Replaced My Range Rover SVR with New Car from BMW Park Lane

With his Range Rover SVR stripped and on it's way to be sold, Yianni picks up his brand new BMW M6 Grand Coupe from BMW Park Lane Showroom in London, UK. The factory colour is Tanzanite Blue, but you know this M6 won't stay Blue for long! Yianni got the M6 Grand Coupe straight back to the unit and the two front windows were tinted by our new member of staff Leandro.

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BMW i8 at BMW i Park Lane


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Hi guys it's jenny from the an amide and . today i'm going to pick up my brand new . car . i've got no camera crew with me or . camera crew or hassle chase i want to go . on my own might going to take me down . there i'm heading to park lane i'm at . jana myers right now as you can see i'm . not the best when it comes holding a . camera however i'm going to film it for . you guys let you i'm going to pick up so . i'm heading up there in the mercedes . benz with mike man like mike is going to . drive me up there there is my old range . rover. so that car is now gone that car is . going to urban and then it we put up the . sell my number plate will be removed . this car was rose gold and it was satin . chrome blue but for now i'm going to . pick up my new car these we're just . washing the van i feel like a right . vlogger yani vlogs . this guy this guy with you then. yeah oh mike yeah good what you doing . mate where you going through this this . is bert's class this is but company car . especially birds car is my certain . operations this is company car . not bad not that we quickly show you . what's in it as i'm about to leave . you're the camo range rover mclaren and . range over all right for now leggo so um . route the sun is shining i've got mike . driving both wearing our seat belts . which leave it like i could sell a black . t-shirt so mike is much is like my . senior stripper and fixer at jana mice . and here he's also got like a youtube . which are youtube review this uk and. what do you do you do like baby the do . esr review maybe on products to cease . from different companies i do like to . promote uk companies play it anyone . really yeah if you're into like they put . some i follow for now we're heading up . there might drop me off and then we pick . you up quite fine actually . [music]. so i've just been dropped off a bmw park . lane click here with these bmw chrome . blue wrap we've done for being love your . eye park lane . so this is where we are i will look . behind me. bmw hot on lane i'm going to go in see . if i pop ready . [music]. so wow i've just bumped into peter who . is a brand manager of bmw life you might . remember him for when we done the chrome . view i8 how's it looking from late so . good it's great happy i'm very happy you . liked it. man so if you on an ai bmw i wear would . be a high 3 or an eye 8 by 3 is a nice . risen it i threw your ih please . commentaries anything new coming out and . new ice watch out for next year 2018 we . may have the secret for you . it's a 2018 look out for the new eye but . that's pizza i'm going to get my castles . see ya alright so i'm going to pick up . my car i can see the roof let me turn . this round you guys so i can see you . it's in the carpark i'm picking up . during the day so when i'm in a bit of a . rush so i'll leave it low it's not that . wow. there she is in all her glory it's a bmw . m6 grand coupe a so the limited edition . blue to the blue calipers with the gloss . black twin spoke wheels is something . very different to what i usually drive . so yes you guys know i'm the range rover. man i always have a range rover however . i fancied a change so this is my new . baby i'll get you a lot more closer . pictures shortly first in with these . taker back to yanam eyes in the front . windows and decide what color to wrapper . i've got ally with me he's the senior . bmw specialist so he's going to give me . a quick rundown on this car so i'm gonna . spin the come around and. on you no pressure so give me some . detailed police so we have the ethics . graduate fish tanzanite blue the study . color will also go for the matte black . hello in this vehicle matte black across . black are they are matte black is a . gloss lip gloss originally correct holds. wrong this is the individual color as . you may know eric fischl drive and the . light color advances office i really to . the front all the greater thing you have . that little switch on the front and also . the headlights on this vehicle our . adaptive led headlight develop . phenomenal head low complaining and the . inside obviously with the carbon roof . which is very nice . can be a bit of carbon being on the . inside informative kelly black so you . have that gloss black finish throughout. the car with the full black leather the. massive screen on the dashboard which is . very very nice as you can see . you actually get a good view of the . color or when you get outside will show . you a lot more clear off . let's move squeaking around by the on . the floor look let's have a little have . a little start nice little cult stop . either we nicely . i will be putting a private play on this . i didn't have enough time to sort out . today. but only thank you very much we're going . to take her outside we've now brought. her outside it gives you a better . indication of the color we're opening . the bonnet so it's a 4. 4 v8 there she is . in all her glory the most important . thing is that m so the sun has just come . out and this gives you a good indication . over the color now look at that yes the . color is amazing but i will be wrapping . her . [music]. some in the car for the first time here . she is. as you've already seen and then we drive . back to be on my streets away person of . these center front two windows and then . decide what color to wrap her i'll be. back to me and i'm turning the car . straight away they means reduce it to . leandro from brazil he's the newest . member of the ya know my family i'm back . at ya know my there she's behind me my . brand new bmw m6 gran coupe a something . different i wanted to try a different. car for a change obviously you guys know . they always have the range rovers so . there she is in all her glory i've. already tinted the front windows as . you've just seen but that is my new toy . thank you very much the bmw parklane . much appreciated and that is it. hold tight plenty more videos coming up . and of course i'm gonna be wrapping it . thanks for watching and i'll see you . soon. see ya. [music]. .
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