K Swap STI Drives for the First Time!

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[music]. what's going on guys sorry we haven't . posted in nearly a week now we've been . busy with a few things and i also took a . little bit of a break just these last . few days but some updates i've been . driving the s14 pretty much every day . now and she is running great there is a . slight oil leak on it though actually . it's a pretty bad oil leak because i . need to reseal a part on the front . timing chain cover which is like part of . the oil pump . i mean i'll probably show some more of . that another day but other than it . leaking oil it runs great and the motor . is definitely broken in we took it out . to the meats a couple nights ago and she . rips it's pretty fast as well and yeah . right now we're working on emilio's sti . so we have the engine hoist hooked up to . it to lift the motor up because we need . to take the front bar off right here . that we made we need to take this off so . we can get the oil pan off because it . doesn't quite come off with it on there . because we still need to run some . silicone on the oil pan and get that all . sealed up and put it back on and then . we'll lower the motor back down then . we're gonna work on getting all the . wiring figured out and you get the . throttle body back on we also need to . get the radiator mounted and yeah just . go from there we're gonna see how far we . can get on here tonight . and we want to try to have it running . and driving by the end of this week so . we'll see what we can make happen but . yeah sorry we haven't done much these . last few days but we're getting back . into it right now . i think this is the o2 sensor and then . this is where the engine harness goes . into the main engine harness yeah so we . don't need this we don't need any of . this yeah just right now just connection . to everything else though . so yeah emilio is getting the bottom of . the block cleaned off right now so we . can get some new silicone on the oil pan . down there with a razor blade and this . was part of the old engine harness that . we don't need anymore but it is . connected to another harness that runs . all the way inside the car so what we're . just gonna do for now is push this one . back under the dash and just kind of . tuck it away and hide it we could always . like cut it off later but we just don't . want to mess with any of that since we . know it works with this just chilling . right there we don't want to mess . anything up by trying to cut stuff off . even though we don't need it so we're . gonna tuck that away and then gonna try . to run the honda harness it's connected . do the cape rope. we're gonna try to run that through the . same hole and get it somewhere in the . passenger footwell. like where a stock honda ecu would be so . we're just gonna run it down here . somewhere it's probably it's gonna chill . on the floor for now but at least it'll . be in the car and not sitting in the . engine bay. i mean kind of fits huh that's perfect . yeah i think just like a honda we can . just mountain mounts it where the other . sti goes is like the old computer goes . right like right there basically without . that our pit yeah there's like a bracket . right there and that's how you convert a . subaru into a honda who has a hon dad on . there sti row put a lot on there you got . something in your beard still there it's . a little weak so we just left to go pick . some things up we got some aluminum . tubing right here that we're gonna use . for some coolant lines we have this . little 90-degree silicon boot right here . that we have on the bottom of the . radiator we're gonna take the aluminum . tube run that over and that will connect . to our lower radiator hose which is like . this little deal right here so on the . k-series they have this plastic piece . that bolts on to the back of the water . pump it's kind of right under here . behind this alternator this bolts on . like that and it faces me these three . bolts and then there's also another . fitting that goes onto these three bolts . and that holds the thermostat and so . amelia didn't have that so we went . picked up a new one . and the thermostat comes with that . housing and then this bolts on right . here like that and then you run the . coolant line to this but there's also. another fitting that uses a little seed . clip the clips onto this guy you can see . where the c-clip goes and we don't have . that part either and no one locally . carries that we'd have to go get it at a . junkyard or something so what we ended . up doing oh also another thing is we . don't have the tube that goes into this . guy right here this is for the heater . line we don't have that either that's . another thing we'd have to go to the . jung . gared for so long story short is that . we're gonna return this not gonna use it . at all and i pulled the mr2 in here . got it jacked up and since the mr2 is . gonna come apart soon anyways and i . really don't drive it at all . i took the parts off that one and we're . gonna throw that on to the sti so this . is that same little contraption this has . a thermostat in it but this also has . this extra piece that we need right here . that clips on and we're gonna throw that . on to the sti and then the lower hose . will connect to that then we can run . that to our tube which will go to the . bottom side of the radiator and then . that will be done and then i also pulled. the heater line or this heater tube off. the mr2 as well and then that pushes . into this guy right here like that this . will push into there and then that will . connect to the factory heater line and . that will be all ready to go because if . we didn't have this then we would have . to plug this off and you don't have . anything to plug it off right now so we . couldn't drive the car yet so just to . save some time i just pulled all this . stuff off the mr2 so we'll be able to . run it on to the sti we were just gonna . try to make this thermostat work and. just put the hose over this and clamp it . and see if it holds even though there's . no like lip to hold it on but since we . really do need that heater line i . figured i'd just pull everything off so . we can just have everything ready to go . and yeah now i can order some nicer . parts for the mr2 i'll probably just get . the k tuned version of that whenever i . start to put that back together and . that'll make things a lot easier but uh . yeah we got those ready for the sti so . now we're gonna get these thrown on. there emilio is just underneath the car. getting the spacers for the tranny . bracket done we've also went to ace . hardware picked up some spacers and then . we spaced that bracket down inch and a . quarter just like how we spaced this . subframe down right here so we're kind . of lowering everything evenly and yeah . so now i just gotta get this stuff . thrown on get the coolant lines ran and . just keep going from there we're getting . there. might be able to drive it by tonight i . hope so. we'll see floor you wouldn't emilio . trying to get it all put together so we . can actually do some stuff and that's a . phone yeah it's all spaced out yeah we . put the wiring harness and it's factory . still making the shop work in the. backyard it's like nice in here yeah . it's nice we're just gonna come work . here now hahaha . more than welcome to knock out some of . the ceiling for the leaves up there . dino one is right i was thinking about . notching like this area right there . might cut a rectangle yeah why not . [applause]. so we just got all the radiated lines. pretty much ran right now the radiator . is held up by zip ties so we do need to . mount it later on but we just got these . aluminum tubes cut so this lower side. has a 90 degree boot right here and that . shoots over through this aluminum tube . to a flex hose right there and then that . goes to the thermostat housing for the . lower radiator line right there and then . for the upper radiator line we have . another aluminum tube this is just a . piece of radiator line that we cut so we . can adapt those guys together that goes . to the tube that goes all the way back . then that's going to go into this flex . tube right here then that goes into the . back of the head and how we're gonna . fill it for right now since we don't . have a filler neck we need to add that . later like weld one on or something or. add it to the top of the radiator later . on but this right here is the highest . point of the cooling system that we can . get to it might look like this right . here's the highest point but this back . here is actually higher so what we're . gonna do is just fill it up through . right here get as high as we can bring . this hose up and then we're just gonna . connect them together just get as much . coolant in there as we can for now and . call it good for right there but like i . said we do need to add a filler neck . later on but everything else is pretty . much ready to go for the heater hoses we . have this one that comes over to the . stock heater line right there and then . the lower one goes to the heater tube . right here that we took off of the mr2 . this actually we cut as well the factory . one kind of comes over off to this side . we cut it short or is it that we cut it . short right here just so the line could . have a straighter path to it this is the . piece that we cut off right here so i . can no longer use that on the mr2 . anymore we also had to block off a few . coolant ports there's one right here . that we just put a plug on and a hose . clamp and then there's also a couple in . the back kind of hard to see those we're . probably just going to like the air idle . control valve or something like that so . we just blocked all that stuff off we've . got the fuel line's hook back up we have . the throttle body back on . we don't have a throttle body gasket so . we just use gasket makers so hopefully . that works for r
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