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We were expecting like 75-100 people and got well over 1000! I've been wanting to do a proper local meet up for some time now - and thought it could be cool to let people come to our actual HQ, see our cars, see inside, and eat dope tacos. It took a lot of planning (and I apologize for missing so many videos), but our hard work paid off and we were well prepared for one of the coolest events I've been able to be a part of! Thank you everyone who came out, especially those that donated toys!
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TJ Hunt - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLQJGvzJiYGhGAGvwodRL4A
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It's open now stay and would you look . who showed up just started filming write . it before i was gonna start talking at . him . stop breaking mugs i'm breaking next . tuesday's breaking without for a comment . annette on my channel but breaking mugs . did you look okay squad not with a . smurfs mustang . look who got his car run and dude it . runs i'm proud of you let's hear it i'm . stoked for you man we're running around . i'm acting like a chicken my head cut . off there's a lot of cars here and i . have to start parking the real heroes of . the day are here with the tacos. all right so everything's all set it's . been running around like crazy a little . late on the tacos so people are waiting . up so thank you divert in this pin . patient put the last pull we got so many . cool cars here it's on the right-hand . drive stuff ton of really rare stuff i'm . really happy especially just having all . my friends cars just kind of chillin and . stuff we were expecting maybe like 50 to . 100 people and there's legit a line that . goes all the way down our block insane . check out this sweet pulsar i'm so . stoked on the cars here especially alan . palin's little antlers a bird in the . warehouse it's a baby bird nicole . revving our mini like always . [music]. where . more. [music]. [laughter]. keep going i'll keep going to a bug that . let's not do that the best thing i've . ever gotten look at this do you guys . remember what it was you want to tell . him what happened alright so his car was . having problems with the alternator . views and he didn't have one and i let . him basically burn the crap out of that . one. [laughter]. thank you what's your name again thank . you vincent all right so one of the . things that we're gonna do today since . i'm gonna be involved like we see what . we're doing is taking photos and people . trying to photo wall after they go . through the line in the warehouse well . i'm not gonna be able to really feel . much so i'm gonna pass my camera round . to people like alberto and taylor and . maybe nicole i don't know yeah and have . them like vlog in their own like . personal place and just mix this video . with all their footage so hoagie that . works out someone you wanna give it to . berto . you got it done literally in like what. three days someone let's the middle . upper nose guard is the most important . part view in line i am now at line all . right getting top there you go i'm going . i'm going . wow i'm david but that's bolin we've . been chilling most of the meet it's been . really awesome by the way these guys are . amazing . yeah everyone i'm sorry i insulted your . super that was totally by accident all i . said was that the ej 25 was a really old . engine that's basically what i said yeah. hi paula. i feel like trash now jacob we're gonna. go look at your car let's go . i'm gonna lead the way so from my . perspective this open house could not be . more organized and everything is going . super well and everybody here is really . nice i haven't met any really clean . people so that's a good thing . for a first open house it's amazing blog . yeah adam was very nervous let you know . behind the scenes and yes editor adam i . know you're watching this but you . shouldn't have been that nervous you did . a really good job. everything's fantastic any of the line . out the freaking door oh hi . your piece of junk that's not a piece of . junk this thing's sweet. i gotta fix something whoa yeah like old . school wheels and every bass mostly or . is it really oh yeah. oh okay yes they have you park over here . by the dogs so how long have you had it . about six months so okay very cool the . guy before me had it for around full . awesome. all right so this is a big boost now i'm . taking over the camera and i got tail . over here but you guys gotta see it up . over here . oh wait wait for this all right taylor . so how's it going we're just gonna zoom . into taylor a little bit real quick you . got a little something over there yeah . yeah well yeah all right so now i guess . the coolest thing i could do is to get a . little clip on my car yes i'm still . doing bodywork it's not done yet . the roof is better look at this carbon . fiber interior it's not as best as good . as it could be but i just put a new . engine in here it's fully built now for . spitzer's four rods it even has a polish . intake by look at that yes berto doesn't . know how to get his keys out how can you . trust this man to put an engine in his . car . oh alberto is warming his car up i'm . gonna go show you guys the beautiful . detail job i did on my car go check