Racing a V8 Supercar (In Our Street Cars!!)

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We battle a 600 horsepower V8 Supercar using our dailies and other cars we've built from the MCM garage. But will our nuggets have what it takes to chase down a car that costs more than all of our cars combined?
Thank you to Chaz and the team from Supercheap Auto for agreeing to do this video with us. Respect!
Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt.
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Caption: In this episode of mighty car mods we . are racing a v8 supercar. [music]. welcome to a special episode of mighty . car mods i am gonna tick off a bucket . list thing from my life which is i'm . gonna chop that thing in a daihatsu well . man it's pretty exciting times we've . built a lot of rubbish cars over the . years and so we thought wouldn't it be . wonderful to see how rubbish they go . against the car that is um good how good . they go dude our cars are gonna chop. that thing that's slow that's made for . corners this is a drag strip dude yeah . we are gonna smash that v8 supercar back . into the when did they start being done . a long time ago but we have brought some . of our favorite crappiest mighty car . mods cars down here to the drag strip . and we're gonna be battling chairs over . here so chose mazda world famous racecar . driver extraordinaire we've got the . super cheap auto v8 supercar and we're . about to smash it which is a it's gonna . be awesome because this is going to be . our proof of concept if we can get a . daihatsu smashing that car down the drag . strip they should daihatsu should go in . v8 supercars that's why we're here yeah . that's why we're here . we're gonna get minis back there yeah . well it's going to be absolutely . extravagant it's gonna be amazing so . let's hit the strip good luck chas good . good luck man. and we'll wait so when you get down the . other end you'll know where it finishes . we'll be waiting in the mini chas. monster is an australian racing legend . and bathurst champion yep the dude knows. how to drive and this is his ford falcon. supercar running a tickford racing 5 . litre v8 engine on a 85 which cranks out . over 600 horsepower it's got a hundred . and eleven litre fuel tank and weighs . just over 1. 4 tonnes with a top speed of . over 300 kilometres an hour and to get . there it'll smash out the zero to 100 . kilometers in just 3. 5 seconds but is . that going to be enough . to go head-to-head with some of the . finest vehicles from the mighty car mods . garage so i heard about two days ago . that can be racing some absolute boxes . and you know to be honest it's a bit of . waste of my time but i'm . look any time we put a suit on to the . helmet i'm glad to do it well on our . extra bet you have zero experience for . getting up the long super car we every . race we have the standing start so you . know i think i got a good experience . normally i'm looking for turn one but . here there's no turn one so how hard . could it be how hard could it be . mate you're about to be dominated by. sheer and brutal daihatsu power it's . time to introduce you to our first . challenger in the form of our four-wheel . drive turbo jdm mira for just a few . hundred bucks we found this car at the . back of a car yard in country japan and . pretty soon realized it was the best . thing ever we took it to a local . workshop for some quick mods and then . entered a drift event which we didn't . win but it was too good to scrap so we . shipped it all the way back to australia . in two boxes and then painstakingly . reassembled it with an australian shelf . before wheel drive system meant we . needed to stitch in a whole new floor . pen but with that epic task complete we . now have an all drive turbo mirror with . an enormous 35 kilowatts at the wheels . and you're about to get chopped . obviously a beast here in the background . these mighty karma guys don't really . know what they're talking about with . these what visitor shy hatsue or odd i . had to some car or something that never . even heard of her all right so this is . it . chas is getting prepped from his coach . something about chopping our car and . martin's about to get some prep from me . i'll just chop in there and there it is . so this is go time everybody it's . daihatsu verse the supercar and what . you're about to see is the first foray . of daihatsu into the competitive out of . the supercar series let's do this he's . in the left lane you're in the right . lane i just want. wow let's lay out . [music]. i'm racing a daihatsu mira against a v8 . supercar a very cool turbocharged bull . drive daihatsu mira i just it's kind of . a weird feeling actually being lined up . against someone who is a professional . racing driver you know proper like 600 . plus horsepower car in your street car . sometimes i realized what we do is kind. of weird and kind of cool . chad's must be getting hot in there . i'll just turn my fan on in my lovely . streetcar i'll feel the cool air right . i'm gonna launch it hard - today's the . day if the mirror has to sacrifice its . gearbox even though i probably can't get . another one i will do what i have to do . i will launch this thing hard here we go . i'm here. [music]. [music]. it's really fast so the first run is . done i don't know what happened but we . didn't win the supercar ran and 11. 