I Made My Cheap Lamborghini’s Engine Look Like It’s Worth $50,000 Again

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Today, my engine gets a major cosmetic makeover and it looks more exotic than it ever did.
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How's it going guys my name is divorce . and today we're gonna transform my cheap. lamborghinis dirty engine into a v10 . exotic work of art this is gonna be fun . [music]. if you're new to my channel thank you . very much for showing up thank you very . much for viewing my work-in-progress and . you can subscribe if you like what you . see this behind me is my 2008 . lamborghini gallardo spyder it's taken. apart i'm in the process of putting it . back together but before i put it back . together i'm gonna use the fact that i . have so much access to the engine and . engine bay to clean this up just a . little bit now this engine is a very . high-strung very exotic and very . good-looking engine i mean you can see . the exposed of velocity stacks here . there is a piece that goes on here we're . gonna do something with that later in . the episode but just look at it it looks . really really cool is a v10 5 liter it's . an even firing order its hand-built it's . italian it's just all the things that . you really want in an engine but it's . seen some better days it is kind of . dirty there is some corrosion around and . unfortunately because of the cars . history it has a little bit of fire . damage on the valve cover over here so i . want to make this engine look like it's . the $50,000 engine that his car came. with by the way that is actually how . much these engines cost if you get them . new it's really really insane but the. road to turn this thing into a factory . fresh engine is a long one indeed now . it's not gonna be too long i'm gonna . finish this in this episode but i want . to show you guys i want to tell you guys . what i'm gonna use to make this into . until a little bit more presentable a . little bit more palatable on the eyes . engine and we're gonna start here this . is the aluminum block i have the . aluminum engine block and as you can see . aluminum does not rust but it does . corrode there is some surface corrosion . with moisture and sometimes water gets . on it and water is hard and sometimes it . creates this nasty oxidation and we want . to get rid of that we also want to make . sure that it's it looks factory fresh i . don't want it to look shiny i don't want . to polish the aluminum look i think . that's a little bit overboard says the . guy who just put gold everywhere but i . would like this to look like it's just . clean not ready for sema so what i'm . gonna do is i just have a brass bristle . brush here and i'm just gonna knock down . that corrosion right here and the brass . is really really soft metal and it's not. gonna do anything to the aluminum it's . already cleaning it up pretty good so . i'm gonna have to move these lines out . of the way there coolant lines and . vacuum lines and stuff that i never took . off before but you can see this already . paying dividends and it's giving it a . little bit of a luster bringing back . that luster so i'm gonna have to give it . a go with with this guy . and also i'll spray it with some . degreaser i have some degreaser in here . it's just some regular simple green type . stuff it's diluted 5 to 1 so 1 part . degreaser and the four parts water and . or five parts water i can't remember . which one it was and i'm just gonna . spray it down just kind of use liberal . amounts making sure not to get it into . the velocity stacks here even though it . would probably evaporate and it's not . really that big of a deal . those small squirts giggidy yeah that . should get a lot of the debris loose and . then i'm gonna hit it with the wire . brush . [music]. alright guys look at that here is the . finished product well almost finished i . still have to give it a few more passes. with some extra fine steel wool and here . is the not touched at all and you can . see that there's a lot of corrosion here . it's just dirty and this is nice and . clean i also did part of the middle . intake manifold here it's actually the . middle and there's a lower right here . it's a quite complex but i also did the . power steering pump down there and a. little bit of the block now i will still . have to go through the entire engine and . make sure that everything is corrosion. free but i want to take this as a given . let's just pretend i did that side right . now and let's move on to something else . something a little bit more exciting and . that is this intake manifold well . actually this is not an intake manifold. it's a intake plenum this is the . collector this goes on top of the . velocity stacks that you just saw now . this is something that i've always liked . on these lamborghinis it's a it's . basically the signature piece that goes . on top and it gives it that exotic feel . the only thing is i think i need to . modify mine or at least spruce it up now . this is a black wrinkled paint and it . actually does look pretty good but there . are a few blemishes a little bit of a . nick here and just all around there's . some scratches and of course me putting . it keep putting a bunch of chains on top . that never really helped it but i think . that we can make this look better than . new. so there are a few options when it comes . to colors when you're dealing with this . crinkle textured finish and it's usually . black or red and since red red would be . fitting on an exotic that's more of a . ferrari thing ferrari really loves using . red in all their intake manifolds me . putting it on lamborghini that just . didn't make any sense especially with . the rivalry between ferrari and . lamborghini over the years side bar . that's actually how lamborghini started. i started with a fight between ferruccio . lamborghini and enzo ferrari google that . but i'm gonna borrow a little stylistic . tidbit from my previous exotic car my. aston martin and even though that car . didn't have it a lot of aston martins do . have this and it's a white. take manifold with these raised letters . being brushed aluminum so since they . don't actually make a wrinkled crinkled . white or at least it was really hard to . find in the store i'm gonna have to . improvise so what i got was a can of vht . engine enamel and this is just white and . this goes on your engine . it protects apparently up to 550 degrees . fahrenheit which is good i don't think . my engine will get to that temperature . if it does and i have other issues than . the paint coming off but what i'm gonna . do is i'm gonna go over this paint and . i'm gonna make sure it's very very thin . and if i do it thin enough i think i'll . get this this textured finish hopefully . that's the idea i've never actually done. this but i think if i just do very very . light coats it's just gonna retain this . texture and then i can just sand the