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Hey guys how's it going and welcome to a . nother video and went back again . okay i'm not gonna lie i woke up at . about 2pm today it was my first day . first night back in birmingham i slept . late because i had to edit that video . just a random little idea last minute i . was like i need to make a video so yeah . coming out like two o'clock but she's . not to report now i woke up at two . o'clock we have i don't know whether . this is now this is dirty so this . doesn't mean clean and the guard over . the top of the garden is still filthy . think he's gonna have that washed after . we consent but yeah you guys may . remember this from yesterday and today . it is looking clay slapped talk throughs . sure and then we have the range rover . that was killed yesterday as well that . is looking pretty shiny and yeah . everything else looks nice and fresh . this is the thing right ok so i've been . using the q7 for a few days now and i'm . like i'm really enjoying it because it's . good on fuel its low key the only thing . that gives it away that it's a pat is . obviously the the number plate which . people can obviously recognize and then . yeah there's my cover blown . but yeah i've been enjoying the weather . as you can see is like really like boom . me and dark and depressing so i was just . thinking like the doors been cleaned up . even though i was planning on taking it . out. i don't know whether i should right now . because the web so yeah guys . howdy to sever there's some nice little . rings just tell you that it's an audi . and yeah i hate it when people talk . about causing they don't really know . much about the munich and got basic . knowledge that are you publicly to act . up these know your little there's a new . one why just come through that way . ah now i understand what he was saying . wow like that never opens that actually . feels pretty cool . i'm not going to enjoy it as much ready . approach . wow we're in 2016 these sensors doors . over me show you the there we have it . oh two of them have been added so we've . got the other horror car that's been . added that was clean anyway yes that . wasn't what you think it's probably have . another wash and the red events at all . this just come off the left so those are . always wonder i don't know what's in . this many many times before so it's . probably annoying for my forefathers but . this is the lift that brings the cars up . when this goes down as a big hole in the . middle but these railings come around to . make sure you don't fall down so it's . seek care about everyone is looking . fresh. hold on a second how's this gonna be . painted part of why did you paint the . experimental rotor rooter painted no way . wow so guys those are the unit that all . know that what i bought the when i . bought the red aventador it had it had . the same roof finish as the sp there's . my own little mark from yesterday people . must be wondering what the hell happened . but as you can see it's a satin finish. that's the standard finish okay this is . a little bit more but they've just had . this i think they've had the roof panels . painted and my god the finish on it is . absolutely starving . wow very nice so what we were planning . for today is not really it's not really . happening anymore because i don't know . their plans changed mine but the yeah we . have funds really really enjoying being . back with my glasses . oh yeah in case you didn't know i now . weight losses . well i've always needed them but i just . i just never wore them but guys if you. need glasses make sure you rather go . down i forgot after going to get my . friend that she eats the parasites off. like you may think they're attacking . each other but they're actually friends . without without without that no one you. know that would have really bad skin so . look teamwork . so you off me you scratch my back i . scratch yours you get a friend of mine. is having these past service so i have . to go pick him up like a good friend . would whoa this is actually one of my . favorite balls royce's of all time . you'll love it . and those are the user follow me on . instagram will know that we have another . rolls-royce hashanah on the way it is . the rolls-royce great but it is 15 so . the difference is that you see the . headlights that on the door . look at the front of the door . now look at the front of the ghost you . see the headlights and the bottom bumper . yeah basically that's what's changed on . the series 2 so you're really looking . forward to it . we're going to say goodbye to the it's . the sensible thing to do i think would . be through were just carry on using the . the cue server it's a lot of hard work . cleaning this big part of my guys i . dessert dessert is a fantastic job and . yeah you know he takes a lot of time and . effort doing it so it's only right that. we leave the cars parked inside it must . be so horrible right regardless of . whether it's your car not you might get . paid for it might be your job but you . spent time and ever . cleaning a car the way that he does put . his love into it and then the gas on . comes along and jumped into the car and . drives out and before you know it the . car is looking grimy again . so if we have no reason and i think we . should respect his hustle and effort and. and yeah just leave it for today . ok guys so we are now heading over to . myself forward as you guys know about . that in birmingham now you know that my . friends here in birmingham they had ec . class so i think that needs a service . that's when you dropped off so that's . what we're going to pick him up and be a . good friend so he has a year so he has a . left . what we do from there almost i do not . know because he promised me that we was . going to be doing something today. however they sent me flopped on it . let's ask more details when we get there . do you like i hear / talk . what are you doing. well how do you mean my camera you don't . know where we are . was another hallmark god oh my god and . that was locked but i needed right now . is reza shah coming out . ladies and gentlemen if you do not know . of this man. reza of minor in the best now it doesn't . matter what blog it looking we out here . is the msl code master yes master limb . we don't know come see me and i . introduced you to him . fact number is up to age using our the . end you want to bother her dui frank you . squire yo start without you . you like the tile guys if you don't know . razor holds down every seed and every . scene and air or out every car you know . me never to do with me mother mother . mother where top guys a top guys where's . once the whole firming up the step-back . 2016 we need all your money or your . donations we're gonna be environment . since our feet and other need people i . mean need i wasn't needed my heart and i . got one. they're gonna get this one back but guys . we have a cube here finally classes . driving test. how do you feel sir what do you even . know the background of law basically . what is what you need to happen know you . need that what happened to leave while . she was off the road what was what what . was happening we was out here in . birmingham where we created the scene . for possible viewers 83 got loads of . foster car go faster gotti boi himself . and sv i want myself inside joke change . your address told you i want to joke do . that by reading you know when your . instagram post make me i was like you . have an essay don't watch my is it yeah . i do but while i and . this is residents call this as you can . see . he loves it loves it good good guy . hello yeah you tell us that you tell . them what's that once you've done that . fucking hit the tire . ok this compact from hey guys we just . turned to the mercedes-benz dealership . head bobbing up and my friends need to. pick up the just need to get some car . parts . we're going to have a look around inside . and see what they have on displayed. and . today . absolutely. he's added up as well what did he say to . find out just wanna find out . not half because the . where's he going . uncle you're leaving only a little . something into my lap oh wow ok this is . a beautiful car. i love it wow look at that just need . some clips for his car and he just is . not being very helpful are they right . let's go. i broadcom quicktime we need to get . these clips. and . happy customer there we are finally saw . it about . i wish this dish it would actually stop . cars like the ones on the war but . imagine if they had like you know why . don't they have a green g-wagen here why . don't have a solarbeam yellow amg gts . then they were pretty easy three-year . because well that's a very new car and i . don't think as you can see from the . specs of these cars . [music]. now have you worked out why they . actually give you a seat now do you want . to see now i said you know what get up . you said you didn't want to see her . understand the point of having seen . right so now you understand why would . you like to apologize mercedes benz . wisely dowsing why they give you seats . at receptions apart do you appreciate . the seat down . ok point and you only let me hear your . batteries 4000 up listening to some . musical wear my glasses in my pocket did . was just sharing classified . listen i need you to come and look at . this well but like you look it's a . showroom yeah look at the pictures that . they have on the warrior not saying that . you know just okay i get it it's . christmas they're trying to go for thing . but why are you got like you make the . showroom is meant to showcase the best. mercedes-benz yeah very often why he's . not helpful . are not sending understanding for this . dealership anything specific because . they need to up their game and it's like . in button is a dealership in birmingham . it's a showroom right it needs to . showcase the best i'm saying is ben's . no
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