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Thank you. what is going on ladies and gentlemen i . hope you are having a fantastic day if . you're new to the channel my name is . parker and aaron steen and this is . vehicle virgins i just got word from . anarchy that my wheels for the . lamborghini are done now they looked . super cool when they were in multiple. pieces i showed you guys that when i . toured the facility but they just sent . me what they look like all put together . and my mind has absolutely been blown so . hopefully in the coming week i'm gonna . go down and get them mounted on the car . i am so pumped and cannot wait to share . that with you guys now yesterday my . buddy james with the camaro and the . corvette send me a picture of what looks . like the set of westworld i don't know . if you guys have seen the show westworld . but honestly one of my favorite shows of . all time westworld game of thrones the . old office breaking bad for sure but . also in the super bowl they just . announced that westworld to the second . season is coming out i mean that's show . is just literally you think you . understand what's going on and you're . wrong every single time but he sent me a . picture and some videos from the set of . westworld and apparently it's not all . that far away from here so i'm thinking . i'm gonna get becca and we're gonna take . the z4 so she can get a little bit more . practice on learning how to drive a . manual and go check out westworld let's . do it what's up you ready to go hiking . yes let's go have you even seen . westworld though no no do you know . anything about it . no i wall maybe i can explain it to you . while we're there and you can master . learning how to drive a manual what is . that it's like sci-fi. it is sci-fi basically west world is . like this world that they created for . i'm gonna do such a bad job explaining . this for wealthy people to kind of live . out all their fantasies so they go into . this super futuristic building or . whatever and then it transports them . into basically the wild wild west and . they can interact with all these . characters that are actually robots but . there's such high-level advanced robots . that eventually you don't even know who . is a robot and it turns out some people . like super high up in the thing that . work at this facility that's not in west . world they're robots but they don't look . like a robot . like me and you so it's it's crazy let's . do it good morning z4 you ready to be . driven today she is no longer straight . pipe but the exhaust disconnected it . sounded pretty extreme take this beeping . when you don't have your seatbelt on is . super aggressive shh . it's gonna be all right bye-bye ellie . and ariana all right let's do this becca . driving manual round three i read a . couple of comments on that video where i . just taught her for the second time how . to drive manual which was literally her . second time ever in a car with a manual. transmission and some people were like . wow what is slow learning when is she . ever gonna learn definitely people have. never driven stick before because it's . not super difficult but you can't be a . master at driving a manual within two . times i'm driving a manual transmission . vehicle that's just not awesome i think . you're a super fascinating like honestly . you're doing really well i got it you . got the parking brake off there we go. that's the hardest part because i always . put it up too intensely well we got in . sport that's actually the most important . part remember how to do things you got . it. [music]. we're going to the wild west that was . awesome okay okay all right i think i . know what happened now you got this one . joe i just i stand first right yeah a . little bit more steady gasps you feel . yeah okay that's all right we still got . you know if it if you didn't stall then . i count it as a win and you pretty much . have do ya . look at that second nature like a beast . yeah oh my god you just downshifted what . a beast well no i didn't ever shift into . third. oh i just fully it accepted defeat that . was incredible. that's the perfect way to learn keep . going keep going keep going you're gonna . run the stops no no no don't run the . girlfriend this time okay do i can i . just leave it in first place yep i think . the end of the clutch throw you're. releasing it a little bit too fast okay . i think this you just can do it so fast . right well no you cover shift in a . second and then once you get to the stop . sign. just put it in neutral i'll just pull . this cruz to the stop sign great there . you go . so the last bit of the clutch just. released that a little slower than . before . [music]. yeah the road is road is intense alright . i'll go in a second . lissa clutch nice very smooth oh in the . mouth yeah first again it takes some . practice there you go . not like how do people actually do it . like why would anyone ever want to . literally stop at a stop sign every time . do it maybe that's why so many people . run stop signs there they all have . manuals no probably not new seat . position a little bit better good work i . think it's up over that way just pulled . up to the parking lot although in the tv . show people entered west world via this . train so i don't know off-roading the z4 . kind of similar to a train and no way . shape or form and then we're also next . to this is where they film the biggest . loser that's pretty funny this is wild . it's the wild west it's wild hey this is . actually crazy that church plays an . important rule in the tv show is it open . the sheriff's station yeah no that's . true there's a little jail cell inside . there with a little skeleton i think . this is the train station where every . episode starts and then they head this. way crazy knowing that i watched this . show well actually when i was in . michigan i watched it with all my . roommates was so pumped about it and . then for this to be relatively close by . i've driven by this place a ton of times . in fact out front of this looked like a . really cool filming spot and i almost . shot there i imagine if i had just . rolled up to film a car of you and then . went oh wait this is like pretty much . the set to one of my favorite shows of . all time this tree looks super creepy oh . look the woman's restroom yeah i don't . think they had a unisex bathroom in west . world but we're not sure oh there's the . inside of the jail creepy well there you . go guys a fun little tour of west's . world that is crazy to see i love this. church although inside the church it. doesn't have any of the things that . you'd normally see . in a real church it's basically . everything's empty but i believe this is . a set to a bunch of different movies and . tv shows if i'm not mistaken . yeah given the paramount ranch name . probably oh there we go see this was in . fact the train station where they enter . in jail bank saloon you didn't know . judging by the jail cell x-files doctor . quinn. hey where's westbourne well thank gosh . james appeared because there are no . markings anywhere that say what i am on . right now you notice this giant banks . turn and then a bank turn here this . actually used to be a racetrack that . steve mcqueen drove on quite a bit i . imagine part of the reason why they got . rid of it is there's a tree in the . middle of the track just kidding but . apparently also down there there's an . oval racetrack as well that is awesome . by next to westworld who would have . thought it looks like the track. maintenance is a bit low but still might . be doable and just kidding looks like it . just dropped off right there wow they . said laguna seca is technical but look . at this you think you could hit that . what's the line through here more of the . racetrack headed out to the oval track . this is nice being out here i used to go . on so many hikes when i was a kid i also . used to backpack all the time with my . dad and my uncle haven't been out here . in the wilderness in some time now there . it is look at that oval track i'm not . quite sure where it goes though where . does it go gotcha. well i certainly didn't expect paramount . ranch to be littered with racetracks . we've got an actual racetrack and then . an oval circuit that is that's awesome . oh here we go here we go oh here we go . thanks . wait a minute remote-controlled models . electric only what could you imagine . that would be i mean it's technically a . remote-control electric model becca's . aventador out on this racetrack i don't . think the wheels will even make it over . this cracks okay well you underestimate . it . it's true it would probably just run out . of battery how cool aha that's true that . would actually be crazy oh my gosh i'm . down. well there you guys go i hope you . enjoyed this little tour of the . west-world set as well as to abandon . race tracks that would be pretty crazy . to come back here and actually take . pictures of aventador around that oval . track not quite sure if it would work it . is so beautiful out today bye bye wes . world that was a fun little adventure . back to the crib now no i just posted on . my instagram at vehicle virgins if . you're not following me on instagram . make sure to do so handle ad vehicle . versions now i asked you guys to ask me . questions about the new g 63 that is . coming and yeah we'll talk a little bit . more how fun that's coming after the q&a . but because they're doing a little . update on the car i figured i'd get some . of your questions and i would answer . them the first question is from sammy . are there any things you regret about . purchasing the e63 i'm gonna talk about . one of those a pretty decent-sized . regret towards the end of the video but . actually one thing that i do kind of . regret it's a it's a blessing and a . curse is getting these sports exhaust . that's all tie into some further . questions but i'm a plan on
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