My Cheap Lamborghini Is Ready To Make SERIOUS POWER, And I’m REALLY Scared

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How's it going guys my name is de vars . and today i'm gonna burn them in that . oil to get my cheap lambo ready for its . first dyno run i'm not nervous not at . all so for those of you new to my . channel thank you so much for joining us . i hope you guys like it and if you like . this video consider subscribing this of . course is my 2008 lamborghini gallardo. spyder it has a twin turbo kit it has a . six-speed manual transmission and it . makes well it makes all the right noises . [music]. but today he's gonna be a mad dash to . get this thing on its first dyno run now . i am a little bit nervous i'm actually . very very nervous because i've never had . a car of mine on a dyno with this much . custom work to it i don't know what its . gonna do but i have to make sure that it . performs well and also looks good on . camera speaking of looking good on . camera this whole thing this whole . situation is not working so we have to . change it which gives me an opportunity . to introduce today's sponsor dollar . shave club also known as the only . company that can turn this to this with . only five bucks so we'll have our daily . routines getting up taking a shower . brushing your teeth working on your fire . damaged lamborghini one thing i bet you . don't know is the fact that dollar shave . club has all your grooming products . actually all the grooming products . you'll ever need including toothpaste. hair products body wash and everything . that makes you look and 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after your first box so if you want to . start looking right and get your five . dollar daily essential starter set you . can go to dollarshaveclub. com slash tab . that is dollarshaveclub. com slash t a v . alright so let's start back here at the . business end of the car now . for those of you who have watched my . last video my quick update video will . know that i was working back here . because my turbo had an oil leak in it . meaning that the oil from the return . line was actually backing up into the . exhaust housing and coming out of the . exhaust and burning up and giving me . really nasty plumes of blue smoke so . what i did to fix the problem was just . have it well run like it should this oil. return line right here that goes that's . going across the end of my transmission . here this is a gravity feed system . meaning that when the oil comes out of . the turbo it comes into this feed right . here at around 40 or so psi and then it . goes down it gets sped up by the turbo . there's a bearings in there and there's . a lot of stuff that happens it also gets . cooled a little bit by the oil but then . it comes out at a lower pressure at a . much lower pressure and that goes into. the sump now the sump is well it's in . the middle of the car and as this is a . dry sump system it doesn't have a . traditional wet sump where the oil. return line has to go on top of the oil . i actually have this going into the . drain plug because that's where the . pickup is for the oil pump now the . interesting bit here is that i just made . sure that everything was on a glide . slope down everything was just sloping. downwards and there was no kinks the old . system the old setup that i had it . basically went like this i went down it . like kind of went down like this across . the transmission and then i had to go up . a few inches and that up meant that . there would be a pool of oil that . basically couldn't get any leverage any . it couldn't get sucked up into the . engine . even if there was some suction so that . turbo was fine this turbo was getting . some oil seepage this should fix it i . also put some di wrap on here just to . make sure that the really hot exhaust . doesn't interfere with the oil because . if the lines burst for some reason that. could be a real disaster situation but . that's not gonna happen with this wrap . and i wrapped both those lines and as. you can see i also drained the oil . because well i think the oil for this . engine was a little bit too thin . i used 5w 40 which the car calls for but. this is a built engine and i know built. engines especially with turbocharged . applications i know the turbochargers . usually thin out the oil load but so you. want a thicker oil so for that i have a . 20 w 60 and i'm gonna show you how i put . that in right now so instead of using . any old oil that you'd find in an . autozone or maybe even getting something . special like a casserole tws or a liqui . moly. i decided to go all out because this car . well this car is gonna have a lot of . power and i've never had an exotic car . like this before. so why not splurge on some engine oil. now this is actually the most expensive . will ever buy or i have ever bought in . my life this is motul 20 w 6300 v lamont . this is uh well this is the oil that . they use in lamar race cars and a lot of . people have asked me because i've . mentioned that i'm gonna use this oil a . lot of people have asked me why are you . using this oil in your car well i'm . gonna be putting down a bit more power . than what the guys in lamar use i want . to make sure that this car can sustain . high revs and high power for as long as . possible because this oil is really good . at that it doesn't break down when the . pressures get really high now this . doesn't have as many detergents as the . regular oils do like the autozone brands . so i can't really do the five thousand. or seven thousand mile oil changes but . it should be ok for my purposes now this . i'll have to change out the oil i'd say . every two thousand miles or there abouts . i'll check the oil make sure it doesn't . get too dark or anything like that but . this should provide 800 . protection for my oily bits and all my . spinny bits back there so what i have to. do for this car is instead of putting it . into the engine like you would a normal . car i have to put it in the oil tank . this has a dry sump system and the oil . tank is separate from the engine the oil . tank is right back here all i have to do . is pull the dipstick okay so the . dipstick has been modified from stock i . haven't modified it this was actually . modified by the shop that did the . previous iteration of this twin turbo . kit now the dipstick actually is . supposed to sit up here and you're . supposed to get the engine oil out here . and the dipstick is supposed to be a lot. longer but what they did is since the . intercooler is sitting up here it would . have fouled on the intercooler so they . just cut it all the way down there and . then they just cut the dipstick and made . two little notches i have no idea if . these notches are correct in where their . oil level is supposed to be but that's . the only thing i have to go by and it's . not like i can just buy a stock piece . for this because this is after all an . aftermarket aftermarket edition same an . aftermarket it's just completely custom . hopefully not botched edition so i'm . gonna take a regular old funnel and i'm . just gonna funnel in some oil now the . procedure for this car to introduce oil . into the system is you have to put in . six litres of oil into the oil tank then . turn on the car then wait till your oil . pressure gets up to a reasonable level . then add four more quarts now i am . really concerned with this thing being . either overfilled or under filled so i'm . going to add three quarts and then we'll . see where we're at with the level i'm . not sure how much is still left in the . system. i have drained the entire 10 quart . system but who knows there might be some. some odds and ends still floating around . back there and this stuff is you want to . talk about expensive this is a 2 liter . container and this cost me around 35 . bucks and to do a 10 liter system well. you guys can do the math it's not cheap . what's cool about motel is that they . have this this cool little spout so you . just pull it out and it makes pouring a . lot easier even though it's not . the easiest thing in the world to begin . with oh yeah that is nice and thick so . this oil has consistency like honey it's . it's crazy crazy thick so getting . through the strainer on my funnel here . it's gonna take a little while so i . think with the magic of editing you guys . will see the results in three two one . and we're done that was a lot of fun . actually you guys missed out on a lot . because my idea of fun is watching oil . drain slowly into a tank over many many . minutes in any case i'm going to turn on . the car and we're going to make sure . that the oil pressure is up to snuff now . i have changed the oil filter i had a . video about this a while back where i . took a look at the old oil filter and i . put in a new one i did put in a new one . again those are around 80 bucks so this . is actually a pretty expensive oil . change but even with these exotic oils . and really expensive parts it's actually . a lot cheaper to do it yourself then to . go to the lamborghini dealer
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