So, I gave my dad the keys to my car for a bit and he crashed my new E63's what happened
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Good morning ladies and gentlemen if . you're new to the channel my name is . parker near enstein this is vehicle . virgins and today we are taking my brand . new east 63rd of you museum let's roll . mercedes provided me and my dad with a . hotel room for the night am schloss . garden honestly a really nice hotels . mercedes if you're watching i really . appreciate the hospitality oh good . morning pop this open i am absolutely in . love with this car guys i could barely . sleep last night something about the way . that magno gray selenite paint looks . that matte finish with the black wheels. and the carbon fiber i am so stoked on . the way it came out i hadn't seen it in . person before i've never seen this color . before i came to germany i hadn't seen . those wheels before nor the carbon fiber . package so it was the first time i . really totally winged it and oh my god . it looks great so we're gonna drive this . all the way 250 miles to the bmw museum . oh my god i cannot get over this thing . the interior - oh it's so great in every . way. we've got the alien green interior light . combination which my dad thinks is . disgusting but hideous hey thank you . here's the break-in procedure right here . no kickdown . no full load operation temporarily . engine speed max 4,500 rpms and don't go . over 85 miles an hour all of that sucks . but we're probably gonna do it to . protect this thing because i love it so . much the route is being calculated come . on sally i think it's off to munich we . go. i love the backup camera absolutely . incredible graphics this is the best . view i've ever seen this is the ultimate . don't curb your wheels mode it is so . beautiful in germany oh my gosh and . finally the weather is better what the . heck is that day oh paquito five the . combination of the paint job and the . strangest-looking toyota i've ever seen . wow that's a beaut right there i will . say driving in a foreign country is very . confusing not only deer maps load slower . if you're using your phone trying to . understand the streets and all the road . signs is let us to make more than a . couple wrong turns that's part of the . experience it's gonna take you longer to . get to your destination but have fun . with it don't get too stressed out which . is easier said than done we just entered . one of those no speed limit areas on the . autobahn but unfortunately i'm limited . to 85 miles an hour which we just found . out is about 141 km/h i kind of want to . hit a thousand miles before i leave . europe so i can actually pop this thing . out legally check it out on the heads-up . display there you can see i'm going . kilometers an hour right next to the no . kph sign that means i can go as fast as . i want i'm so much depressed that the . car isn't broken in yet but this is just . why why can't they have this in the . united states they need the la bond or . the lava i've been in this sport display . for a while because i really like it but . check out what happens when you put it . into classic well the navigation is . going. can't get used to going 85 miles an hour . and just being passed by people . constantly and they're not breaking any . laws whatsoever no i came to germany to . avoid the priuses and they're here still . that sucks the munich we go we're on a . tight twisty mountain road right now and. we had a sign that said there's no speed . limit that is crazy i was not even safe . now on another two-lane curvy road. through the snow and there is no speed . limit. well i've driven 141 kilometers and so i. have only thirteen hundred and fifty . nine more kilometers to go that's a long . way till i can mash the throttle so i . decided to get the upgraded amg . performance seats how does your back . feel about that is it good or misses a . massage. good good lateral support obviously the . situation that these are necessary and . is anything but cruising on the highway . but still pretty comfortable a lot of . people in the reviews were saying that. this car rides really harsh i don't . really agree with that i think in . comfort mode rides over buffs plenty . well going 85 miles an hour right now . and watch how fast these cars are about . to pass me to larious . watch this this guy is flying we are . about half way to the bmw museum and . although i haven't been able to drive . this car more than 4,000 rpms and 85 . miles an hour i am loving every second . of it and before coming up hot . nurburgring badge on the back i want to . floor it so fast this is like car . person's torture i'm in germany on a d . restricted autobahn and i can only go 85 . miles an hour that's a new business . model rent gum i think i'd rather just . buy my own and not give it back . [music]. i have seen these more than any other . car the dasya duster what in the heck is . this thing. oh that's a classic duster owner right . there look at that it's an abarth . assetto corsa