I Bought a WRECKED Domino’s Pizza DXP Car for $525 (and we’re gonna rebuild it)

Link to Copart: http://ow.ly/cHq630g5MOe
Link to the DXP that I won at Copart:
I won the Copart auction for this Salvage 2015 Domino's Pizza DXP Delivery Car for ONLY $525! These things cost 20-25k new! We're gonna rebuild this and make it like NEW!!!
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Good morning what is going on i am sam . crack you guys literally killed the . comment section last video i couldn't . get enough of all the different things . how about bruce wayne and the reason why . he wants the seat cover i mean so get . any better than that now tell me should . i give that seat cover to bruce wayne or . i mean it feels like there's other . people that have actual like cold . climate needs that they need the ow. heated see warmer anyway guys it is time . you saw the thumbnail you saw the title . i'm very excited about this very let's . call it unique car that i bought we got . to make room here we got a kind of clear . things out and we're getting ready . because russki russki is the hauler he's . the guy who is bringing this well it's a . chevy spark but it is the domino's pizza . dxp car now when the domino's dxp car . was first released by domino's pizza . there was a ton of press around . especially because it has a warming oven . in the side door but one of the big . things that was said in a lot of these . press interviews was that you can't get . this car unless your abdominals license . franchisee well they were absolutely . wrong because i got one showing up right . now and i'm gonna own it and that's big . thanks to the guys over at copart now . it's an amazing coincidence how. everything kind of came together at the . right time we're gonna get deeper into . this story later in this video but . basically right after i won the bid on . this car and bought it the guys over at . copart reached out to me and said hey . sam craig we watch your videos we kind . of dig them and we want to partner with . you and i was i was ecstatic because . this is what i do videos on this is the . sort of stuff that i love and i know you . guys send me a ton of copart links to my . email sam crack auto at gmail. com keep . doing that i love looking at every . single one of them but anyway if you're . watching you likely know what copart is. if you don't link is in the description . box below copart com it's where i buy . pretty much every single one of my . project cars but even if you're not into . a salvage title or a damaged car they . got lots of clean title cars they've got . donated cars they've got a lot of great . stuff and it's not just limited to a . bunch of toyota camrys they've got . everything from ferraris and maclaren's . to dominos dxp cars . two tractors two motorsports two . everything i've seen someone buying a . bicycle at copart so if you haven't . already definitely check them out find . your next project car there and please . continue to send me the awesome cars . you're finding on co parts website . because who knows maybe i'll go and buy . another one of them now let's go up . there i think russki is about two . minutes away and let's find him let's go . get that dxp car off the truck . pretty battered i'm gonna need a lot of . those cards yeah i'm just gonna check . the oil dipstick real quick make sure . nothing came out there we go there's oil . in there when you're going to start a . car like this even with all this stuff . bashed in you just want to make sure . that the belt the belt is down there . it's sideways on this car a lot of times . in the front is not being rubbed up . against anything otherwise when you go . out turn it over if it does move you're . gonna rip everything apart in there but. it looks pretty good down there let's . give it as well let's hook this thing up . here we're gonna squeeze in here do that . let's see if it starts up there we go . it's gonna be good as new now yeah all . right guys i'm not gonna make you wait . this time let's see here foot on the . brake and see we can start it now. not gonna start well i'm gonna need more . than just the bumper that's uh . windshield washer reservoir i'm pretty . sure all right so this was kind of a . fail. i think the gopro caught it but rolling . down too steep of an incline so he's . gonna pull his truck forward a little . bit see we can get this from an angle . see there don't stare she goes we're . safe. hit hit the front end a little bit you . could see the front end is already toast . so i don't really care and russkies good . guys so worried about it perfect it came . right off so maybe you guys were . wondering when the heck is this crazy . guy gonna do sure he's got the domino's . dxb car but the whole front end is . missing well if you look in the. background there i recently bought a . flooded chevy spark that's right i'm . gonna take the pieces off of that car . transfer it on to the dxp car and bring . it back to its former glory well i look . at several copart listings pretty much. every single day if it wasn't for you . guys at home i would have never found . this specific dominos dxp car you see . got an email from a viewer by the name . of alex he sent in the link to this car . when i clicked it i knew would make for . not only a great story but a great video . and a great project now when i visit . copart see a car that i want to bid on i . can kind of assess the damages and . figure exactly a high number i'm . comfortable with this car is very . strange you see new to domino's pizza . franchise owners they cost between 20 . and 25 thousand dollars this car only . had 2,000 miles on it but this pretty . heavily modified you see they removed . both the rear and the passenger seat to . allow more room to accommodate a ton of . pizzas the rear door on the driver's . side has been completely removed and . then modified to allow for entry to the . warming oven this was done by roush and . yes that's the same route that has been . taping hood scoops on the mustangs and . selling them as special editions they've. even installed this really neat . projector light right underneath the . warming oven so if you're delivering a . pizza at night it lights up the ground . with the domino's logo so the question . remains what in the heck do you even bid. on a car like this there's less than a . hundred and fifty of them in the entire . country according to domino's website . that makes a kind of rarer than a la . ferrari it's heavily modified so parts . resellers really don't want it you know . it's missing the door it's missing some . of the interior components. it's got different parts on it that . nobody else is really gonna want and on . top of it it's been in a decent sized . accident but if a domino's franchise . owner had heard about this car coming . for sale on the auction block they might . chomp at the bit to try and get this car . for a fraction of what it would cost . them through their franchise license i . obviously completely over thought all of . that quite a bit so i put in a high bid . of $3,000 so the beauty of coe parts . bidding system is you can put in that . $3,000 bid but even though this car went . to auction at five hundred and . twenty-five dollars as its high pre-bid . it would only be bid up in increments of . say twenty five to one hundred dollars . meaning the next high bid wouldn't . expose my $3,000 bid we can talk more. about that later but essentially this . car came up during a live auction and . here's what happened that's right nobody . even bid against me i held the high . prepaid going into the auction and this . car was a pure sale which means that . it's no reserve auction the highest . bidder wins and i want it for five . hundred and twenty five dollars shipping . costs more than that i paid five hundred . and sixty dollars to ship this car from . indianapolis to me here in florida it's . just mind-blowing one of the really . interesting things about the dxp car is . that when these cars have reached their . maximum life expectancy of . they're to be returned to roush where . they're going to take them apart put . back on all the stock parts the seats . the door and then they're just gonna . sell them as use chevy sparks not this . one and now for the moment you and i . have been waiting for we are . finally going to open up the domino's . dxp car warming oven door you see you . can't just walk up to this car and lift . this open it's got a security feature so . nobody steals your za but one press of . this button and what do you know there's . a pizza inside well this is kind of . swell it's even warm in here this is . kind of strange and a nice surprise i . guess this pizza did it make it to its . final destination. yeah so let's check it out . what we got here actually looks it looks . kind of old but uh not not too bad looks . like it's got spinach and red pepper on . it either they got this warming oven . completely figured out to the point . where it keeps your pizza like totally . awesome for a long time or domino's uses . the best preservatives in the game this . pizza looks pretty darn good let's give . it a try shall we . mmm . well bessie here likes it so uh thumbs . up warming oven door you're good good . thanks thank you very much that was your . pay for being in my video now that . concludes our short tour of the domino's . dxp delivery car i've been trying to . keep this car secret for the last couple . weeks and i really hope you guys enjoyed . it now the few people i have told us . that hey are you worried about domino's . pizza reaching out to you and wondering . if maybe you know they don't want you . driving this car or showing it on video . well i did a lot of research and i'm . happy to report it's not against the law . to impersonate a pizza delivery driver . now i want to thank alex for sending me . in the link to this car that's how i . found it i want to thank copart not only . for sponsoring this video but having . really super unique finds like this the . domino's dxp delivery car now if you . guys have any questions for me as always . be sure to email me everything you need . to do to contact me is in the. description box below. also if you enjoyed the tour around this . car and the idea of bringing it back to . life be sure to hit that like button . guys thanks a lot for watching you'll be . seeing more of this very soon alright . guys i had to go out in the warehouse . i'm so excited i just won the domino's . pizza car for five hundred and . twenty-five dollars we're gonna have a . ton of fun with this and hate there's a . lot of stuff to actually learn with it . because it's got a handful of things . wrong like airbags and it's a front-end . collision which is what most of these . cars are anyway this is gonna be awesome. guys i'm so excited . .
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