I Bought a Mercedes E63 AMG Wagon and Drove It 1,200 Miles Home

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I bought a 2012 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG Wagon with a 3-year unlimited mileage bumper-to-bumper warranty, and I drove it 1,200 miles home. Here's a tour of my new E63 AMG Wagon.
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Ladies and gentlemen i've just purchased . a new car it is this a 2012 mercedes e63 . amg wagon yes it's a station wagon like . the one your mom used to haul you to . school when you were a kid except this . one has 520 horsepower and yes before . you ask it also has a bumper-to-bumper . unlimited mileage warranty now before i . get into the specifics of his car i want . to mention something every year i pull . you my readers and viewers to help me . choose a new car that will be the doug . car that i'll write about and shoot . videos with that year this isn't that . this is a new personal car for me a . daily driver it replaces my car max . range rover which i've had for five . years and which will now be driven by my. wife so don't get mad that i didn't pull . you there will be a new doug car. competition soon this one is for me so . onto the specifics like i said this is a . 2012 mercedes e63 amg wagon which means . that under here is a 520 horsepower . twin-turbo v8 unfortunately i've loved . my car necks warranty experience this . one didn't come from carnac sworn that . later i bought this one certified . pre-owned from a mercedes-benz dealer . mercedes i suspect has never heard of me. based on my previous experience of my . warranty claims my range rover i also . suspect that might change soon now the . mercedes benz certified pre-owned . warranty is notoriously bad it's just. one year of extra warranty coverage on . top of the original factory warranty . well most competitors offer many more . years than that so i paid extra to . extend my warranty to up to three years . of unlimited mileage bumper-to-bumper . certified pre-owned coverage from the . day that i bought the car which is the . last day in july i will now pause so . that the mercedes-benz warranty . department can mark july 31 2020 on . their calendars as a day of corporate . celebration and usual i found this car. on auto trader which is where i find all . of my cars yes even before i started . working for them and i paid forty four . thousand dollars for it plus about four . thousand dollars extra to extend the . warranty for three years of coverage but . there's one thing i haven't yet. mentioned about my new amg wagon and . that is it's right here in minneapolis . and i live 1200 miles that way in . philadelphia you want to know why i went . all this way to get this cost because . this one is incredibly rare this was the . only . certified pre-owned east 63 amg wagon . from this body style for sale in the . entire united states click the link . below to go to autotrader. com slash . oversteer for more of my amg wagon. thoughts and for a list of other . incredibly rare cars currently listed . for sale on auto trader with a certified . pre-owned warranty so what do you do . with a newly purchased car with an . unlimited mileage bumper-to-bumper. warranty. well you drive it 1,200 miles home of . course so today i'm going to show you . what it's like to drive home a 520 . horsepower wagon halfway across the . country just two days after i bought it . i'm also going to explain the . particulars of why i chose this exact . car and i'm going to give you a little . tour of my station wagon although i'm . going to save the cork's in feature for . a future video for now it's time to get . on the road alright so i'm going to . start with my decision making process . that came to the amj wagon now i don't . often do these oh here's what i bought . guys videos so if you're not interested . i understand you watch the next one but . i know some people will want to know . what drives a person to buy a crazy car . like this so what i really wanted for a . new car i loved my range rover but i . wanted something with more performance . but i also wanted an suv again i wanted . a 360 degree camera like some these new . cars have like a top-down camera because . they're so cool and i wanted all-wheel . drive and so the amg wagon is not an suv . not all wheel drive and it doesn't have . a 360 camera so i really did well with. this purchase i think truthfully the . thing i wanted the most was more . performance i drive all these high . performance cars when i get back to my . ranger it's a lumbering and slow and . awful so the first car i considered was . the bmw x5m i really want on an exercise . in but i couldn't find one in estoril . blue which is the color i really wanted . it just looks great i think it doesn't . look so good on every other color plus . the x5 m really didn't have the features . i wanted it's hard to find one in the . year i wanted with adaptive cruise. control and with the 360 camera and i . couldn't afford a brand new one the car . i wanted most was the mercedes gl 63 amg . which i think is almost more insane and . bizarre than the amg wagon it's a seven . seater giant suv with this engine it's . ridiculous and it had all the features i . wanted it was an suv it had all-wheel . drive it was the perfect car . at the end of the day it was just too . expensive the cheapest gl 63 sr 67 . $70,000 not only could i not afford that . but i also couldn't afford the ensuing . depreciation that would come i also . considered a used porsche cayenne turbo . unfortunately really hard to find one of . those with adaptive cruise control which . is another feature i wanted and they . didn't get that 360 camera until very . recently the other thing is i don't like . how to train sir about what i like my . std's boxy and the cayenne turbo is like . snowing lines and sweeping curves and. it's just one of my thing or taught us a . lot of power it's fun to drive but it . just wasn't for me and the same went for . the makan i also considered the mercedes . ml63 amg which is a little bit smaller. than the gl and a little bit cheaper and . has this engine and it's an suv but i . just the m l to me is is sort of more of . a minivan it's not as much of an . exciting suv as the x5 m or the cayenne . as for why i chose mercedes-benz . certified pre-owned over carmack the . next one question when i bought my range. rover warranty car max five years ago it . was 3,800 bucks it was six years today . car max shortner warranty by a year . since only five years which is . disappointing but i could have live with . that the big problem is but cost i . called on a gl 63 at carmack's x5n . cayenne turbo they wanted six seven . eight thousand dollars for those . warranties and that was with a 150 . deductible my range rover deductible . with only $50 so $7000 for warranty plus . you pay tax on the seven thousand . dollars plus the deductible is higher . plus it's one year shorter than it was . when i had my range rover warranty in . the end it was still really appealing . and on some of those cars i still think . i probably would have come out ahead but . it was a hard pill to swallow especially . because i couldn't really guarantee that . i was going to have the car for five . years and i think you really have to . have it for that full period of time or . to justify the warranty because . otherwise you might not make the money . back on it still i would have bought . this car from carmack's but these things . are just so rare they're impossible to . find . mercedes benz says they make maybe 200 . of these a year for the entire country i . haven't seen one pop up on car mats in . over a year so with all that you're . probably wondering well how did you . arrive on the amg wagon well i was . looking at my choices and i realized i . was going to have to compromise on . something whether it was the performance . or the price or the fact that was an suv . or the technology and at the same time i . realized that what i really wanted was . something that was . a little bit more special and my range . rover is just not all that special and i . wanted something that was more unique . more special so that car enthusiasts . would appreciate and so i started . looking at amg wagons and i found this . one now if you know a lot about the e63 . amg you'll know that they facelifted. this car two years later they added . all-wheel drive and all the technology . that i was looking for so you might be . wondering why i didn't go for that one . well the biggest reason was price i was. able to find 2012 and 13 models in the . 40 50 thousand dollar range but the . facelifted 14 was over $80,000 for a ceo . one and it just didn't make any sense to . pay that much more for just a little bit . more technology and all-wheel drive the . other problem is that i happen to think . that the facelifted e63 amg with its new . front end it's a bit much in fact i . happen to think it kind of looks like a . fish. [music]. now when i say about a daily drive this . car yes that means in the winter and yes . that means in the snow and while the . 2014 model with its all-wheel drive was . appealing for that reason this. particular example was also really . appealing that's because while the amg . wagon came standard with 19-inch wheels . the person who ordered this one special . ordered it with 18-inch wheels so we . could put winter tires on it and i'm . going to do the same thing and yes that . means i'm going to drive it around in . the snow if we buy winter . daily driver i'm sure there will be. videos to come as for the performance . it's incredible it's tremendously fast . that handles greater than all this cool . technology but i'll save all that for a . more in-depth review coming later right . now let me give you a tour of this thing . i'll start up front maybe the most . important part of this car has a 5. 5 . liter twin-turbo v8 like i said it makes. 520 horsepower and 515 pound-feet of. torque it was made by a guy named kevin . brubeck now all that means is does 0-60 . in 4. 2 seconds for a wagon and if it had . the amg performance pack with even more . horsepower it could have done 3. 9 it's . rear-wheel drive it puts power to the . ground using amg speedshift mct . transmission i have no idea what that . means but it sounds like the kind of . name germans give things when they're . trying to make them sound cool . now inside you get to what i consider . the most unfortunate part of the car the . interior color it's sort of this old man . beige tan for virtually everything. except for the steering wheel and the . dashboard which is an even worse brown . the dealer that listed this car for sale . mercedes-benz of maplewood near . minneapolis they initially had it for . forty nine thousand seven hundred and . then forty-seven thousand seven hundred . and then 45 thousand seven hundred and i . bought it for forty four and i suspect . the reason that no one was buying this . car was because of this unfortunate . interior combination but the reality is . when these cars are so rare you don't . really have that much of a choice unless . you want to spend 120 grand to buy one . new yeah that's right 120 grand the . original sticker price on this one was a. hundred and eleven thousand dollars and . the new ones are way more expensive than . that that's a lot of money for a station . wagon and considering i paid forty four . thousand five years later that's a lot . of depreciation i'd rather have this . beige and brown interior than lose 70 . grand in five years they . and then there's the bac 520 horsepower . 0-60 in 4. 2 seconds and a cargo area . that i could sleep in if i wanted to . it's the ultimate practical . high-performance car i love it for that . reason. speaking of the back there's also. another benefit of this car the exhaust . it's not often that you hear that sound . coming from a wagon and now join me on . my cross-country trip in my brand-new . car . [music]. [music]. [music]. and eventually we made it back to . pennsylvania but the trip wasn't just a . fun cruise across the country you see . this sign it's a joke it's increasingly . maddening to drive on the interstates in . the united states because nobody follows. this sign and the police never seemed to . want to enforce it the left lane isn't . the fast lane it's the passing lane and . you shouldn't be in it if you're not . passing someone it's not for cruising . like this driver and this driver and . this driver this guy even went to the . trouble of getting a confusing vanity . plate with eights and b's to thwart the . police and then he sits in a passing . lane going the speed limit and don't . even get me started on the elephant . races between professional drivers and. tractor trailers this one went on for . over six minutes anyway frustration . aside i eventually got back to . philadelphia and averaged a respectable . twenty 1. 7 miles per gallon over 1,200 . miles not bad for a big v8 get ready for . a more in-depth review of my new car and . a doug score soon as i'm now getting . acquainted with my new amg wagon . meanwhile my wife is now getting . acquainted with the land rover service . department. you . .
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