Reunited with my JZX100 Cresta!

We're back in Japan! We took the first day to get acclimated as well as dialing in the Cresta both mechanically and aesthetically. It looks SO good! For now...
Super Wow Factory -
I just found out that this is the very . first time nicole and i have ever gone . somewhere that she hasn't already been . no not somewhere specifically a country. that i haven't been to so i'm really . excited to kind of see japan through her . eyes oh yeah because we're in japan and . we're gonna buy a cruise ship no we're . gonna buy a drift car we're gonna buy . cars . i remember me and taylor filming these . signs and freaking out because we can . read them the airport's like . ridiculously quiet right now for some . reason through the weird after almost . getting hit by a car because we forgot . that they've go the other direction . we're getting a rental car which i'm . actually really nervous about because we . have to drive on the other side of the . road like on highways oh yeah nicole how . hard was it to get that international . driver's license 15 minutes i know i'm . kind of nervous i think we found though . i have absolutely no idea what kind of . car we rented because i couldn't really . understand the person on the phone so . the anticipation is killing me is that . our gtr did we run s5000 nothing i've . actually super hyped that thing's sick . honestly i put this little thing so cute . do you trust me nicole i don't even know . if i trust me dang this thing goes 180 . this is a fast rental car i think i got . the address in the gps but i'm not . really certain and our phones are . supposed to be working but they're not . working so who's gonna be fun and we . have a bench seat it kind of makes me . appreciate like being here with erin and . just kind of being chauffeured around by. someone that knows what they're doing . because now like all the stress and . pressures on me but we got this what's . wrong the highway will be good it's . gonna be a little tricky i keep going . through tunnel after - oh of course it's . not a tunnel this time but there's just . like mountains all around us and there's . just so many tunnels we went through how . you doing adam. so driving is fine only weird things is . like when you're on a road that isn't . like a highway because there's people . and you don't want to hit them and then . turning but other than that oh and then . the red lights too so they'll be like . flashing red lights to indicate that . there's an exit or something but we're. so used to seeing red lights and . automatically assuming that that means . stopped but it's a very very weird look . london look see there's a tunnel under a . mountain this slope we just keep driving . through and adam florida this thing oh . the wheels spin it's like a cone go car . go go car go go car go stop trying to . get us phone service these tunnels are . so fun we're staying last night probably . around p. m. i want to show . you guys this place a little more in . detail maybe later tonight or tomorrow . but it's really cool it doesn't look . that cool from the outside but it's very . cool inside you can see by nicole's . outfit that it's quite chilly and rather . winters here it's about a 30 minute . drive to the track so we're gonna head . down there get the car situated and . maybe do some driving today five minutes . in the car already turned the windshield . wipers on instead of turning signals . because those are on the wrong side and . drove on the wrong side of the road . great start so pretty . the cartel guy . look at the gps on the road it's all . whiny whine me to ever suit they can be . paved all the system used all be paved . that used to be yeah cuz they're so . narrow you're gonna die oh it's so . beautiful. look at all the trees all i'm sisters . gonna call to see all the lions and . tigers and bears and bunnies oh . elephants there's a lion oh my god he's . just chillin wait let me take a picture . to car out on my see it it's right there . yeah with the wrong paint no oh boy did . i miss this place the graveyard oh i . missed her oh boy i'm so excited alright . so this is the definition of an . overbuilt drift car right here my belt . is check that belt out i choose not to . use a full belt to like try and limit . myself . well it seems wait yeah i don't want all . of everything like turning consistently . aaron had a minor run-in with chelsea . last night i've got some new wheels for . the car off the auctions pump throw him . on one of the few additions to the crest . oh while i've been gone was actually a . set of brand new bcd r-series coil overs . for this car no the original plan was we . were gonna come here and meet aaron and . taylor we're all gonna make install . videos putting them on the car but i. guess power vehicles got the box of coil . overs and decided to just put them on . which is rad because i get to drive . right away but at the same time i'm kind . of bummed because it would've been a. cool little install video but for those . of you that remember the issues i was . having with this car like bouncing . around everywhere it should ride way. nicer now i hopefully i didn't think i'd . like the wrong stuff i could see that . happening. that's how you put it on yay oh those . eight toons . looking good vanilla vanilla i'm connor . vanilla ooh ooh she almost looks good i . just want to start off with i got a nice . bar and then let it get the straight as . a week goes on . oh my god it's actually white underneath . all this washing madness here oh not the . same stuff doing the double bucket . method oh matt would be disgusted today . i'm just trying to get everything . situated with a car if i get to drive . awesome but i usually takes a while i'll . be everything figured out with a new . coil overs the front end looks a little . bit low so i'm gonna drive it around . it's probably gonna bind there probably . have to raise it up a little bit but . just one of the very minor things that . i'm gonna have to work out if you didn't . notice from the clips yeah another thing . that i had done while i was gone . i actually had power vehicles sourced me . a lip kit for the car so before i just . had stock arrow where this actually just . kind of fits over the stock bumpers . other than the side skirts and i thought . it'd become as smart that way if i rip . it off which will likely happen in maybe . two to three days it'll be okay because . i'll still have the factory bumper there . and then i can just kind of self tap it . back on but the car looks so much cooler . now. [music]. it's gonna be really rad when i put . those wheels on the front i just don't . have the proper tyres form yet the rear . bumper does look a little bit funky . though that's one thing that i'm not too . crazy about but i did notice that they . cut my exhaust off you can't really see. it because before when i went off if you . guys remember i can like smoosh the . exhaust tip but i'm honestly kind of . pretty stoked with how this car looks . it's a shame that it's only be like this . for a little while but it looks really . cool right now i like it stop messing . around nicole i need your help right we . got more exciting stuff in these tubes . but really suck if it started raining . well i'm trying to do this so this may . just look like some ordinary stickers . the me and rob stayed up till like 3:00 . a. m. trying to cut all those and lay . them out there's a company called super . wow factory that designs really cool . liveries and i've been wanting them to . do a livery for my cream car but we . haven't done that yet and i asked them . super last minute like i think was like . 