Making A Cheap Lamborghini Turbo Kit From Scratch Was WAY HARDER Than I Thought

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Today I try my hand at fixing and modifying my cheap Lambo's turbo kit, to make huge power. BIG HELP from Tony, the Welding Jedi.
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How's it go guys my name is devarsi . today i find out that making a turbo kit . from scratch for a lamborghini in your . garage is actually pretty hard it's . really hard so if you guys new to my . channel thank you so much for showing up . hope you guys like it and subscribe if . you like what you see this is my 2008 . lamborghini gallardo spyder and is sort . of coming together sort of kind of but . right now i'm working on the twin turbo . kit and we're making it basically from . scratch in my garage but i want to . address something that you guys have . been sending me questions about and . sending me messages about for quite some . time basically ever since i got this car . you guys want to know where i get these . cars where i got this car with so many. high-dollar parts and i mean it is a . lamborghini after all how did i get one . of these so cheaply well my secret is . that i use a site called auto tempest . comm so auto tempest combines every . single major automotive classified site. into one super easy nationwide search. you can browse through ebay cars calm . cargurus and you can compare with all of . craigslist nationwide to make sure that . if you say that you bought the country's . cheapest anything you can actually prove . it if you're looking for your next . project daily driver or just . window-shopping. although tempest is the perfect place to . find your ideal car check it out in the . link below. so i last left you guys off with some . turbo piping work and as you can see . here i have mocked up a little jig as to . where the turbo is gonna go now this is. basically where one turbo sits and the . other one's gonna go right here i found . out that what we did yesterday was . unusable because if we go down here we . can see what we did yesterday and this . is the little kink a little 45 degree . angle that we made and this is the new . flange now the turbo has to sit all the . way over here and i changed it a little . bit because when the turbo sat out here . that meant that i had to get rid of this . which is a structural component in the . car a lot of you guys told me about this . and i thought that it was just a bumper . thing but the more i looked at it the . more i realized that this was actually a . structural part. the frame because all this stuff is like . it's a cool monocoque chassis sort of. thing so i didn't want to have any . rigidity issues and also it's a crash . bar so i don't want anybody hitting me . and destroying my engine so we moved the . turbo over and basically all we did was . put take two two by fours and use some . zip ties and basically hung this turbo . where it's supposed to sit now this is . gonna sit right here there's gonna be a . little ninety a little low profile 90 . going right into the air to water . intercooler and then we're gonna have . the exhaust come out here it's gonna . make a 180-degree turn . merge with the other exhaust on the . other side and then come out this way . but i'm not doing the whole this work . myself. in fact i'm probably not doing all the . work in this episode because i suck at . welding but i know a guy who doesn't . suck at welding and it's him so you've . seen him in my last episode his name is . tony he is a welding jedi that's the . that's the name i gave him he's gonna be . welding this we're gonna be tig welding . and this is all stainless steel so we're . gonna be doing some stainless steel. welding and then we're gonna do some . aluminum welding there's gonna be a lot . of welding going on in the next few . episodes so right now we just have to . move this pipe over and make sure that . it bolts on - it's our flange and . hopefully we can do it without ruining . too much or making it hard to get - i . honestly have no idea what i'm talking . about when it comes to metal fabrication . but we will definitely get this done . all right so we cut out some of the 45s . and i guess that's it that's another 45 . and you see . yeah it's 45 ish and we just want to see. where the flange is gonna go. realistically and where we can cut it . out. so we have talks but actually make this . connect to the body because there is a . there's a bracket right here that bolts . into the body so that's gonna be another . hurdle that we have to go through and . i'm not sure how we can we can get that . going what are you thinking i think i'm . gonna put a mark and not cut it on the . mark like cut it in front of it what i'm . what i'm concerned about is that this . will will make something with that i got . i got some other steel we can weld . something on it put it in to the top . weld it to the other pipe okay all right . okay that works fine i think we could . also do is to the flange we can weld a . little bracket that goes up here and . bolts on that way it'll be connected . here and here and it'll be nice and . strong because that turbo is really it's . a it's a heavy one it's not it's not a . light turbo dianese won't work yeah 90s . are gonna take it take it out way too . far and then it'll little bow on things . well let me check i haven't actually . checked it roughly five inches yeah i . think that's gonna work take off on . these is like three . [music]. no i don't think we have enough space it . would be it'd be really really tight . don't worry about the support this . whatever i do there will be very strong. all right so let me let me take that off . and then we'll cut that off and we'll . cut it and we have to have to make a . baltimore and make a measurement yeah . the the old calibrated eyeball yeah the . piece of that cut in between there isn't . may not be a straight edge cut right. might be have to be mitered a little bit . okay all right fair enough i thought . making a turbo kit was easy . [music]. okay so now we're mocking up where . everything's supposed to go and we have . a tighter bend right here so what that's . gonna do is that's gonna come off the. flange and then all you have to do is . cut out a straight piece of pipe and . it'll made up directly to the the pipe . we cut right here now we will have to . figure out something for mounting it . because it's not actually bolted onto . anything it's just zip tied in place but . i think there's plenty of bolts and . stuff that we can use for this but this . is looking a real good and check out the . clearance for the turbo turbo doesn't . foul on this and all i have to do is get . a 90 and there's gonna be plenty of room . for our exhaust and exhaust come out . there and leave out here and cherry bomb . probably is gonna be around here and i . know a lot of you have been giving me a . little bit of grief about the cherry . bomb i don't care this car is gonna have . cherry bombs on it. [music]. oh right take a look at this now . everything is tacked up where it should . be we have the flange right there we . have a custom little kink right there we . have a five inch section of straight . pipe and then we have another kink and . that goes into the stock exhaust will . not stop exhaust but the exhaust that . came on the car and everything it's a . straight shot there's no weird bends or . anything and it goes into the turbo and . take a look at the turbo situation here . we don't have any fouling this is a . little close here but as you can see it . moves around a little bit so when we put . a bracket on here and make sure that it . doesn't move i'll make sure to get a . little bit more space but the turbo is . in a really good spot and i can put that . rear bracket on there so i don't have to . sacrifice any structural rigidity so . that is really it's really really good . guy so i am i am super stoked at how . this how this turned out i didn't really . actually do anything today it was all . tony's work and he has just been busting . his butt getting this done but this is . gonna take a little while well it's . gonna take a long while because this . just this just this one piece cost well . it didn't cost uh it took four hours to . do and for those of you who do metal . fabrication you'll know that these . things take a long time to do so we're . gonna have to do this basic thing this . same thing to the other side then we . have to put the turbo in the in the. plate in the place where it's gonna live . and then we can have to do the exhaust . then tack that all up but after that we . can weld everything all up and then see . how the routing is to the actual air to . water intercooler but this is definitely . a it's not a long-term project but it is . gonna take a little while so you guys . that want to have this all done in one . episode that's it's not gonna happen . just because it's it's just unrealistic . alright guys well it was a lot of fun . it's actually past midnight now and. to put this video out tomorrow at noon . so you guys are seeing stuff that it's . pretty fresh now i am gonna do stuff . that's not having to do with this turbo . kit in the next episodes maybe i'm gonna . have to route the fuel lines i'm gonna . have to make sure that all the coolant . and and fuel hoses and and water hoses. and all that stuff are in their right . positions and making sure that. everything's clamped down and doing all . the bits and pieces that are make sure . that we'll make sure that this engine is . gonna run in the near future but this is . gonna be the project to look out for in . the coming week so i can't wait to get . this done hopefully we get it done in a . reasonable timeframe but again it takes . as long as it takes so i don't want to . rush this especially because it's a . thousand horsepower lamborghini . potentially and i've never actually done. something on this scale and i want you . guys to see what people can do in their . garage if they just work really hard and . don't necessarily spend a lot of money . so if you like to contact me you can do . so at the realtor virus that is . instagram and twitter facebook that . complex asked of ours and asked of ours . at gmail. com is my email i read every . single one you guys have been great with . giving me feedback on this car and no i . have not finalized the routing of my . turbo oil lines for those of you who . sent me lots and lots of emails and . comments this is just being mocked up i . can clock it and i do know how to route . turbo oil line so don't worry about that . but yeah keep them coming i love reading . every single one of your comments and . emails and stuff if you want to buy my . shirt that says you are the warranty . well it says i am the warranty but just . means you are the warranty then you can . buy it in the teespring link down below . if you want to hear me talk about cars . and car culture and all that other stuff . with my friend andrew howell you can do . so at the wrench everyday podcast link . down below it's it's a lot of fun . i do it every weekday and we have new . episodes every weekday so until next . time this is me telling you that on cars . like this then now have mocked up turbo . systems well at least half of one you. guys need to wrench every day . [music]. you . [music]. .
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