Made My ZR1 as LOUD as Possible!!! Corsa EXTREME Exhaust Install! *MAXIMUM FREEDOM*

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[music]. good morning and welcome to the channel . what are we doing today you might ask. well we are installing a corset extreme . exhaust on the 2019 cr1 thank you for . asking. because horsepower is never allowed. enough there is the exhaust in the back. and here are the tips that custom made 7 . 1 7 tips for me and this is going to . look and it sound incredible ecr 1 is . already a very loud car from the factory . so it will be interesting to see how . loud it gets . [music]. back at whitmore chevy as always if you . need a new chevrolet or ford check them . out great people hit up my man matt. beaver or ask for chad and they will . take care of you and i did not just run . something over that is a like a manhole . cover thing on the ground don't worry . he's gonna drive right to the back that . would make the most sense and we already . have the gm high-performance cold air. intake and the course of x-pipe i know . from my own dyno testing the x pipe is . good for about 15 to 20 horsepower and . gm says the intake is good for about 15 . and if the course that gives us another . 5 and we should be around like 715 720 . wheel horsepower i'm also wearing my my . very appropriate flag swim trunks let's . go see beaver this shitty part is the . part of the rear bumper has to come off . which you know it's definitely. inconvenient didn't be too bad for these . guys luckily i'm not doing it the . experts are doing it not me . [music]. the naked rear section of a zr1 sure . it's the same as a stingray i'm not sure . maybe the dip is a little bit more . beefed up maybe the axles are a little . bit more beefed up but the standard and . now the course of system will go in both . quick a little size comparison between . the stock and the corsa and you can see . why the course of one is louder and also. a lot lighter you got to get all up in. there but you can see them yeah . corsa xtreme installed tips on thank you . very much man you did a great job thank . you to everybody at whitmore thank you . matt and the team here like a 45-minute . job really quick really quick job and . luckily have such a good day to come in . they're not they're not too busy . [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. what do you think good. [music]. [music]. that sounds so good dude so good ready . to go. [music]. definitely definitely sounds pretty . gnarly now i have to say i have . my air conditioning on i have my cooled . seat on and this is the first time i've . ever used a cold seat let me tell you . it's fantastic viper . burnout on the rampant. send burn out in the shop yeah all right . let's do it . yeah which one the blue one yeah yeah . dude it's a no it's an older size i . think it's a 360 yeah well what are . those marian ellos because it looks like . the engine in the front it's a five . seven five has to be has to be do you . see my air freshener air . freshener installed buddy install a big . huge difference huge difference yeah . huge difference in freedom shifts. it truly is it truly is disgusting . goddamn i can listen to that whole night . this is why i get atrocious . all baseball there you go buddy . bringing back to memories . look at this road we're like i look on . the plains dude with the . do you have packs . [music]. the big wang the big way and then. whenever my quads ready well don't worry. mine will be ready in a week yamaha . camphill assured me that it's gonna be . ready in a week so we'll be on the quad . soon buddy i know i want to get out . there so bad the only question is shane . when can we expect to bunny so we're . back at home and unfortunately you know . shane doesn't have time to just drop . everything into the x pail for me but we . will get it done soon and i feel like we . are approaching maximum america level on . the zr1 i mean it's already american . enough as it is but we do have a flag . over here. now ideally that would be reversed but . shane doesn't have anymore in stock so . that's his fault. on this side we got it again we do have . the air freshener i installed that . myself and of course a really important . touch the key tag itself which by the. way key tags available first link down . below but yeah i mean we are definitely . reaching pretty high levels of america . here i like it love it i think it looks . good i don't like for some reason like i . would not put a sticker on that car like . i do have i have a little union jack . over there for it but it just wouldn't . seem right this like i guess because . it's it looks like a race car . like a sticker just looks perfect right . there and i want to get and . maybe put that on the side like a . rectangular 7 1 7 with a flag in it. that'd be sick but the zr1 man i tell . you i love this car so much i am so much . more excited about this one than the . first one and i really don't know why . but i mean i just really love this car . it turns a lot of heads out on the road . which is kind of neat you know because . the c7 corvette has been out for a while. but people really noticed this one and i . just think it looks so nasty with that . wing it i mean the wing is just. incredible i mean this is something that . like gm i've been wishing for them to do. something cool like this with corvettes . for years and i finally have it like the . zr1 is the culmination of everything i . ever wanted to see from corvette . you know like even the collar right down . to the color they finally brought in. like a really bright orange color it's . got a huge wing carbon fiber everywhere . you know it's just it's the right amount . of like being functional but also flashy . like you know it is a little bit flashy . but i like it that's the point like it . looks freaking nasty it looks like a . race car you know you put some if you . put some decals on it that would look . like a gt class race car at about a . hundred and fifty 160 miles on it so far . and yeah we are working towards that . break-in period not that i really care . clearly i have already you know gone . over the rev limiter and all that but. yeah the zr1 loving it more and more . every day and i am going to make a full . video on this but because a lot of . people ask me you know is it worth it to . step up from a zo6 and i think it is . personally i mean i'm gonna get into . this in the video but you can never say . like all for the money you can do this . or that the other thing right because . that's the same stupid argument people . have been using forever you know you . could make any car take any car and you . could buy an hour title you know c5 . corvette or a miata or whatever fox body . mustang and make it the ultimate drag . car track car whatever for way cheaper . of course you could do that but we're . comparing stock cars to stock cars and . when you compare this to a 0-6 you know . i really do i think it's worth it and . for a lot of reasons so i will make a . full comparison video at some point in . the near future but i hope that you . enjoyed this upload let me know what you. think of the corset exhaust it sounds . freakin incredible you gotta hear it in . person but yeah i feel like this is . without a doubt the loudest c7 zr1 out . there right now if you did enjoy don't . forget to give it a big thumbs up if you . are stopping in for the first time . please subscribe for new zr1 content . every day take care great night . .

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