that's a video game . there's just an actual model german . followers let me know do they have an . asset of course oh a bar that actually . exists there it is massive bmw building. up there a lot of bmws enemy territory . lol omg omg look it actually replicated . the shape of the museum and shows that . we're insider right now that's pretty . awesome obviously i am a big fan of bmw . as well. i had an e39 m5 for the better part of. six years i then briefly had an e46 m3 . before i gave it away to you guys and i . will get future bmws i also have this . mercedes and then technically with the . huracan i have an audi as well i think . it's fun to own all the brands so you're . not just a fanboy of one and you can . actually have an intelligent . conversation and comparison between all . the models check out what this looks . like with the weathering on that . selenite grey magno paint job i've . pretty much vowed never to get a gloss . black car again the s-class i have is . never cleaned whatsoever however after . the ceramic pro coating on it it's been . quite a bit better but still black cars . are a nightmare to keep clean guys . helped me come up with a name for my new . car so i have elliot a lamborghini . huracan and ariana the mercedes s550 i . need something for the new e63 comment . below let's see what you guys come up . with so check out the difference between . these two keys so this is the 2018 east . 63 key and this is a 2016 s-class a very . expensive car with quite a crappy key . they've used the exact same key since. the 2001 s-class so it's definitely time . for a redesign and they have fixed it . parker's bmw oh no parking so obviously . the m5 was a great choice for my next . daily driver obviously i chose the e63 . instead of the m5 what do you guys think . you rather have one of these for an e63 . that is such a gorgeous color . behind me is a bmw individual color . seven series looks absolutely stunning . it's this deep purple it's hard to . capture on camera but take a look at . this that's spectacular . look at the individual pillows gorgeous . interior behind me i'm actually getting. to see the phantom eight for the first . time so the phantom 7 existed for 13 . years and was absolutely due for a . refresh this thing will set you back a . base price of four hundred and fifty . thousand dollars has a six point seven . five litre twin-turbocharged v-12 making . 563 horsepower but the best feature is . the new interior so rolls-royce has . always been excellent with their . craftsmanship and their luxury but they . haven't been the top of the line in . terms of technology but now with a fully . digital dash called the gallery . they've taken a huge step in the right . direction there are tons of different . options for the materials in the backing . of the gallery there but absolutely . stunning oles has even done things like . angle the rear seats towards each other . slightly so it's easier for the two . passengers to talk to each other how . crazy is that honestly though pictures . do not do this vehicle justice you have . to see it in person to realize how . massive how elegant this looks when it's . standing next to you imagine just trying . to get around town and nothing that's . why you have a show for awesome mini . cooper display hi becca . we were just in what was called bmw . world now it's time to actually go . across this bridge and head to the . museum . [music]. [music]. [music]. behind me is a formula one engine from . 2005 it's a three liter v10 this tiny . little thing makes 930 horsepower the . engine behind me is actually a variant . of the engine found in the mclaren f1 it . powered the bmw v12 lmr race car in . and it came first overall in position in . 24 hour of the mall clearly an . incredible engine that is a good-looking . engine well if you thought the mclaren . f1 engine looked cool check for this . 1944 bmw jet engine that is huge . this airplane engine behind me has two . sets of radially oriented pistons . totaling up to 14 that's massive one of . my favorite bmws ever made purely . because of the engine is the 2005 m6 . that massive 5 litre naturally aspirated . v10 and that is the body of it one thing . i will say about this museum is it's . beautiful and they have an incredible . array of cars but the way it's laid out . it's super confusing you'd think they'd . go from the beginning the first bmw ever . made or perhaps airplane engines and . then transition into cars and bikes but . it's kind of all over the place you go . from 1917 all the way to a 2005 m . little confusing but trying to figure it . out and this right there is the first . generation bmw 3-series made until 1975 . the bmw 1600 is known as the official. predecessor to the bmw 3-series we've . got every single 3-series ever made here . listed one by one after that this is . actually the second most popular bmw . ever made almost a quarter million units . of them produced until 1975 then in 1982 . they produced the extremely famous
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