I’m Getting The New Aston Martin Vantage!

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Big news for the channel! The new Aston Martin Vantage will be added to the collection over the Summer months thanks to a very generous loan from Aston Martin to complete my journey with the car after presenting the live launch of the Vantage late in 2017!
The new Aston Martin Vantage is Aston's latest car to benefit from it's close relationship with AMG. Fitted with the familiar 4.0L, 503bhp, twin turbo, V8 engine, mated to an 8 speed ZF gearbox - the new Vantage achieves 0-62mph in just 3.6 seconds with a top speed of 195mph with a dry weight of 1500kg. Needless to say the new Vantage promises to be an exciting drive that I can't wait to share with you on April 11th! (It's under embargo until then!)
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[music]. thank you so much. welcome to lisbon portugal today is . really really exciting day as i'm sure . you can tell by the title of the video . somewhat of a monumental occasion but . however before we actually see in the . car we've got a two and a half hour . drive from lisbon airport all the way . down south to an area on the southern . coast of portugal called the algarve the . reason we started so far up here is . because at this time of year there's no . flights which are readily going to the . algarve so but flying to lisbon fourth . and we've got our love the aston martin . transfer who's going to take us all the . way down . hence this massively fat java chip . frappuccino we're going to work wonders . for my power-to-weight ratio on track . lakes rock step further do let's . navigate our way through here. head to the alga . select lack of deluxe yes you've got a . first just pick it up from the . dealership you just bid been here for . aston martin . you got wi-fi inbuilt in the car . there isn't built in the car stuffs . still won't set up the car . oh oh so you want kidding it it actually . is brand new it is brand-new so amazing . yeah we do have wi-fi separately it said . the name of the network is vip . chauffeurs haha and the password is vip . onboard of lower case perfect you have . some sweet some waters stop 77 is happy . forty kilometers every 40 cash this is . well set up. [music]. nowadays you want to know something just . needed on youtube . x4 c7 whatever it is from the internet . always is true but mister yeah i started . filming cars two and a half years ago . and is purely for fun about six or seven . months in i started getting invited from . a invites from brands to say you wanna . come and check out this car don't come . and do this come here is that they are . very aware of the yeah and so it's kind . of ever since then it hasn't stopped and . last year we took 67 flights . 67 67 yeah yeah and it's absolutely . non-stop i wouldn't change it for the . world. [music]. i can't believe it. welcome to sunny portugal everyone's . we've just arrived in the hotel in the . algarve unbelievable weather absolute . torrential you just see the ocean over . there looks like a some grey swamp cuz . it's so over captain look at this look . at my friend the seagull that even he's . chillin anyway let's go and check out . this car check this view so i have done . some videos and some pretty strange . places but i have never done one on the . top of a fountain i mean literally this . vantage is suspended on top of a . fountain what you can't see is that the . water is probably an inch deep to access . this car now. by convention this car isn't typically . accessible it's just that i've arrived . here early and all of the other cars are . out and i'm dying to tell you this news . and that before the sun goes down and . typically it is absolutely pouring down . if you watch this channel regularly . you'll know that it's become a bit of a . rolling joke on this channel that it's . not a mr. jww video unless it's raining . alone behold we have travelled a . thousand miles to southern portugal . which has i think two hundred and eighty . days of the year of sunshine and it's . absolutely pouring down anyway hence why . i'm inside this car suspended on top of . a fountain so the news as the title . would suggest yes i am getting a new . aston martin vantage what is life right . now now as a bit of a spec overview with . this car let's not beat around the bush . the engine is developed by amg is . pushing over 500 horsepower. is there familiar 4 litre . twin-turbocharged v8 the journey for me . has been fascinating because i have been . with this car i would say almost from . the start now that's more of a public . start if you followed my journey on . instagram you'll know that i was honored . to be invited to be the presenter of the . live launch of the vantage when it . launched towards the end of last year in . shortage of all places but it was a . massive honor i did both their facebook . live and presented this to a live . audience for its global launch which was . an incredible honor and as a result . aston martin and this car particularly . holds a very special place in my heart . because i feel like i've been really . close to this project since day one on . the public facing side obviously this . car has been in development for many . years but here we are in portugal for . the first dynamic drive of this car now . the embargo for driving impressions is i . think the 11th of april so i can't give. you any driving impressions so this is . the perfect opportunity to tell you that . yes i am getting hold one of these cars . now let's be clear about this aston . martin are giving me one of these cars . for a few months i think it's around . about three months which means i'm going . to get to live out the summer with the . vantage i saw a spec when i was at the . geneva motor show which was absolutely . incredible i sat inside it there was all . these neon trims and beautiful . surroundings and the outside was in this. gorgeous sort of like flat battleship . grey and it had lots of q parts on it rq . is there sort of a tilly a stage where . you can go crazy on bespoke options and . the show car in that grey with lots of q . options looked incredible i sat inside . it and the first thing i thought to . myself was if i like the way this car . drives as much as i do the way it looks . the chances are i'm