10 p. m. if they had any vectors laying . around that i could just print real . quick and i had no idea how difficult of . a process that actually was the way that . they do it they just kind of send it to . me ardian sheets like in pieces so i'll . just stick these on in the right places . and hopefully it'll look cool . [music]. all right so the question isn't called . two or three hours later i don't know . how long it's been. is it worth it i don't know i don't know . how i feel about it was it school but . like thumbs up if you're with me i love . it i think it looks so there was a lot . of work maybe the amount of work may . mean like it less tomorrow it's all down . here and be like dang that was it looks . different now it looks special i just . want a car that embraces me . drifting is the style thing to me just . as much as it is a function so yeah . that's just one side done we still have . a whole nother side whoops . i don't know nicole i kind of like it . without the delivery on that side i . don't know it just looks very like i . don't know that's like that looks like . streetcar but this side looks like drift . car but this side also i don't know i . don't know . [music]. i wish your one day sounded like that my . one day sounds amazing. if it sounds perfect oh what do you say . about gabby you look like such a baller . sitting in this car driving yeah you are . your settings are back you're low the . outside you got it like comes out . [music]. we're at the skid pad i'm gonna try to . get my bearings again driving right-hand . drive before i hop out into the lions . done they're like over a hundred people . here this week which is insane . [music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. i'm having a lot of issues with this . front wheel grabbing and rubbing the. inside of this fender i think i just . need some smaller tires those are 45s i . should have like 40s on this they might . have some other than the annoyance of . rubbing the car feels really really good . now feels way more planted with the new . bc coil overs than they used to . it's actually like consistent just we . are getting your sis car going because . it isn't really self steers i just want . to see what nicole thinks of . [music]. oh. oh thank you bob . this would be great for cross-country . oh my gosh is it another tunnel look at . these tunnels okay they're tiny the . first times i had to drive through them . like never drive business lighter . this right here is just so close to the . cars binding turn to the other right so . i think i should really probably trim . this side skirt and put some smaller . tires on. [music]. no no no liar . [music]. all right adams warming up . [music]. [music]. [applause]. [applause]. yeah i can't use the handbrake in this . car just doesn't work well oh that makes . me nauseous to film or driving it's . alright . it's okay . [music]. going up garage. i'm loving effective nikolas here cuz i . guess i'd like relive all my first . experiences for my japan trip all over . again . nicholae so for right now i'm stoked for . the garage that goes up i was so unique . nicole look though yellow yellow yellow . yellow i know one of the things that you . guys mentioned from the last videos is . you want to see more stuff not at the . track videos too well . i'm like for me this is usually like . focus as mainly driving we are gonna be . doing more touristy stuff after but i'm . gonna try to film a little bit less at . the track or just more non driving stuff . i'll do my best but feel free to get me . and put on like what you want to see you . could smile be a lot of driving you know . we're pretty late in all the australians . and everybody has already gotten here . there's probably nothing good left got . d-max bumpers chillin the hope of . headlights i think some people think . that there's just like tons of crazy . parts here but the thing is up guard is . the chain and they're spread out all . over so chances are there's only like a . couple crazy parts that are really good . deals. what's the stuffs really priced these . are sweet just the gas tank chillin . selection in that garage is pretty dry . so this place would be more like the . equivalent of autozone so we're gonna. come here and get a jack and some other . random little tools everybody uses these . jacks here actually no these aren't the . jacks that everyone uses they might have . more inside notice the first thing when . you walk in look at all the signage just . look at how like clustered it is so much. signage it's just so visually appealing . give this selection of cupholders you . must really love their american coffee. out of vending machines what is this i . don't understand . looks fancy though is that ashtray . solar-powered ashtray yeah . carbon stop oh it is it says ashtray . right here solar ashtray because it has . a little solar panel on it . check out the tins that the oil comes in . here that's so cool. quality i bet the oil tastes better in . this even the towel packaging is so cool . anything under the equivalent of a us . $10 bill is a coin so my wallet gets . filled up so fast it's super annoying . this is a prius right because it . actually looks really cool this is like . a jdm prius no way that's sick huh the . japanese are so cool looks like a new. version of a beat it's really cool we . didn't stay in the cabin i guess this . hotel would be our other option i never . went to this one we think about you and . on the floor nicole they call it melon . soda comes in say cream soda . [music]. double fist in the chopsticks cereal we . can't find it anyway . we keep getting fooled into thinking . these like little ramen noodle things or. cereal but they're not they look like . their cereal but they're not we found it . i had to google what japanese syria look . like we found out that i came in bags i . think we're gonna wrap the video up here . guys . [applause]. she's so inconsiderate tomorrow i'll . show you guys a sweet cabin that we're . staying in and we'll finally get some on . track footage be sure to let me know . what you guys specifically want to see . this was kind of just kind of like . getting acclimated to the whole msu . drifting life in japan type deal thank . you guys i'm sorry that i missed two . days but it's kind of tough like . traveling and being on the plane and not . having wi-fi and not really having stuff . to film we skip a day with like the time . change two days but we skipped a day . with the time change i understand to . them it's like we skip two days so they . want to see us go to disney what yeah . when you say. when you say. to love me . [music]. .
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