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Wasted no time with the recent delivery of Calvin's new Exhaust from ISR Performance. Surprisingly, we made the car quieter this time...I know, weird right? Rather than make the car loud visually and audibly, we feel this car is better toned back a bit, giving it a real clean feel.
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Poway, CA
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I don't need a 240 to make my phone all . right it's old-school style old-school . style seems actually what's up guys and . welcome back to another video we're . gonna do a classic install video for you . guys today. calvin's 2:40 hasn't been completely . complete what has it been a hundred feet . it's not drivable . it is drivable but it's late but it . ain't i'm gonna get caught i don't get . caught i got an sr 20 in there impound . it's way too out he didn't have didn't . have a i didn't have a back end of big . new exhaust okay i did i have a down . pipe you in the bag no yes no yes so . today we're gonna work on my equity . 240sx we're gonna put we got a what are . you doing i'm you're not me . got a down pipe back exhaust system what . are good i can't do we have a catback . exhaust system for kevin's car ba is . power down pipe back we have a new . exhaust for commons car we're gonna make . it down below if you wanna check it out . this is exciting because once this . exhaust is on the car it can actually be . drivable and not be too loud and we can . actually start using it a little bit . more finally gonna complete the car . today. [music]. i should get a nice . [music]. oh . this exhaust is looking sweet for some . reason calvin's 240 kind of has that . stopped looking vibe i'm actually on . board with the stock looking exhaust and . what i mean by that is is the dual tip . so normally for does i think it's . awesome to have one fat single but for . calvin's i don't know i kind of have a. different change of heart i'm feeling . that and answer everyone's question as i . know all of you are thinking it you're . like screaming at the screen what the . hell is that this was the dax and i was . talking about that mickey is doing 4lt . that we're shopping right yesterday this . is gonna make these project he's been . working on for a couple days yeah so . it's a datsun 521 pickup i think it's a . late sixties early seventies model i . don't know the year exactly mr. mira the . owner of rocket bunny wanted to put an. sr 20 in it this is a really unique sr . 20 because it's a non turbo model . already has an ismo clutch aftermarket . exhaust manifold and then stop trans and. so we're gonna just make the mounts here . and then it goes back to lt mw for the . final to get it running and stuff so . we're just doing the fab work on it so . should be pretty safe . [music]. baby oh baby oh make you hold me up hold . me up real tight i'll see why they open . around 400 did you love me right . so as you guys can see i opted to get a . muffler the reason being is because . mickey warned me he was like this car . pretty loud i'm not like tj i don't want . my car super loud we kind of ran into an . issue we tried to do this and she don't . fit she don't fit at all i'm triggered . i'm super triggered look at that what . does like remind you guys of my miata . triggered oh oh he's already done it . yeah bye-bye gains this is a game . squasher reminds me a lot of dustin . williams yeah sounds like do we install . it as is with all that pretty gains are . moving materials well we're just gonna . borrow it put it in place until we get . the straight through pipe and won't swap . it up and you're gonna watch that was . fling every time i cringe it every time . now you're gonna watch that what screams . i think it's like they're like no i'm . not it's not the calvin and tj show and . you're gonna watch a lot of these . exhaust systems come with oversized . piping for a better flow which is . awesome but the bottom of these two 40s . have a bolt that comes to the chassis . from the inside right here that . oftentimes doesn't contact it while . you're like installing it but once you . start driving and the motor mounts moves . and you have to clutch of stuff it bangs . on this boldin makes a loud noise inside . the car so we're just gonna shorten that . and clean it up a little bit so that it . doesn't do that just a good nick just a . good nick get yourself a make at mickey . those things org mickey also knows . things a talker . calvin those things that org mickey also . knows things that are and tj's odd to . the cameraman today besides apparently . all before tj tj doesn't know things pbs . know something stopped appears notice . how that work the camera that could say . oh al . [music]. fuck you tease . [music]. you . [music]. it's great now yeah . one test breath test baby now this is . going to be quieter than before which . normally it's the opposite but i have . this weird fascination with this car. like being stock i don't know . as this calvin's carbons my car i kind . of would want this to be like on the . quieter scale which i normally never say . but i think it'd be something unique . that you don't oftentimes see you with a . 240 oh it's so mature. she's good that's possum she said she's . loud when she needs to be that's all i . care about wanna say your first game . [music]. when i do a third gear pull from 55 he . just goes to 100 i confuse the shit out . of benedict already he was like i don't . know ask them does that look right and . i'm like it feels fast for sure yeah but . like i'm curious to know how hot it is . when you drive by me . i think it sounds pretty damn good . probably a lot of you are like you . disagree with it being quiet . i don't know kinda has like a refreshing . taste have a car that normally two 40s . are super hot topics for cops and all . ions people just straight pipe won't . make them crazy loud i really like . calvin's because it it just feels mature . clean it works it has an sr swap it's . just clean it's good what's up buddy . i just go back to my hockey game it's . pretty late it's like midnight right now . i can't help but think today i'm kind of . over this camera i'm using the sony a7s . ii think it's what's called most you . camera guys might know this but there's . no footpaths going on so i can't see . myself when i talk and bailey that's. really been bothering me so i might be . switching back to a canon or i might get . like a loom xgx for high . nothing like a quick old-fashioned . insult like we had today i've always . enjoyed those i keep saying this bren . really finding a life in the calvin's . new 240 build i say this every day but . what's coming for that car is gonna be . so cool but i say in every video so i . should probably stop saying that i don't . see you guys tomorrow thank us so much . for watching today's video peace out and . keep owl stop it . moving forward . fear . [music]. .
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