Reverse Drive Thru Prank With Right Hand Drive Nissan Skyline GTR!!

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Today we drove my Nissan Skyline GTR to fast food drive thrus. With it being a right hand drive car in America the reactions were hilarious. It is definitely weird driving a right hand drive car in the United States! What was your favorite reaction?
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You drive down down uh nothing over here . oh yeah everyday bro so as you guys know . if you own a skyline gtr it is mandatory . to jack around with drive thrus so that . is exactly what we're doing today we're . gonna mess around some drive-thru people . we're gonna i don't know i'm gonna . create a steering wheel yeah that'll . help we're going to just share the. struggle of a right-hand drive car pin . down obviously obviously you guys . realize this r89 r32 skyline gt-r it's . right hand drive it's imported from . japan you can tell that when they open . the drive-thru counter over there you . aren't going to be able to reach the . stuff so we are going to have some fun . with that i don't know if we're going to . drive through in reverse i don't know if . we're gonna remove the steering wheel . and just confuse the worker i don't know . we'll see i'm driving them . cairn i don't want you driving oh your . year driving oh too bad ro ha ha sucka . so y'all taking a video was uh yeah we . have to go in backwards some some on the . right side alright it looks weird but . yeah uh-huh . trusting you yeah i got good aim . keep on looking at. yeah okay . we'll figure it out i think we got it . alright see you next time hello . it's right-hand-drive huh it's . right-hand-drive so i can't go in. normally hey hi how are you . may i have a case of rito . hello . have you seen any who's yours big . all right yeah . you drive down that enough line over . here. oh no oh normally i can't reach those so . i have to go in backwards just gonna . inaudible that normally is pretty funky . right there okay okay cat park over . there or you're finally using fun to . order it you can own it you can find . everything okay . oh right yes there you go . thank you yeah sorry about that right . hand drive it makes it hard be good okay . it's got me yeah i know . this car makes it complicated ladies the . morning oh oh yeah i could done that . okay thank you . [music]. oh my god it was fast . hello yeah. have you seen many of these cars come . through yes is the first time ah oh yeah . where the drafter windows in britain . yeah you're seeming pretty that . convenient they wouldn't make it that . everybody i think they should have a . couple of those here in the us yeah . [music]. thank you. how often do cars come through backwards. in here for battle too . now you have there you go driving on the . other side tell you okay getting to . really how many right how many . right-hand drive cars have you seen come . but literally young yeah working on like . three years never seen oh i tell you . somebody's drivers if he's not here i . have to go in backwards yeah we went it . backward to through our notion yeah i . get really confused yeah i would get . confused ooh how's that work it's huge . named upon create it or i've to go . through a reverse backwards yeah and . sucks. there you go this is me one yeah . haha . oh yeah we are . [music]. are you like when did you get the judo . pins on from ok it's from japan have you . ever seen many like this oh yeah they . come in do to be i was left and i've . already played so do you like driving on . the right or the left more i'm used to . climbing will lose the ball thank you . very much thank you thank you i'm not . driving by the way have you seen many . cars with the right side first one yeah . this is weird yeah it's weird . i'm from japan yeah tokyo tokyo drift . need for speed holy yep thank you . perfect that i can't i can't wait to . drive through backwards so that question . you like they like yeah oh i feel like . you went yeah you gotta watch the video . when it comes out. [music]. sorry guys thinks we're gonna see the . were crazy oh my god junior garage yeah . fun fun look at this and they thought . they were just going to chick-fil-a and . then they were so kind and said hey do . you need a jump because our hood was up . know it we didn't need a jump it's just . we're just letting the car cool off and . then we're like then we started talking . and we were by the warehouse when i come . to wear out so here we are . fun fun fun a little tight in there . no but i dig it nice before i know i'm . good yeah everything has like a photo . beautiful it's beautiful she didn't even . know she could like dirty cars but she . knows this okay i like to remind cars . with american engine hey yo i tell ya . know i'm taking a picture . i just dory dory fine just about it good . no exact . ready for this it should know no . cheating can't go in through the inside. your clothes get down low no i don't. know nothing huh there we go i hop in . first ferrari . yeah actually like to talk is basically . nice yard struggle fitting in that thing . it doesn't work ok guys here's all our . collection of fast-food drive-throughs. it was pretty successful comment down . below your favorite reaction and like . the video if you enjoyed it if this . video get 10,000 likes we'll do it again . because i like eating fast food that's . true true true oh yeah let's go over the . stuff we got oh . chick-fil-a we got taco bell we got oh . ok ok . and we had our b student we peered out . on yeah yeah yeah so basically we hit . them all we did a lot just for this . video . we ran into some great friends right . here yeah and yeah it subscribe if . you're new a lot more to come take care . we'll see you in the next video oh . [music]. it feels right. [applause]. [music]. .
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