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Today was awesome! The 350z has been an extremely solid car, I haven't had any issues in the last 5 events. We had a slight mishap today with my PBM arm, it decided to break off where the end link connects from the sway bar, which usually happens over time. This was my first time taking a private lesson and boy did it help me a lot. Can't wait to schedule my next one and then take on round 2!
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We got in early we got a big smudge . right on the lens not too sure that even . really fixed it we have an early morning . today we are back at the track at willow . springs and today i have a private . lesson with actually the main judge of . top drift which is the prom' series i'm . currently him his name is taka he's an . og to the drift scene and what we're at . horsethief . mile this is a very fast track and it . has a lot of downhill transitions and . this is actually where round two is . gonna be this year my plan is to get a . bunch of lessons in before onto it so i . can come in a season scoring some more . points and mainly just have fun today . the car did perfect over the past . weekend we were only here five days ago . we're already back so we got ten tires . today a bunch of gas and hopefully a lot . to learn yesterday's video was a little . bit shorter someone's be sure to record. a lot today because i was so fabulous . good short video so i apologize for that . but i'm excited we're gonna have a good . time we have mickey here today and we . have kevin so kevin i'm gonna help doing . some filming for us as well because it . makes it a lot easier for me and one of . the biggest things that you guys are . requested last time when i was driving . was to have more in ride gopro stuff so . i'm gonna make sure to get a lot of that . today have you guys ever noticed that . kevin is always rocking this old school . hoodie that's one of my favorite ones i . think that one was have the most hype . out of all the other sweatshirts i was. gonna this is the most popular one . that's the only limited run one yeah we . only did i think like 250 of those they . went pretty fast. we're gonna start with some video . lessons of round 1 tacos and show me . what i did wrong how we can improve it . and do it more educational before we . drive. [music]. as i came up . then it started slightly tapered wider . maybe you can fly . [music]. [music]. do you get all that yeah remember all . that i think so . crazy solingen for me oh man i'd like . open me to a new world we have free . laughing yeah you guys just bump my . lesson sorry about it amy now dude . i'm excited to do this track like i said . i did it once before like months and . months ago but that was still pretty new . to driving today is all about performing . the right habits a lot of people just do . the wrong line this layout is hard to a . lot of people because they're just doing . the wrong line you can even see on the . track all the black mark so you can see . it initiation points part wrong so it's . about focusing on the right ones today . and it's gettin used to it not being . scared to use power tacos recommending . that we drive on 600 horsepower not for . endorse power he says you have the power . use it which will be interesting i don't . know when we drive it that crazy but he . said use it to your advantage because . you have it so it should be fun i'm . really excited . [music]. [music]. when i go to like make the transition . over i don't know how close them to . going off-track i don't want to like dip . in second which i feel like i'm . stretching it yeah kind of . you need to for it to walk there's so . much speed to that sighs homer griffith . don't work so nice nikki's been going on . he put this little orange highlight. about this little tape thing that he got . on the you can't he can't really see it . some side he's like look at that i can . perfectly see it he's so happy about it . just see now i put a lot more grip on . the tires and try and create some more . side bite usually more cred means more . speed but i'm looking to see if i can . [music]. and once i came through her everything . that's opened up yeah and i was like oh . and i like helmet helmet i love it and i . was like okay now it's so yeah hey you . all know really especially after that's . why efficient yeah yeah so the way . actually does the wings doing things . guys if i'm actually a baby or not it's . doing things so park i said that he . thinks the wing is trading too much. downforce on the top of the hairpin in . the first initiation and it's keeping me . too much grip he thinks that will mean . now that we take it off when i go to . transition up on the top it should help. me get the tail a little bit and it . doesn't look like that on camera but . that's top of third i'm up there and i'm . staying on throw all the way through so . we're going pretty fast this should help . keep the rear a little bit looser and . help me out pull it around watching do . it first try . [music]. [music]. [music]. definitely way different driving strands. so