top . layer off and i'll have this nice . embossed lamborghini emblem but before . that i'm gonna have to clean it up with . some degreaser as always so i'm gonna . give it a few nice liberal spritzes of . this and then i'm gonna mask off a few . few places so when i mask off this this . is where the mass air pressure sensor is. and manifold absolute pressure or . something and i'm gonna mask off these . that's where the throttle bodies live . and that's about it then i can spray it . down and obviously i'm gonna have to . open up my garage and have it more . ventilated because i don't want to. suffocate but this should be interesting . because i've never actually attempted . this before so fingers crossed . [music]. look at that that is exactly the look . that i want it now i did end up using . pretty much the entire can but it is . finished and it's all uniform now i did . get the wrinkle finish that i wanted i . just had to do really really light coats . i think we did like five or six coats. and it looks really good now this is not . the final product it's not its final . form i still have to sand down the . lamborghini letters but before we get to . that i want to show you something else . these are my valve covers these are the . valve covers that cover the engine on. either side and as you can see they're . not in really good shape this one . actually was in the fire and i think . this one has a little bit of fire damage . as well but here you can see pretty . clearly that yeah the paint is bubbling . and it's just it's just a nasty nasty . mess so what i'm gonna do is i'm . actually gonna take the wire wheel . attachment of this drill and i'm going . to just get everything down to a level . now i don't have to do a super thorough . job just make sure that these ridges are . out because i'm not going to be using a . paint like this i'm not gonna be using a . flat non textured paint what i'm . actually gonna be using is something a . little unorthodox now usually when . people do this sort of thing they do a . wrinkle black and the wrinkle black is . very similar to the wrinkle white that . we just did and they would use this this. is a vht wrinkle plus we're not gonna . use this because i want something with a . little more wrinkle a little more . durability and also it's a little bit . cheaper it's easier to touch up and it . doesn't take a whole day to dry so what . i'm actually using is truck bed coating. so some of you might be thinking i've . lost my mind but no actually a lot of . diesel guys on the diesel forums they. use truck bed coating on their valve. covers to quiet down there clickety . clackety valve trains and even though my . valve train is quite quiet doesn't. actually make a lot of noise this truck . bed coating is going to provide a pretty. good insulation from heat from noise and . all that's. plus it's a little bit more wrinkly a . little bit more textured than the. wrinkle plus it's also a bonus that i . don't have to do as much prep work on. these valve covers as i would on any . other painted surface but speaking of . prep work. let's get these sanded. [music]. okay well we're waiting for the valve . covers to dry i got the intake manifold . on and man this looks really really good . you can even see that it complements the . brushed aluminum look i achieved this . with a little bit of elbow grease and a . little bit of steel wool it really . shines pretty nice and i don't want it. polished but i do like this this nice . semi shiny brushed look but as you can . see the lamborghini emblems are still . white and we don't need them white so . what i'm gonna do is i'm going to sand. them off before i do that i'm gonna take . a razor blade and skim the top layer of . paint right off so when we sand it's . it's not really gonna come up anything . so theoretically this should be okay i'm . not quite sure because i've never . actually done this before but i well i . definitely need to clean my hands . because my hands are absolutely filthy . you know what i'll wear gloves for this . because this is now too clean to touch . [music]. alright that looks like an exotic engine . that's exactly what i was looking for in . terms of looks i wanted it to look sort . of like the aston martin dbs intake . manifold i think the vanquish also had . it this looks very very good but it's . missing a few things namely the valve . covers let's get them on right now . boom look at that that is so . good-looking so take a look at this this . used to be the fire damage side and now . it is nice and crinkly and it is very . very clean and take a look at this . intake manifold now the manifold is it . looks brand-new and all this it looks . like a like a polished aluminum and it's . sort of is that's sort of what it is . because it is aluminum and i did polish . it but this engine looks so much better . than it did just just this morning wow . and you can tell this is much much . cleaner there's a little bit of a luster . here even the block it's really clean. now it's not perfect as far as . everything else surrounding it but we're . doing baby steps and this goes to show . you that you can basically overhaul the . look of your engine with like 15 bucks . worth of paint and a little bit of elbow . grease this looks so good i'm just . kicking out so much looks really exotic . let me know in the comments if you guys . like this and if you don't then maybe . you keep your comments to yourself how . about that i think this is starting to . look like a $50,000 engine for real wow . this is probably the cleanest engine . i've ever owned hopefully it stays like . this but knowing me it probably won't so . that's gonna be it for today i hope you . guys liked this video . i certainly loved making it and i love . the result so everything that i used as . far as the paints and all that stuff . that's gonna all be in the video . description if you'd like to contact me . for any reason you want to tell me what . i did wrong with this or you want to . tell me how you like it and you want to . do the same thing on your car you can . contact me at the real tabar status . instagram and twitter facebook valkaama . asta vars and ask avars . gmail. com is my email and a read every . single one and i thank every single one . of you for sending me so so many emails . ever since i got this car also keep in . mind this is the friday video so you . won't see another video until monday so . don't freak out if you don't see one . tomorrow they're coming up every weekday . at noon so that's my upload schedule and . i'll let you know if i skip a day . sometimes i do sometimes these things . take a little while and i don't have . enough to make an episode in one day so . that that sort of happens every once in . a while but until next time this is me . telling you they're on cars like this . that now look awesome you guys need to . wrench every day . [music]. you . [music]. .
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