Adam told me I wouldn' I did
I had a blast hanging with all of you in orlando! It was crazy to me that the meet was so calm and there wasn't any dumb drivers when leaving the event. Y'all killed it. About the title, a year ago adam made a video called "ROASTING TJ HUNT" so I thought it would only be fair to title my video the same way
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Hitching some dinner right now at 7:30 . red-eye flight to orlando for hours of . sleep hopefully . [music]. just stumbled across this mustang at . this house. [music]. i don't know which one controls which . door oh shit wrong one so re there we go . [applause]. [music]. after only getting one hour of sleep on . that plane this couch is looking pretty . good right now it's 6:00 a. m. right now . everyone's waking up at 8 a. m. that . means i got two hours of sleep i can do . this. [music]. [music]. [music]. it's open house day and would you look . who showed up just started to film it . write it before i was gonna start . talking adam it's not breaking lugs i'm . breaking next tuesday's breaking is that . even or commenting out on my channel . breaking mugs . okay i just it all made sense it all . made sense dude like people were . commenting tj breaks my so you may be . asking why are you in florida right now . better question why does adam have a . mustang so let me walk you through all . this happened two days ago i texted adam . tell me i won't fly out to florida and . come hang out with you guys to the day . well you have your open warehouse he . told me to do it so it so i did it . [music]. so for all this madness starts i flew . out to orlando florida decided to crash . adams open warehouse event i haven't . been out here yet and this was a perfect . excuse to come out here so saturday . night i booked a ticket flew that night . and we're just hanging off the day i . leave in the morning i leave tomorrow . morning at like 4:00 a. m. so we have the . rest day to hang out here a bunch of you . guys are already here you guys are . already handing me monster so if you . weren't watching my snap or my twitter . and didn't get the easter egg that i was . gonna be here you missed out it's gonna . be a fun day i'm super excited i just . wanted to say hi to you guys before this . day gets going because it's gonna be. absolutely crazy and it's really loud . out there really loud i hear there's a . lot of people here this is very cool i'm . very jealous. [music]. what's up boys we're here at the adam lz . meow's open house so i just filled . tiejun's camera because so we do around . here we're never gonna return look how . long this line is people this is crazy . [music]. last year when cj was in orlando i asked . him to come to dinner and he told me to . ask him again next time he's in orlando . well he's in orlando again and i'm . asking him and he's blowing me off the . second item drove me here you guys saw . that i don't have a car all my shits . there i'm kind of tied to adam tip but . next time i'm in orlando ask me back . down to dinner i come back in like three . months and then i find him again . [music]. suppose this button and push this for . this is a terri lydia can you hold the . shirt. no oh doctors all right okay . mustang don't hit me don't hit me my. snap i stole this guy's board i suppose . we turn around because i have no idea . where i'm going that needs some work but . i like where you're going with it . i got a must thing behind me i don't . want to die i don't want to die you want . to get a shout calvin sure said calvin . you're fucking hos ernie recharge my . motherfuckin i did yeah really who has a . bottle of nobs chilling that's awesome . alright i gotta get going man . don't die don't die don't die don't die . don't die why not invested in one of . these that is the real question george . [music]. item set up this pop-up shop and invited . everyone to come down and hang out in . the shop you can drive it it's gonna . like i don't really break up and spit . oil i don't i don't need to do any skids . i just want to drive i know if this was . california you would have had donuts and . two steps like everyone misbehaving . everybody here has been behaving before . the homies know where it's at the. comments it's warm well three in the . comments right now but it's been awesome . adam set the sub book worked out like . very well and seeing how he has his shop. like set up oh . like we literally like we normally have . all the shelves here we work all through . here i can't even fit cars in here we . spent like a week reorganizing just for . this we see we thought yours is pretty . and we like ours no no ours i may look . for it this is like well you gotta you . dude your offices are sick you want to . see our office alright yeah but what you . don't this you know that is okay well . that's just you know calvinist not . really i'm low your minds your minds and . it's so loud right now . me and calvin are gonna drive this sr20 . you guys believe it you believed it for . a second i've like always wanted to . drive this car i'm gonna . fit or anything but like i just want to . drive it i've never even driven an sr 20 . before so i only think that it i don't . really want to get on it cuz it's not my . car and it's really hard to vlog and . news at the same time . [music]. it just it sounds so good. and surprisingly that clutch feels . really good too it doesn't feel it's not . like too difficult. wow baby the second gear w guys so like . we just totally slipped out tires are a . little cold tires are a little cold . [music]. what's crazy to me is how like put . together this car feels micra me how old . it is it feels just like feels so good . [music]. i've always said that i wanted an s 13 . this just like tells me like every like . reason why i wanted one like it's. correct it's this so good most of you . just more central location li it's . easier for us next set up there my . manifold is still awaiting to show up . better but i don't even have i have . super soundless battery i'm about to end . this video i'm just making a bunch of . random lies that i broke this carlin . really key to change this alternator and . it's dying that driving david i'll see . you soon adam i'll see you in a couple. days to come on his handy a go i will . see you guys bright another tomorrow . waking up with really i'm thinking so . much watering alright . hey okay i was kidding man i was kidding . there is no sippy action going on . .
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