IT’S HERE!! Our 240Z Build Begins…

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Our Nissan FairladyZ S30 (240Z) has arrived from Japan but not everything is as it seems with our classic JDM coupe....
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One of the most iconic jdm cars of all . time is a mirror is now here in the . building. ladies and gentlemen it's the nissen . fairlady s30 datsun 240z it's been a . pretty incredible journey to actually. get it all the way from the shores of . japan to australia but it's here it is . actually here in the metal so it's in a . very heavy attractive looking metal and . today we get working on this thing to . turn it into it was the ultimate jdm . icon and now it's the quintessential a . jd it was that mean it means it's the . super ultimate jdm icon of automotive . fantasma grande you loved it i can tell . let's get to it. [music]. you may remember that not that long ago . we went over to japan . we went down to matsuzaka where this was . waiting for us in someone's back shed . and the door came up and there was our . mayor 2:40 said hey it's better than i . could have imagined in japan this car is . known as an listen fair lady s30 but . most people broadly refer to these. internationally as a 240z as is almost . 40 years old but you'd never know . driving it the condition is remarkable . as soon as we picked it up we gave it a . quick service and then put it on the . back of a truck and drove to suzuka . twins so we could put it through its . paces it was here that it became . abundantly clear why this car has such a . cult following around the world as one . of the most iconic jdm cars that money . can buy the drive the look the feel and . the intangible qualities it all starts . to make sense as to why some examples of . these can cost up to $100,000 after some . time on the track we brought the car . back to import monster in matsusaka it's . from here that the cars prepared for . shipment back to australia and now it's . arrived and we are crazy excited to get . working on it it's actually a really . surreal process to buy something like. this off the internet then drive it . overseas and then later on it just . arrives in your country it's actually . crazy but now we've got a lot of work to . do we knew what we were getting. ourselves into but we didn't know how . good it was until we saw it in the flesh . and it's made it to australia and was . one of those it is one of those gamble's . that we took it because we bought this . without seeing anything in real life we. saw a few photos maybe six photos or . something and we just sent the money . over and went yes we'll take it so . anything for the first time now is epic . this is modified i mean subtly modified. i guess like it's not a total stock . which i like i think it looks great the . kirby windscreen is unlike anything i've . ever seen before i could start here goes . all the way had to there and then curves . back in again it's a nice it's so clean . it's look at the dust on it from being . on the truck but it's pretty good yeah i . mean it's literally just arrived a few . minutes ago . which was super exciting you are home. now. you're probably wondering what are we . gonna do to it what do you do to a car . that is just it's already complete and . you've got very good questions and . you've already used up all the barriers . in australia yes imagine that you'd . never do it anyway you might be asking . what are we going to do to it that's a . very good question . come with me and i'm gonna show you so . the car handles really well yeah it does . and it breaks well so the first thing . that we're talking here people is engine . mods so let's have a quick chat about . that first so ah something missing what . do you mean there's something missing . dude we're not allowed to have that . engine we're not that's like you know . our dreams of this kind of like all . original car and our l20 mods they went . out the window now where is the engine . you might be asking well we couldn't. bring the car in with that engine in it . in any kind of timeframe or financial . system that would make any sense so it's . because of housing materials yeah in . australia we have this asbestos policy. and if there's any asbestos you can . bring the car in with the engine but . then it has to be tested if there is a . specialist in it there can be fines it . can end up costing potentially tens of . thousands of dollars because of head . gaskets clutches all sorts of different . things in japan it was just decided that . if we want to actually get this car to . australia in any kind of timely fashion . all that stuff just had to go and so . it's got no engine . there's no gearbox no exhaust there's no . brakes no clutch anything that could . have asbestos in it and then their rules . funny - is that because it's like in . japan zero asbestos is one percent in . australia zero asbestos is zero percent. and that's that risk of one percent that . means you can get fined if you if you . bring something in even if it's . accidentally it's like too bad mate so . it left