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Good morning ladies and gentlemen i hope . you are having a fantastic day if you're . new to the channel my name is parker . near enstein and this is vehicle. virgin's it is day 2 of the geneva . international auto show we are starting . the day off at the intercontinental . hotel and lazarus p super cool guy i met . him yesterday has brought his koenigsegg . agera r this thing has the most insane . spec i have seen it in tons of instagram . pictures online but never in person and . the craze it was causing this morning . there were so many car spotters it was . ridiculous. so cool to see coatings eggs actually . being used in person absolutely stunning . exposed blue carbon and i know the gold . pattern isn't for everyone but i . actually really like it carbon fiber . wheels fun believable right hand drive . as well never seen a right hand drive . koenigsegg before i am in love with the . shape of the rs s rear wing . good morning good to see you i'm tired . it's like a car show out here we got a . rain collect bad about to enter the show . and we've been greeted by the two. rolls-royce's seeing the long-wheelbase. phantom in person is absolutely . staggering i reviewed the new phantom 8 . but in the u. s. they hadn't revealed the . long-wheelbase version yet there is no . way that it needed more leg room in the . back foot people who want it there you . go i wanted to take another look at the . senate gtr after learning some more . awesome facts about it now interestingly . enough mclaren knew from the get-go . suzanne called that surprising that they . were going to build a senate gtr so in . development of the senna they actually . took the racecar in mind this isn't . developed to be a race car and then . slightly and i mean in the slightest . amount toned it down so that it could be . road legal and actually drivable now . it's not focused on comfort whatsoever. driving it on long trips it's probably . not going to be ideal but that's what . makes it so special that's what's cool . with the ultimate series of maclaren's . is because they're so limited because . they're only making 500 sent us they're . only making 75 of these they can really . tailor it to a precise need and that is . to be as fast around the track as . possible like i said they're making 75 . cent a gt rs as of today i believe they . are pretty much 100% sold out there are . obviously some differences between this. and . road-car namely more downforce so this . makes 2200 pounds of downforce as . opposed to 1760 in the road car both . staggering numbers a little bit more . horsepower claimed over 814 which i . imagine it's quite a bit more than that . now look at the aerodynamic elements . that they've been added to this that . allow it to have more downforce than the . road car the front splitter is so big . and so low it actually looks like you . could sleep on it then we've got these . front canards massive side skirts and . the rear wing although shockingly not . really all that much larger than on the . production car it's been moved slightly . farther back for more downforce over the . rear wheels to counteract the additional . downforce at the front now the rear . diffuser is unbelievable they have paid . zero attention to styling this is a . hundred-percent function and it helps . balance out the additional downforce in . the front as compared to the rear i . can't imagine driving this thing mclaren . claims it is going to be the fastest. track toy almost as quick as driving an . f1 car around the track . you can go ahead and buy one of these . obviously extremely expensive 1. 4 . track than the road car obviously on . slicks as well so the levels of grips . i'm sure is staggering let's go see what . else the show has to offer we have found . our way back to the mansouri stand again . because i'll show you you you need to be . here what is it what is it that draws . you to man 3 so much the extreme nature . that they take cars that we love so much . yeah in some people's eyes butcher them . in other people's eyes make them even . better it's yeah it's actually . unbelievable they're they're pushing the . envelope farther and farther every year . they don't care about the negative . criticism people oh you're ruining the . car this and that and they almost laugh . at that and then make it more extreme i . mean look what they've done to this . bugatti what i think is cool is because . the designs are so intense so extreme. even us who really appreciate the 720 . don't like some of the other designs you . never know what you're going to get that . and upon an exciting what is man sorry . going to do next it's almost not . predictable other than the fact that it . probably will look like nothing you have . ever seen before have you ever seen in . your entire life a carbon-fiber body . electric golf cart there is no way you . have it neither have i because it's . unbelievable they actually did a really . good job with this and