probably gonna end . up buying it i've never really spent . that much time in aston martin's fun . fact my uncle is actually a classic. aston martin restoration specialist so . when i was growing up i spent a lot of . time around classic astin's i even. helped him refurbish a few myself. however more . since i've never spent a great deal of . time with but on paper at least the new . specifications there the platform and . the components that make up the new . vantage are incredibly appealing the . collaboration with amg for me is . extremely exciting when it was first . announced that the partnership was . happening there was a little bit of . controversy surrounding it but i think . it's phenomenal amg makes some of the . best engines in the game and it's mated . with some of the best-looking cars . ultimately these cars are about how they . make you feel and how these components . add up to the overall driving experience . and for me to have amg as a partner and . one of the most important partners the . engine area just takes such a massive . box so i cannot wait to drive this thing . the format of the next few days is that . as mentioned we're here in the algarve . in portugal i'm gonna be spending two . days here one day on track one day on . road and eventually give you driving . impressions which won't be until april . to say i'm excited both to drive this . thing first of all is a massive . understatement i cannot tell you how . excited i am to turn this thing on . during the rehearsals of the. presentation when i live launched the. car we did turn it on and it sounded so . good what's amazing is despite the fact . that they have the amg engine the way . that they've augmented the exhaust sound. incredibly still sounds very signature . aston martin which is a very clever and . very important trait so to be able to . drive the aston feel the aston ethos but . have the drivetrain and engine of amg i . mean what more could you want . just look at the way this thing sits the . stance of it is amazing now no doubt . over the next few days we'll be able to . see some cars in some different specs . and i'm sure what has become famous . iridescent neon yellow will be available . which i can't wait to see in person but . more importantly rolling because i find . when you see cars and dynamic when . they're actually active and under load . and they've got that sort of driven . squat about them you get a much better . feel for how these things look in . movement so far i've only ever seen it . still and even on top of a fountain on . an inch of water it looked incredible so . to have the opportunity to share with . you guys as soon as i'm allowed to drop . my driving impressions i cannot wait but . until then we're here and i can give you . this incredible . use now up until now i don't have the . spec of the car that i shall be taking . delivery of the car will arrive in april . sometime but until then it's speculation . so let me know what you guys want to . know the idea of this is that i get the . opportunity to live with this car and . bring real life first-hand information . and examples of what this car is like to . live with now just by the way this . sitting position is it feels so . promising i just hope i hope so much. that it it drives as well as it looks it . drives as well as it feels the way that . this seating position is it just feels . right the car that i sat in when i . launched it was beautifully positioned. as a driver's car the back of the seat . sits down low so you are sits low the . wake of the wheel was very adjustable . and importantly comes right up to your . chest and when you're in it sort of . cocoons you it is a beautiful. environment in which to sit i'm hoping . that all of these these signs all of . these signature traits are starting to. add up to what i've experienced in the . past to be a very promising formula when . the attention to driving details are as . such when you sit in it it feels right . the chances are it probably drives right. so yes the news is big i still can't . quite believe it i'm honored once again . that aston have said would you like to . live with one of these for a long time . it took me all of a nanosecond to say . yes absolutely that would be marvelous . let me know what you guys would like to . see from my time with the vantage even . though we do have it for a few months . those months fly by but it is in the . peak supercar season so we've got road. trips track days all sorts of events to . go to and i will be taking it to events . for people to see so be sure to tune in . to my social media particularly . instagram for updates as to where the. car will be and let's follow the journey . just look at this by the way the one of . the things that aston martin do well is. style if they seem to have this timeless . essence again i have no idea what the . car that i'll be having for three months . will be like who knows that one that is . satin in geneva the neon interior . contrast panels. just exceptional so hopefully we get . something with some q treatments but . follow the journey please i don't really . ask you to subscribe that often but it's . not every day that i get access to a car . so soon that is so new with such . uncharted territory so if you're. interested in aston martin and if you're . interested particularly in the new . vantage be sure to subscribe hit that . little bell if you want alerts because . this is again going to be super . first-hand the info from one of the . earliest cars on the road incredible . position to be in thank you so much . aston martin and or as always thank you . so much to you guys for supporting this . channel so much because if it wasn't for . you opportunities like this wouldn't . happen so thank you so much now comment . below i want to know all about the . things you want to discover with this . car this video can drop before the . embargo because it's not a driving. impression so in the next two days i've . got driving impressions to film let me . know in the comments below also what you . would like to see from that super . exclusive opportunity and i'm so . thankful so yes that is the journey that . is the news as always thank you so much . for watching and i shall see you next . time ciao . [music]. .
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