us in a bit of a left off in a . bit of a kind of wacky state because we . bought the car complete and if we knew . that we wouldn't be able to get it in . with the engine we probably could have . bought something different but i feel . slack saying that now . because the car is listening luckily . it's still a very attractive rolling . shell it is an attractive rolling shell . but it begs the question then what do . you put in here and there is only one . real option isn't there really no it . everyone everyone knows that here it is . so this is an engine from a gtr and this . here is going to be modified and . converted to run inside our s30 here so . that's the plan that's about all there . is to say about it now of course it's . going to be turbocharged it's going to. be fast it's going to make bulk power . and as such martin and with things like . this that we really care about unlike . some other vehicles that we've had it's . time to bring in some experts martin . isn't it yeah i think so and who are . those experts martin well some of . they're very good mate so nothing makes . it know how to do cool car stuff isn't . it so helping us do this project we're . going to have mechanical stig we're also . going to have turbo yoda who i think is . hiding just some you thought i think so . look who's here everyone hey vinnie . we're just talking about you mate we're . putting a gtr engine in the s 30 is that . a good idea benny now so there it is . that's our plan it's going to be a 240z . with an rb 26 in it it's gonna be . amazing. it's gonna be so good man that thing. which is just like i can't think of a . better spot to that engine to been . except maybe a jc the only option martin . yeah that there we are gonna make it . rear-wheel drive that there is the best . and only option for this car nice and . fair lady nice and rb 26 it's like it's . meant to be the only better option is . the options that you're reading right . now in the youtube comments the rb 26 is . one of nissan's most famous engines it. powered gt our skylines from 89 to . it's . six cylinders and iron block alloy heads . with individual throttle bodies fed by . parallel twin turbochargers the japanese . gentleman's agreement limited its power. to just over 200 kilowatts but it's not . uncommon for modified versions to make. two three or even four times that power . figure you wanna get in no thanks this . is a sump from an rd 28 patrol and i do . believe that the yoda has suggested that . we modify the bottom of it by chopping . it off at the same there and then using . that because we're only going rear-wheel . drive and can't use that . that looks old allen yeah it is old from . 1998 or something like that that's 20 . years ago . hey rd and rb are they the same what . different yeah an id is like a diesel . version of an rb engine so they did put . them in taxis and that sort of thing . taxis really in japan but in australia . we had him in patrols it was kind of. like the base engine that could almost . get up a hill in a patrol so our d d . stands for diesel and rb the b stands . for petrol boost now ab it just stands . for benzene or something i've spent . hours at night thinking that why that . there are d makes sense but that b . doesn't doesn't it our first step is to . jack up the car clear out the engine bay . of anything that we no longer need and . investigate how to fit our gearbox which . we don't have yet i'm just having a . general look under here just to . familiarize where the gearbox mount and . that sort of thing is it's kind of like . in the tunnel so that that may have to . come out because this box that we're . using is probably twice the size of the . one that was in it yeah so we might have . to just pick these guys brackets there . and put them back here a bit further. that problem we're gonna need to put the . engine in and out a bunch of times . during this build so we're removing the . front end of the car when not using a . conversion kit for this build instead . we'll be fabricating all amounts . ourselves to make sure they fit our car . perfectly we're taking extra care while. removing these parts because with a car . that's this old replacing them won't be . easy and then in my excitement i almost . dropped our front lip a couple of . interesting things in this engine bay . well that's not interesting because . that's a coin we don't need it anymore . that's a resistor is it got a big spring . thing it but that is the one that's got . me interested. bring on the party mutton what is it . that's your a beetle light what do you . mean it's your a beetle oh what's that . mean. a be fair it's like a party place yeah . let's see a beetle light why no the. abita light man what do you mean hashtag . a beetle light what's that mean is it is. that actually a curtiss you like that . changing your hobbies . yeah that's what it'd be feel like means . i beat the light dude what'd you say . this was called ballast resistor what's . that called the b feel like exactly with . the front end gone we can get rid of any .
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