but instead of searching . each individual website and inputting . all your information over and over which . could take forever i have a little trick . you guys taught me and that's using auto . tempest all you have to do is input your . information down here once and then it . searches all the major used car websites . make it really simple and easy now to . find the cheap car you could put in your . make and model i don't really know what . i'm looking for so i'm not going to do . that and then this is the key right here . right where it says keywords you want to . put in new . to work and for price i put 1500 or . below so let's search that is gonna be . searching all these websites so it might . take a few seconds and check out all of . these results now this one right here is . something that stands out so here's the . perfect example this is a mustang it . needs a new transmission he says it . grinds in third gear i bet you you could . get this for around a thousand bucks . transmission is like three hundred . dollars at a junkyard you replace it . yourself you spent thirteen hundred . dollars and you have like a three or . four thousand dollar mustang especially . if you rap or paint it now another good . example maybe needs work is too vague. for you let's just say you're good at . changing brakes actually let's search . head gasket so we can find a real cheap . car now a car that i came across is this . honda del sol i've always liked these . since i was a little kid that rear . window the way it goes down the top . comes off its unique it's different it's . a nice little daily parts are cheap and . it's easy to work on it has 200,000 . miles it has some new parts of battery . tie rods headlights but it needs a . control arm and head gasket both things . that we could do now he is asking a . thousand dollars but i'm pretty sure we . could get this car for less so thank you . otto tempest for supporting the video . and making it easy to find inexpensive . used cars like this so let's go check . this car out since the car can't be. driven home i have to pick up a trailer . just in case we get the car i can use my . truck to tow it home . i've never told a car before so this is . gonna be an experience the trailer is . really cheap and i have it for 24 hours . and normally i would see the car first . but i'm fairly confident i'm gonna get . this car and i think it's gonna be good . to be like hey i have a trailer i'll tow . it away right now here's my offer that . way we could get a low price and after a . short drive we are finally here and . there she is. alright i'm actually pretty excited . about this car because i've loved this . car since i was a kid mostly because of . that unique rear window design and the . targa top this is probably like one of . three honda's i would actually own and . keep in mind if this car checks out i'm . hoping to get it for less than $500 so . it's gonna be far from perfect but with . that said i want to find something where . if there's broken parts those parts are . cheap and easy to fix hey i can't . believe it's really you . how's it going my name is jensen by the . way and this is my 93 . donnatella so just give you a quick . run-through run around about you know . any problems that it has so currently . the major issue is the blown head gasket . big problem a lot of smoke out the . tailpipe the control arm it doesn t . replacing here and there you're gonna . hear a squeak or two cool features about . the car the top does come off the back . window rolls down so it'll be a great . for a summer car the back you got a . dinner to you know a little bodywork . here nothing pro like you can't handle . really okay can you pop the hood yeah . man no problem let me show you thanks . and let's see what we got now at first . glance this doesn't look that great but . in reality it's just some chipping off . paint maybe a little bit of surface rust . it's really not that bad especially . after we clean it what we don't want to . see is any major rust . anything that goes into the frame i . don't see any of that he said he has a . new battery in there that's good looking . around looks like we have a new . alternator down there at least a newer . one right here it says we had a timing . belt changed at one hundred eighty-five . thousand miles so twenty thousand miles . ago new belt and hopefully new water. pump the motor mount here looks pretty . new right where my hand is should be a . power steering pump but there isn't so . that means that this is a non power . steering car which is kind of cool it's . small enough but overall this looks . pretty good just needs a little bit of . cleaning we need to replace that head . gasket and he did say he used that head . gasket sealer in the radiator so we need. a new radiator but the best part about . this car parts are so cheap brand new . radiator forty bucks head gasket with . head bolts and all the other gaskets he . need 50 bucks i did a bunch of research . and it makes sense why kids like to buy . honda's for the first car parts are . cheap easy to find and he could . customize easily can you start her up . one thing that's a crystal clear . indicator that you have a head gasket . leak is check out the radiator open the . radiator cap when the engines cold and . look at this you can see that smoke . puffing out that's a classic head gasket . sign also if we take the oil cap off you . can see underneath it's frothy like it . has a head gasket leak and it doesn't . look like we have any blow-by which is . good that means the rings are still good . after two hundred thousand miles am i . able to take her for a quick spin i know . we can't drive it long but just . something like right around the block . okay now this is my first time driving a . honda. and while that shifter feels horrible i . can't even tell if it's in gear . i think that's first and look at the . cloud of smoke coming out of the exhaust . so this has to be done real quick so it . doesn't overheat and i just need to get . a feel for the car and holy smokes no . power steering takes a lot of muscle to . turn the wheel but it does have a good . turning radius since it's small and . because it's small you should also get . about 40 miles a gallon which is awesome . i'm able to ship through all the gears . and the suspension feels firm and . doesn't flow it around so it's a quick . test drive but we now know the . suspension brakes and transmission are . good which is important so now how hard . is it to take the top down so what you . want to do is reach your hand on there . right here see the little button right . there push it towards the back of the . car grab the lever as you're holding . that button push it outwards oh man that . is so easy look at that the top is off . how cool is that now can you show me how . to roll down that rear window it comes . down right yeah bottom right there and . look at that this targa top is actually . how the car got its name del sol which . in spanish means of the sun that is such . a cool feature they did a good job with . that that is neat it's also a good idea. to check in the trunk so we'll pop that . open and see what we got in here now we . just want to make sure spares in here . and sometimes there's some good . information left in the trunk so this is . all messed up so we got our spare and . also have a bunch of junk looks like . there's an extra belt a bunch of garbage . down here and check this out this is . actually useful . these are bushings says right in there . made in japan so i think these are honda . om bushings which are not only expensive . bushings but good bushing also looks . like we have some ball joints oh this is . good this is for the interior this piece . was missing that's actually helpful and . oh anot

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