wings functional yeah we're making . really good progress but it's saying i . just need to do it a million times i'm . taking step by step i don't know it's. like it's frustrating but getting there . right now and one thing at a time and . once you learn everything you're gonna . win - yeah i'm just in it sucks - . because when were here if i fuck up i . just like i stop normally if i'm driving . off fuck up all this i keep driving . through it. but tired are like very cautious was . like we're burning through them so the. moment like i feel like anything's off . i'm like screw it and i just try and . stop and reset and get ready for the . next lap so i'm trying to get as many . laps as i can and not as much yeah . [music]. i think on stuff right talk i had it . i was so close i swear i had that going . through but i had just like too much . speed coming in and definitely a little . too hot. [applause]. [music]. yeah. [music]. [music]. takas instruction after that last one i . felt really good i started come with a . lot more speed on the top and i kind of . pushed me deeper in the outside which is . where i was struggling the whole time . that was awesome and then i got like two . runs on that one that like completed the . whole thing and it's fast and that's . it's kind of scary but learning to like . use the hydro enough to slow me down and. also like i've been doing a lot of . clutching gas work to kind of keep me . like idling speed i've been gaining. speed slowing down really helps that was . that was awesome i was fucking sisto . some good progress yeah i was stoked on . that that first ones to carry me up . these tires are so much looser and i . thought i came in i was like courtney . i'm still walking up the hill where they . fucking sent yeah they're really icy so . i to like kind of get off. [music]. we're gonna call for today we're gonna . try to recycle some of our older tires . to kind of get a couple more laps out . but then as they kind of run around the . car we notice some of the our tire rods . were loose and then mickey was looking . at the tire right here to make sure it . was tight and what do you know that link . is just loading free but yet it saw us . at none so right here on the pbm arm the . flange right here that has like the bolt . hole just decided to take a trip went on . vacation kev and i've been driving i . mean i've been driving it on that like . it's fine but i understand that was . wondering why am i under steering so . much that's why so we're gonna pack it. up we had a really good day there's no . better feeling than coming home after a . full day at the track and showering and . getting all the dirt and tire off of . your body today i think i'm gonna edit . this a little bit more raw so you can. see how many times i literally hit the . line today how much it took me and you . can kind of see the progression of how . long it took me to figure out how to get . myself in the right spot and learn and . start to commit to the full line that we . were doing i went through ten tires . today and had a lot of seed time the . lesson that i did today and my opinion . really helped me i started off with like . pretty weak confidence i didn't really . know where i wanted my tire pressure i . didn't really know how i wanted my. dampening settings i was just all over . the it was a rough start and going back . and rear watching the footage and then . went back from the track and then coming . back and watching the footage really . helped me a lot more than i thought it . would and towards the end of the day . it's when i really solved most of my . progression so that was the layout for . round two each it changes just a little . bit and that was last year's layout so. this year will probably be a little bit . different but for the most part the key . thing to that is the beginning if you . don't set yourself up right everything . else is screwed and by the end of the . day i was definitely getting comfortable . with that so my plan is to go back to . that track and hit it i will be like . three to four more times before round. two i think that that one . i will be so ready for round two my goal . will be to place a qualifying run into . qualified top 16 which i definitely . think is possible this time around . unfortunately we're not gonna get back . on the track for like maybe a week and a . half you guys will see why come tomorrow . i think it is one of the upcoming that . not sure but one of the upcoming days . we'll figure out why we won't be on the . track for ob the moment we get back . we're gonna be going gung-ho . practice practice practice practice it's . becoming like obsessed i'm like . obsessing about it i can all i want to . do is drive that 350 so i'm having a . blast doing it i hope you guys enjoyed . today's video i will see you tomorrow . super stoked that we got the z back in . one piece and nothing too major broke on . the cartridge i did some little things . when you tie up i will see you guys . tomorrow thank you so much for watching . peace out and keep moving forward . [music]. .
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