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Good morning good morning welcome back . to the channel welcome back to the vlog . two days ago i got the text message i . have been waiting for for three months . october 31st 9 a. m. los angeles . international airport's delivery day . boys happy halloween welcome back to . america i've been trying to keep this a . secret from you guys for about 3 months . that was so difficult i first found out . the vision gt was coming back to america . back in august but the thing about the . vision gt is a concept cars on a. production car and so as far as . importing into the united states there's . all this nonsense and red tape so we're . here at the los angeles international . airport heavy-duty cargo depot to seoul . so sick the vision gran turismo is . inside that cargo container right now . oh man it's under my car and i'm so so . excited to see it this is a true unicorn . this is the only one in the entire world . wow . the keys to the container unfortunately . i can't film inside any longer because . the us customs and border protection has . arrived they of course have to inspect . the car make sure that nothing illegal . is being imported and then sign off . goodness gracious the girth what they . actually going to roll the vision into . the truck on these wooden planks there's . four guys pushing each wheel . this is sick . hello that diffuser is . right. this is the most stressful delivery i've . ever witnessed. how's that one over there all right . we're good we're good over here . awesome. now if you guys are new to the channel . my name is james i go by the strad man . if you like supercars if you like hyper . cars even if you like jeeps or . adventures be sure to subscribe to my . channel we are now following the truck . is going to be delivered there to his . car collection dude i can only imagine . what like the average driver is thinking . of this ufo right here on the 405 that's . so crazy . beep the prius there in the reflection . too . dude. how is this car in america if you're . standing up i would suggest that you sit . down just because this garage is absurd . we have the bugatti veyron vitesse aka . hellbug we have the p1 sat there in race . mode next to the laferrari and the . centenario roadster this is such a sick . garage hence you imagine that soon the . vision gran turismo is going to be here . as well of course the sheer on the hell . be you guys remember that hobie . that is currently at sema right now so . unfortunately won't be here in the . garage so just check out this place what . its spots its lighting it's just amazing . so of course there's only 20 of the . shenton reo roadsters in the world this . was the first one delivered to a . customer in the world full exposed . carbon fiber and just look at that back . and there's my favorite part of the . entire car a knife-edge diffuser this is . the world's coolest truck . [music]. now we are rolling so two days ago when . i got the text message sitting in tokyo . there was a decision to be made do we . book a next day overnight trip from. tokyo straight to los angeles we made . the right choice if that's a good seller . we eat more dude this is so sick . are you kidding me. goodness gracious this wing design is so. obnoxious and we love obnoxious that's. our favorite attribute on a car you got . the french flag right there . what we have these gojaks right here . we'll use to rotate the entire car into . that spot that's how it's done right . there. [music]. [applause]. wc. [music]. very very good very good . famous vision gran turismo treasure . chest you got a special set of jumper . cables and then this is the center lock . nut removal in the event that you get a . flat tire for different remotes right . here these two are the same this is what . you use to raise and lower the . suspension these two remotes you can . turn on the front lights the rear lights . the interior lights you can raise the . spoiler lower the spoiler the antenna. piece that goes on top of the vision gt. everything you need to know and this is . like the most mysterious car in the . entire world start up procedure right . here so there's a couple switches there . in the grille main switch car to turn on . the power whoa like i was showing you . earlier we have the remotes right here. to turn on the front and rear lights . dude there's so many mysteries that have . been solved that are in this book wow. here's the remote to turn on the . headlights so they're on right now just . turn them off and then we'll turn them . back on that's so cool . okay we're gonna turn the rear lights on. and then the interior as well turn those . on real quick . dude this is a spaceship so sick . look at that steering wheel are you . kidding me so if the engine start/stop. button right there you have your wipers . your flashers park neutral dude this is . totally a video game of course the . vision is just a single seater it's . really a race car the vision gt placard . so mr. yamaguchi he is the ceo of gran . turismo the video game what a spot the. vision gran turismo victori bugatti . of course the wing mirrors you have the . cameras right there and the display . front center if the cameras were turned . on you could see your left mirror right . there and your right mirror on that side . that's a race mode right there yeah it's . so low stance nation doesn't clear do we . need a half inch and a half the veyron . tires run for around forty thousand . dollars with the vision gt has these . michelin and racing slicks there's only . two sets of these tires in the entire . world this set and bugatti corporate has. another one if you want that second set. we're looking at eighty thousand euros . all right guys here it is this is the . key to hyper car insanity it's like a . volkswagen passat key the first service . on the vision gran turismo is a 20 grand . that includes an oil change they clean . the windshield they top off the washer . fluid and they check the air pressure in . each tire as you deal laferrari . obviously ferraris creatin perhaps the. best sounding cars in the world. well this laufer i was so loud that it . cracked the mir right there what ferrari . doing it best . what's that missy the dog vlog what's up . whatsapp i've been to some incredible . garages all around the world but for a . five car garage that also is six with . this year on right there i don't know if . you can get much better than this if you . had to choose one car in this collection . which would you choose i mean obviously . the vision gt but if you couldn't pick . the vision gt which would you go with i . think i'd take the chintan reo i mean . obviously i'm a lambo guy through and . through you guys know that you really . couldn't go wrong with any of these cars . now you guys might remember i filmed the . delivery of this chintan re roadster . i'll put a link to that video in the . description . laferrari the p1 this is one of those . cars that we are we are surrounded by . hyper car insanity and yet you cannot . stop staring at the vision gt i mean to . be honest the veil it looks like a chump . next to the vision it's just so . aggressive the fenders are so . exaggerated everything. about this car is so sick honestly i . wish the sheer on added more of these . elements the problem is that obviously . stuff like this splitter is not very . practical the vision gt was designed to . be sort of a thoroughbred race car and . that's why you have like the power kill . switches right there you have the door . disconnects and then you have this hatch . right here to remove the helmet off the . driver in the event of an accident we . have an active arrow back here this rear. wing is just obnoxious we love obnoxious. to crazy thing about the vision gt from . a performance standpoint pretty much . nobody knows anything i mean the car is . a complete mystery it has the w 16 quad . turbocharged 8 liter that is in the . veyron as well as the shear on . supposedly it produces roughly 1500 . horsepower don't quote me on that . because honestly i don't really know and . apparently it's capable of around . plus miles an hour we are we are . literally in the land of unicorns right . now. chanting reo roadster 1 at 20 laferrari . one of 499 p1 one at 375 vision gt one . of one and veyron one of 450 the sheer . on one 500 this is such garages . goodness gracious garage goals this is . like a canvas printing you guys remember. the he'll be if you don't there's a link . to that video in the description below . and then also you guys remember the . hellbug this car was taken to 235 point . seven miles per hour up at the sun . valley road rally there's a link to that . video as well i'm hooking you up i'm . hooking you up two days ago we had a . decision to make we were in tokyo got . the text message that the vision gt was . being delivered here on halloween we're . not purchasing an overnight flight . directly from tokyo to los angeles there . are moments in your life you simply . cannot miss for example your wedding day. you can't miss that maybe the birth of a . child but you definitely do not want to . miss the delivery of a vision gran . turismo once-in-a-lifetime opportunity . massive massive congrats to the owner of . just one of the probably the coolest car . in the entire world the best part is . he's going to be sharing this car it's . going to be at some events it's gonna be . out of museum on display at some point . as well be 101 vision gt . hope you guys enjoyed today's video if . you didn't like squad be sure to smash . that like button but just like that this . vlog is over an amount . [music]. .

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