check out the . interior this luxurious leather seat . nice display i'm ready to go golfing are . you. love it or hate it liberty walk has some . polarizing designs i have this distinct . memory of watching for the first time a . liberty walk aventador in japan shooting . flames with it's ridiculous exhaust . obviously it's not for everyone when i . was having a conversation with some . friends the other day about who was the . originator first cut in did these . riveted fenders was at liberty walk was. at our wb and we came to the conclusion . that it actually might be porsche with . the 993 gt2 that car has riveted wide . fenders from the factory that is one . rare good-looking porsche i do have to . say this looks properly aggressive so . low to the ground likely on air . suspension look at the canards obviously . similar front carbon fiber hood to what . i've just done on my car crazy as i was . saying when they came out with the . current generation maybach it's one . issue was actually distinguishing itself. from the s-class they made the s-class . platform so capable so luxurious that . when the man bought came out it didn't . look all that different and it wasn't . actually that much of a step above in . fact when i got my s-class it turned out . there was a maybach sitting at the . dealership for the next five months that . they couldn't get rid of and by the end . of it they almost were going to let it . go for a similar price that i got my . s550 now with this new one with the new. front. new lights as well as the two-tone paint . job lana in love with this particular . configuration it seriously does make it . stand out like the previous generation . maybach did pop in the interior shall we . the level of comfort in here is . ridiculous i mean look at the legroom . the headroom and i have to say these are . the softest pillows ever to be fitted in . a car i could absolutely fall asleep in . here this feels like flying in a private . jet and obviously the ride quality is as . smooth as flying through non turbulent. air there is something special about a . maybach and it begs the question for . this price point does it make any sense . to spend twice or in some cases almost . three times more on a rolls-royce . phantom comment in the comments section . below what do you guys think a new . maybach for half the price of a new . phantom might be a good deal now the big . reveal from bmw at this show is the m8 . concept last time i don't know if you . guys remember this when i was at the la. auto show they revealed the x7 plugs and . then i am praying then they actually . develop and has to be that looks . somewhat like this with auto . manufacturers they make these concept. cars that are just absolutely . mind-blowing that looks so good they . push the limits of what's possible with . design now when they're coming out with . a more practical car that's usable on . the roads the engineers and the . designers have to work together to make . something that actually is feasible . obviously these wheels are likely to be . too big and one thing you notice a lot . on concept cars is the mirrors they're. much thinner much more streamlined than . what's allowed legally as i was just . saying about concept cars and paul . pointed this out he's like i knew you're . gonna talk about the mirrors on concept . cars there is a perfect example here the . coolest looking mirrors but they won't . meet any legal standards what do you . what do you think about the pneumatic . pro yeah it's got a little less . portables kind of in reverse i bet you . think that attaches to the car and it . and it lifts off like a drone this thing . is actually an audi my god behind me is . the all new mercedes amg g63 and this is . a big deal because this is the first . major redesign that the g63 has really . had no hidden pictures it looked a . little off but in the flesh honestly it . looks fantastic under the hood is a four . liter biturbo v8 that's powering most of. the amg vehicles nowadays 577 horsepower. and 627 pound-feet of torque meaning . this massive suv can do 0 to 60 in 4. seconds but the big news is that they . have radically changed the interior . finally we have the massive jewel 12 . point three inch screens that we're . seeing in the s-class trickle down to. the e-class . and now we have it in the g63 now well . at first it seemed a bit out of place . and actually it looks quite nice it . finally feels inside like it deserves . its hundred $30,000 plus price tag . behind me is one of the most insane cars . ever created this is the aston martin . valkyrie amr pro the track . only version of the aston martin . valkyrie they are only making 25 of . these what's crazy is the road car has. astronomical figures what do you think . the downforce is on an aston martin. valkyrie 4,000 pounds of downforce and a . lot of that is due to ground effect . caused by the venturi tunnels that run . along the sides thought of a valkyrie .
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