Roadkill’s Best Dirt Car Yet! – Roadkill Ep. 71

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What's the best way to build a great off-road car? Buy a used desert racer! That's exactly what happens in this episode of Roadkill powered by Dodge. With an urge to go rallycross racing, David Freiburger makes a sight-unseen purchase of a 1973 AMC Hornet that raced Baja in the '80s and finished the NORRA 1000 a couple of times before being parked circa 2012. When Mike Finnegan showed up, the guys found out the 360 AMC engine ran almost too good and, despite a thorough thrashing in the desert, the Hornet failed to fail! But is it able to outrun a Dodge minivan at a real rallycross event? You'll have to watch this episode of Roadkill to find out.
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- [finnegan] this time on roadkill,. we're buying a '73 hornet off craigslist. and we're going rally racing. until they throw us out!. yeah!. - [freiburger] yee-haw!. (engine struggling to turn over). (backfire). (engine squealing). (rock music). (loud engine accelerating). - [freiburger] this all started. when we had an opportunity. to do something that. i've wanted to do for,. no exaggeration, 20 years,. which is a rally cross,. which is like an autocross, but in dirt. and so i went on facebook. and i told the fans,. hey, we want to go rallycross racing,. what will you sell us . and so, we came up with this 73 amc hornet. and it's run in the mid-400,. in the noro 1000 three. times, and it even has. off-road legacy dating. way back into early '70s. it was like a dream come. true to be able to get a car. that's fully caged front to back,. it's got dual king shocks on every corner,. it's got a ford nine-inch in the back. it's got a dugan's built. 360 amc under the hood,. a 727 mopar automatic transmission,. and it's going to be a lot of fun. if we can actually get it going. it's been sitting here i think since 2012. it's actually street legal. and look at the license plate, nora 1000. that's pretty cool. (rock music). - oh we have a spare tire. - look at that. - [finnegan] this is too nice for us. - [freiburger] trans cooler, oil cooler. - [finnegan] the shocks. cost more than my first car. - [freiburger] oh yeah. look at that. this thing is fully caged up. - and the welds are just crappy enough. to be roadkill alright. it has four shocks up front,. that means we can jump it four times. higher than a stock car. - oh look at the aluminum radiator. - dude, radiator's full. - wow. oil's black, but full. - as it should be. - yeah. trans fluid, ooh. it's way overfull. so we need to fire it up to find out. what the truth is there. - 'k, cranking and. watching for oil pressure. (engine struggling to turn over). - [finnegan] did you get oil pressure . - it had a little bit, yeah. it started moving the needle up. - [finnegan] all we need is fuel. - yup. - let's go to a gas station. - [freiburger] yup. - nice. - this is too easy so far. something's going to go. catastrophically wrong. - we'll get gas and we'll fire it up,. find all the leaks, and end up replacing. every hose in the vehicle. - yup. - [finnegan] okay. (rock music). - you want to splash some in. (horn). that was an accident. (laughter). - it works. - i guess that's the horn button. - holy cow. - i'm going to flip a couple switches. and see if i hear a fuel pump, okay . - okay. - oh there we go, listen. - i hear it. - nice. - we have fuel now. - alright. - do it again. - firing it up. (engine starts). - sounds good. can it be that easy . - 60 pounds of oil pressure. - there's a massive leak. alright it's either the atf or the brakes. one or the other. this looks like a brake line though. - it doesn't feel like there's a massive. hole on a brake line. - see look right down here. this is a brake line. and it may just be loose. - its a brake line with transmission. fluid on it or is that brake fluid. - nah, it's clear it's not pink. we need to clean it, then we'll. much too big. - that fuel line leaks. pretty bad right there. i think the fan line is done. oh yeah, fully, it's. leaking out the end line. it's probably going to do. that in the entire car. the problem is that the california gas. has a whole lot of alcohol in it. and it ends up just. eating through the rubber. an line. and the rubber is inside. this braided steel. - yep, we're going to. have to deal with that. i'm about to pull the seat out of the car,. because not only is the. bulk of the wild life. that wants to harm me under this seat,. but so is a transmission coil line that. is leaking everywhere. not for steel, challenge accepted. this is brake line, were turning this into. transmission line. this is dave's idea, it is brilliant. - this is what's called removing really. good, safe an line and installing rubber. line which gets you connections. - stop. right there. oh that's going to look good. - were actually going to like, put this. on the ground, fire it up, and try to. drive it aren't we. - damn right. - the tires we got for this are a cooper. stt pro, which is like their awesome. mud tire. and we got 31 by 15s all the way around. the wheels on the back are 15 by 8s. and the fronts are 7s. that's going to look tough. before i put the tire on i should show you. all the suspension stuff. this thing has going on. up front, this is basically. the same suspension. concept as a stock amc. it's a stock upper control arm. they