this . out. you know i figured this is an important . open house thing and it would be . important for me to make sure my car was . clean. after ppi r which that's where i was . last night and that's why it looks like . it's just wait i'm trying to fill the . void of me walking input talking . so as you can see i have the custom mud . vinyl on it and then this is from my . tire delaminating and just destroying . all this and it also ripped my gopro off . so that's gone entirely i think the . other side i think that's the muddiest . side yeah this sides not that bad i was . actually gonna clean it but i woke up . really late because it took me three . bike i got back at like 3:00 in the . morning from vir i just one off one . that's not rookie driving i just went . off once i think it adds character it's . very it's very me on my car to be dirty . right exactly it's just it wouldn't be . my car if it wasn't dirty at a car show. where everyone else's is clean all right . let's see if alberto has his car warmed . up now. [music]. [music]. congratulations alberto marcos eating . tacos i already ate mine they're the . best it sounds like a commercial shout . out shout out gringos locos hashtag . brought to you by gringos locos product . placement nope i don't know if he . notices me. oh i didn't even notice this look at its . they're kissing you see that they're . holding hands that's up they're doing . [music]. get gone all week . [music]. look look how many toys have been don't . eat i don't even think this is all of . them oh oh oh my gosh you guys are . making people's christmas. we're just ill in office we can take a . break and like heat food for a minute . and we were opening up mail and we . actually got a postcard from a dog . nicola you should read a little bit of . letting oh yeah the dogs and those . reese's - yeah in and out and up a . christmas card okay so what it what did . the dog say mr. adam and mrs. nicole lz . greetings and salutations all of the . traveling terrier here i just wanted to . say how much my parents and i enjoy our . youtube channel it has become a daily . family affair to watch your shenanigans. and adventures on the magical square box . in our living room dad especially enjoys . all the things related to those things . on wheels that goes skirt just keep . going on it's great tell me the story . again tell me sir . my name is lyric mizrahi and also you to . burn i'm also youtuber and i this is the . first time in my life sixteen years in . florida never drove on the highway and . today my son made me make this three . half hour on the highway special for . adam and eve special for you . thanks god you're gonna pay my hotel . tonight so great thank you for covered . out so three of the cool things that . were actually gonna be raffling off are . free movement watches they actually. provided us with three watches to give . away at the open house so we're about to . do the raffle we have the frame we have . the bars and we have some floor mats and . we're gonna also like what people said . choose some shirts and stuff in the . warehouse are there any other questions . well i'm up here . [music]. anything on the giveaway car . the giveaway car is really cool top you . releasing the details what it's it's one . per branch there is a car here that is . the same cars it i'm not going to tell . you what it is japanese who came the . farthest oh yeah we simply who came the . far whoever came the farthest if you. have proof of it we'll give you a free . item under 50 bucks so who thinks they . came the farthest come up here does not. tell me what's your name and how hard . you come from from mary yes sir how far . is that how many hours it was 6 hours . and 36 minutes my name is megan and we . came from the frame michigan 20 to 22 . hours minnesota so i want to thank all . you guys again for coming out the reason . i was like trying to not encourage . people to come from really far away and . we were really freaking out about this . event we were worried there was gonna be . organized but it turned out really great . and that's a lot of things to the people . involved with it and you guys could be . respectful and listening and cooperating. so thank you lost and won't . yeah what's up let's get around roberto . for rebuilding his engine in two days . because drive ahead . [applause]. [music]. in the morning but is roni you guys . heard it earlier and before you guys . leave from also an around a few times . already seen okay . i think what we see you real quick. before i go back to hiding stuff i think . we should have a rev off between the . gt350 and over del z 36 yeah all right. no no once you get on this i think we. might want to get it with our 34 - well . let's just leave it up for cars for now . otherwise it's going to get really rowdy . and then like the cops are going to come . from noise and stuff so and just okay if . that makes sense . all right so we're doing our little red . battle with alberto that do - blue with . leads we want to get . it's so quiet we can hear it all right . cleveland let's hear what you got first . we got japan we got to america. we can't we can't put the winner for her . so you gotta go first . [music]. that was impressive yeah . ow. all right that dude in blue what you got . make sure
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