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https://www.hoonigan.com/ On today's episode of Daily Transmission, The Gambler 500 boys go on a hucking spree with a Porsche Safari and a long travel Miata.
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So last year at sema we met a couple . super rad dudes that put on this race . where basically the idea is to bring the . most impractical keep it that you . can and just run this whole thing and . have a blast with your friends it's . called the gambler 500 cut to some of . that footage right now . [music]. so they gave us a call and let us know . they were gonna be at the mint 400 but. if we were so inclined that they would . like to stop by the donut garage bring a . couple of their prized possessions and . then jump the out of them here. we of course obliged it's going on guys . sup man what up . introduce yourselves tell the people. here take me we're going on the gambit . by longer it's a dumb bob road rally for . dumb cars okay your name jason lightner . i just like that bro this little beast . [music]. this is hot the hot pink so we brought . you the hottest of the hot like most of . our cars not like this we want to bring . you in like the hostel so this is am i . not mistaken this is a porsche yes . operable porsche a rally car it's got . the appropriate patina and chunks of . paint and so tell me a little bit about . that we'll start with this one we got . another one up there it's very near and . dear to my heart right now . yeah tell it tell us a little bit about . this i've bought about 14 years ago . restored it had a nice and pretty then . it's sat and i was getting into racing . on looking outside of the shop like no i . shouldn't i shouldn't let's do it you . bought a 14 years ago at that regular . for sure you look for something like . okay so restoring it and a nice pretty . paint job of very painted shiny . it ran some more purchase and you're no . no okay heads if you buy a full hood . i've got another one that i do this kind . of stuff with it and i was getting into . rally racing i wanted something a little . more dependable not directed half a . dozen times but up there no perfect . donor chassis what do we got going on . what makes this special i mean i see we . got i mean we got power kill all that . makes it special and a sticker over . that's like stock yeah so it's a stock . porsche stock expansion knobby tires . kill switch . yeah pretty much oh what what year is . this does a seventy six nine twelve. years one year only force . which it's not anymore i've even others . can't force on their hey that just the . one year i'll and they had a budget . extra nine fourteen motors leftovers and . the leg and i let's go man have you . managed to get roof dings i'll show you . pictures the years by the way though . made it to the party that keeps mitch on . new year's he keeps mentioning new . year's i want to know what happened you . give us the clips notice the cliffsnotes . okay so i was like this and then i was . running inside the car as he was going . like this oh god when the whole know . when the whole apparatus of you have to . 15 ish baby girl mileage i wanted one . series my first year i got second in. another series the same year in the . second year at redesign whole car put . efi and it did all kinds of crazy . and finish one race . so at a great time understand is how any . porsche qualifies for the gambler 500 . because i was under the impression that . was like a $500 car type of man. impractical so you're just done . everybody . that basically yes. yale rules rule said with a . four-cylinder before this is a six now . it sounds like it's not okay . seventy-eight scd so it's a three liter . bass twin plug efi is that a moon pick . that is the air cleaner because the . first year i raced and went through five . motors because dust got in it wow dustin . motors is bad yeah i think that's . probably why our baja bug doesn't run . right now well it wasn't we put the side . a little reggae we just took the air . filter off for the first time and it is . sands filter i like this wiring harness . action so that's okay party my to-do . list of things to finishing add on more . fun wow this is great. i want to see what this is all about . [music]. i have a soft spot in my heart for . miatas especially ones that like to send . so what in the made you do this i. mean i get why you want to do it but . like sort of last year our friend and . hooligan driver jessa combs came up for . our rally so you want to drive something . silly she didn't have enough time to put . together a car and so what in batam . miata and it got out of control i see . that i mean we got long travel yes paco . motorsports. long travel off roadster kid hit like . widens it like 15 into mad like another . wait did you say off roadster off . roadster yeah 28 inch super swampers i . was gonna say like you'd behave like. they look like a swampert but they're so . your swampers they're mean these are . bigger tires than i have on my dolly . there's only company that makes a super . aggressive tiny tire so like this do to . legal okay this is a road tire you can . go buy this anywhere and put it on your . lifted honda civic whatever they just . decided to stay heed this stance on this . thing is super mean yeah masking all the . fender flares all the bumpers this is . some pretty high grade fabrication right . it's got 230,000 miles on about four . eight her bucks like it was bones a . talking garbage and we just started like . adding more and more nice to it but . you still have like the heart of the . garbage so got an iphone cable that's . cool i mean yeah i've got a couple of . like seven bottles of coolant in the . trunk okay oh yeah . and the cars are like just normal to you . metros or or corollas or your mom's . station wagon it doesn't matter jeff we . wanted to say and i wanted to bring the . fire so yeah i mean you did and i don't. know if you could see any of this in the . background but we have set a few things . up here now you've seen a lot of jumps . lately and you've seen some pretty . pretty hard since we're trying to spice . it up for you a little bit we do lots of . reckless things but we never race. anymore there's enough space here to do . a full course rally race now the levels . won't be there because we don't have . dirt but you'll see what do you think . you think we actually try to have them . run the course you just have it go full . melee way back to back . huk huk lam out into tandem donuts . that's the ideal situation . ladies and gentlemen welcome to the. first annual. [music]. are you ready all right are you ready . yes. [music]. [music]. ain't nothing but a jape bang bang . not give enough go in pigs are hide wow . wow . zach i'm sorry buddy oh you're alright . you put on a good show it's all we could . ask for did the miata get sent yeah did . a porsche get sent . yeah that that was badass you guys . really lived up to the name man well i . think after all that there's only one . thing left to do gentlemen . know when to fold em know when to walk . away. [music]. .
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