7 . quarter-mile and the daihatsu did 19 . seconds we'll have to chat with marty . and find out what happened but um a . disappointing result i just had so much. traction issues yeah what we do 11 with . seven but a little odd we've been . sensible speaking of wheelspin next up . is our honda engine swapped vtec mini a . one-of-a-kind super car crushing beast . with some serious bathurst heritage this . is a jdm mini that we found in tokyo and . imported to australia our first task was . squeezing out some more power from the . old a series engine and with the help of . some mates we slapped on a supercharger . from the bmw mini and ran it on ethanol . the first in the world to do so but we . wanted more so we install the jdm civic . type-r b 16 b which tripled the original . power output obviously mini has a great . heritage around bethis and i think . they're an awesome little car probably . the one car i probably am scared to be. out that diverse today but then knowing . that they have some honda power under . the bonnet as well it's it's pretty. impressive. this mini has the power to weight ratio . of an r34 gtr but it also is in serious . need of a new clutch so i'm not sure how . it's going to go today getting power . down to the ground this is scary . the second key. [music]. [music]. meeting . [music]. [applause]. [music]. eleven four fifteen six fifteen six is . pretty good verse eleven eleven falls a . lot faster like a lot fast and pointer . he was second better than his last run . there was a bit of clutch slip there was . a bit of tramp off the line so i put the . power on then had to take it off and . then go again into a 15-6 that's pretty . good man there's definitely a better . time in it but not today buddy so it's . time for our next challenger this is mod . max a car we built for mad max fury road . it's an off-road innocence silvia that's . powered with an ls1 v8 originally . destined for the wreckers this car . started as a crash statutory right off . then we do the obvious thing pilfered an. engine from a v8 holden commodore to . power it the car was then hacked slashed . and painted with fire until all is ready . for the apocalyptic wastelands of . western sydney . this carries in its element on dirt and . mowing down zombie mannequins but today . we're gonna mow down a supercar well for . me mod max that kind of comes back to . that i kind of last seeing actually some . of the super cheap auto the oils . campaign that they did was pretty . fantastic so uh looking forward to going . up against the port security we'll just. have to see if we can you know flog that . security guard today mod max the . mountains of japan meet mount druitt as . the v8 silvia goes head-to-head with the . v8 supercar. we got v8 versus v8 yeah i don't know i . think traction is gonna be a major major. issue well that is an issue with this . car isn't it but it's an issue which has . as well tires on my tires completely . inappropriate for this going to racing . here we go no idea what's gonna happen. [music]. [music]. you got totally chopped but you got. twelve nine impressive it really shows . you the difference between drag and. track because we've had the mini out on. the track with this and the minis . quicker yeah but in a straight line this . is faster our next challenger is the . infamous ford focus rs a 350 horsepower . all-wheel drive turbo hatchback that's . capable of the 0 to 100 kilometer an . hour sprint in a bit over 4 seconds with . all the digital wizardry you need to . help you get there we traveled to the . ford plant in germany to work on this . car ourselves as it made its way through . the production line from the hand . assembled bumpers through to the recaro. seats brembo brakes huge front mount . intercooler and performance exhaust this . car is made for the track it's got a . super fancy all-wheel-drive system . controlled by the ecu which can send . bucket loads of power to the rear wheels . which lets you drift and do epic skids . yeah the focus rs actually do a bit of . racing in the production series with and . obviously being a ford supercar it's in . the ford family so i have a lot of. respect for that car even though it's . got the launch control and all that i . believe you know it should come down to . the driver to do all that so i know . we'll see how good my right foot is so . today it's ford super hatch vs. ford . super car at least we can add some . traction this time on yeah so i'm gonna . go full launch control all-wheel drive . the thing is this guy is going to be . more predictable than anything else . yeah like other cars like mad max i . guess they're surprising in a way but . this you can look up on the internet how . fast this is you just have to like . appease the internet and do the internet . time yeah internet time you'll have to . tell me when we get back i think it's in . the third eames is it i think ok . they got chops redlining every year . [music]. that's 190 kilometres of hill . you got a 13:5 pretty much bang in the . middle o

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