did put the springs on top. of the upper control arm on these things. it's all beefed up, up here. they've welded a bunch of reinforcement. into both control arms,. there's a big strut. rod here with a giant heim joint to. keep it from deflecting. the control arm's modified with a thread. in ball joint to take a mopar type joint. and it has a dodge van. spindle and brakes on it. and of course the beef. here for the massive. remote reservoir cane shocks. so kind of stock, but heavily beefed. - now we can drive it and. find out what's wrong with it. - yep. - look at all of the. switches i can play with. - you got a lot to do. - beep, beep, beep. (engine starts). - that's not right. don't you think that's weird. - yeah, but we added so. much fluid in the system. - it needs trans fluid. - do we have any . - yeah. - alright, don't kill it, don't kill it. - yeah, that's going to kill it. - look at it smoking. - alright that was a good test drive. - how far did we get . well the trans fluid reads. all the way up the dip stick. i mean dude, its up to here. - that's because it all. runs down from the cooler. - alright. - so let me fire it up and. nothing . - it says it's full. whoa. - what . - when you shut it off, it pukes all. of it up the tube and onto the exhaust. - okay. that's got to be what the sound is that. i hear in here. - yeah, oh man. that may catch on fire. - yeah. - let me get some brake cleaner. it pukes out. - it comes out. - yeah. i just dumped a butt load. of it all over the place. - really . - yeah. - this is weird. - that's got to mean its like full. - well, but it doesn't move. - yeah. - i think it's not pumping. it through the system. hear that. the issue were having here is that. basically the car won't move. it acts like it has no trans fluid in it,. but it's overflowing out of the tube. so its something to do. with the trans cooler. being mounted up here on the roll cage. where its got an air bubble trapped in it. and the transmission's. not pumping it through. at least that's our guess. - yeah, there's still nothing up here. - really . - maybe the cooler might be plugged. - might be. we pulled one line off of the cooler,. thinking that maybe there was a big. air bubble in it, and were going to. find out which one of these hoses squirts. either that is going to. squirt on the ground,. or it's going to squirt out of the cooler. when i fire it up, right. - okay. - where did it come from . - this one that we stuck. through the shock tire. - okay, so that's the pressure side. - yep. - so i would hook that up to the cooler,. disconnect the other. one, and see if we can. blow through the cooler. eliminate the air bubble. (engine starts). - nothing. - so its plugged . - it would be great if. we had a union dash six. to hook these two hoses together and. see if the car finally started moving. - exactly, just see if it will drive. - but we don't. - we don't. - no. - oh, we do. that link of 3/8ths tubing. we can make that happen. - yeah. - so what were doing. now is just completely. bypassing the cooler which may or may not. be plugged to find out. if this will even run. you trust it . - eh, give it a shot. - okay, giving it a shot. - if it doesn't work, my face will know. (engine starts). that doesn't seem right. you should pull it back into shade. and we'll put some more fluid in it. - yep. - well were once again. setting records here. on roadkill. trying to test drive the. car for the first time. doesn't want to move. every time you pull the dipstick out to. check the transmission fluid, if you. turn the engine off or put it in park,. it just launches fluid. out of the dipstick tube. all over the exhaust. which is very safe. so right now were struggling to find out. do we have enough fluid in there and. if we don't, we need to put more in. - oh, that's way better. way better. oh yeah. - it was just low. - okay, you want to. hop in and go drive it. - yeah, let me remind. you of where were at. like in terms of the. grand scheme of things. race is in a couple of days. we have bypassed the. transmission cooler completely. which is a no no in a stock vehicle. - oh, were going to put it back. - this vehicle has a. skid plate, completely. incasing, not just the transmission,. but the exhaust system. and there's smoke coming out of the hood. - oh this is way better. (laughter). alright, were good. - i love the car again. - yeah, we've got this. why not, we've got a skid plate. - you want to hit the street . - yes. - okay. it's bumpy. - so cool. - oh, it's sketchy. - does it drive straight . - no. (laughter). - i love it. - oh, bumps, yeah, not bad. alright, not too bad. what do you think . - it rides slightly better than. the low rider we took to vegas. i need to not talk when you do that. i just ate a bunch of dirt. - okay, i think were good to go. - is she rally ready . - yeah. - alright. my spine might be protesting right now. were invincible. (rock music). after a quick check. out run, we reconnected. the trans cooler and then hit the road. in some brutal heat. we were going to go out to. the desert to the lava pit. the same one where dulcich and i got. into a gnarly wind storm in an episode. of roadkill garage. - [all] ah, ow. - sandstorm. - how are we going to get out of this . - i don't know. rocks, rocks. - now it's getting warm in here. - give me a spray like righ
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